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Successful LeidenGlobal StepTalk with Ton Dietz

On Tuesday November 28th, the LeidenGlobal Exhibition 'Heritage on the Move' is opened at Leiden University in The Hague with a very successfull LeidenGlobal StepTalk on the 'Spanish Steps' of the Wijnhaven complex, provided by Professor Ton Dietz.

Professor Ton Dietz, until recently director of the African Studies Centre Leiden and Professor of African Studies, started the Step Talk with a reference to a recently published article in the Volkskrant (in Dutch) about the top between the European and African Union this week.  

The article focuses on an important point of view of which Ton Dietz talks about in the lecture. This is the fact that, ironically enough, because of the current migration policy by Europe related to Africa, investing in the African economies, migration from Africa to Europe increases, instead of reduces. This occures for the reason that mainly the better-mediated groups in poorer countries migrate, because they have the opportunities that real poor people do not have.

Some of the about 100 visitors at the lecture - ranging from students, academic and governmental staff - had heard Ton Dietz speak on previous occasions and wanted to hear more about this remaining current subject.

During the lecture the exhibition 'Heritage on the Move' was presented at the Spanish Steps of location Wijnhaven of Leiden University and after the lecture the exhibition is moved to the 3rd floor, where it will be on view until December 14th 2017.

Would you like to read more about the EU-Africa summit and African migration?
A dossier on this subject has been published on the NOS (In Dutch).