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Meet the expert: Rosemarijn Hoefte

Rosemarijn Hoefte, professor the History of Suriname at the University of Amsterdam and senior researcher at KITLV, has frequently been in the news lately. Hoefte specialises in the colonial and post-colonial history of the Caribbean. She was asked to feature in Dutch news radio show 'Met het oog op morgen' to comment on the referendum in Puerto Rico deciding on the status of the island in regards to the United States.

The Conversation, an international news outlet dedicated to publishing academic thought with the aim of enriching the public debate through expertise, asked het to contribute an article on recent developments in Suriname.

In March of this year, Hoefte was appointed Professor of the History of Suriname since 1873 in comparative perspective at the University of Amsterdam. Furthermore, in June, she was elected president of the Association of Caribbean Historians during their annual conference in Tobago.

Her most recent monograph is Suriname in the Long Twentieth Century: Domination Contestation, Globalization (2014). With Matthew L. Bishop and Peter Clegg she edited Post-Colonial Trajectories in the Caribbean: The Three Guianas (2017). She is the managing editor of the New West Indian Guide, the oldest scholarly journal on the Caribbean.