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LeidenGlobal Expert Remco Breuker on North Korea

Meet the expert

Remco Breuker is a professor and historian of Korea and Northeast Asia at Leiden University, who works on medieval Korean and Northeast Asian history and on contemporary North Korean affairs. 
He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Leiden University Institute of Area Studies (LIAS) and commonly viewed as a North Korea expert. Because of recent events, he has been quite involved in the media:

Since the tensions between North Korea and the world have risen the past few weeks, Remco Breuker is a welcome guest to various news channels and radio stations.

  • He tries to explain the current balance of power at BNR News Radio, between North Korea and the United States and why Kim Jong-Un is showing off his nuclear power.
  • As a North Korea expert, Remco Breuker is also explaining to the Western world how North Korea as a country works and functions in a podcast of the Correspondent in August, since many people know so little about this closed off and sometimes mysterious country.
  • After the most recent events in North Korea, the detonation of the hydrogen bomb on Sept. 3, Remco spoke at the talkshow Pauw about the chances of an escalation of events and possible war with North Korea and is receiving compliments about the fact that he makes the situation comprehensible for people, especially in the Netherlands, according to Bert Wagendorp for example.
  • Most recently he was a guest at NPO Radio 1, where he answered questions from the audience about the rising tensions and the coming up sanctions from the United Nations Security Council against North Korea. 


Since the situation has not found any closure yet, Remco Breuker will probably appear more to explain and comment in the media and otherwise on his active twitteracount.