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Roosevelt Institute for American Studies renewed

On 20 April, LeidenGlobal partner the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS) was reopened in Middelburg. Leiden University is now a key partner. Together, the partners hope to play a significant role in advancing knowledge of American studies.

The incentive for the reopening is the strategic partnership which was effected between the Roosevelt Study Center and Leiden University on 16 December 2016. The reason for this cooperation is, among others, to give the center a new future. One of the first changes is in the name, which was changed to Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS).

RIAS aims to become a graduate school for the study of American history and the history of the transatlantic relations and to educate PhD students and provide education for BA and MA students. For the start-up phase, the province of Zeeland provided RIAS with an additional subsidy.

RIAS Visiting Lecturer


Every year there will be a different American RIAS visiting lecturer. This year, during April-May 2017, Prof. Bruce Kuklick of the University of Pennsylvania kicks off as the first Visiting Professor at the RIAS.

Besides educations for PhD students and BA and MA students, the RIAS will keep organising public activities, such as conferences and lectures.

Visit the new RIAS website