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Call for new submissions LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition

Call for Creative Submissions Photo exhibition

LeidenGlobal Photo exhibition
Within the central theme ‘Heritage on the Move’ LeidenGlobal in 2017 started a photo exhibition with 12 photographs by scholars from Leiden showing their idea of the impact on heritage through migration. This successful exhibition moved around Leiden and surroundings and will continue ‘moving around’. This year the photo exhibition will be extended with at least 6 photographs.

About the theme
Cultural heritage is often understood in terms of local identity alone. But in fact it travels across the globe because of trade, human migrations and many other forms of connectivity, including mass media; and it has done so since times immemorial. In this process people may change, but so does the cultural heritage on the move.

Call for new submissions
Would you like to have your photo included in the LeidenGlobal exhibition? This year we again invite scholars attached to one of the LeidenGlobal partners to send us an image of something they really consider to be representative of this process of cultural dynamics.


* It must be a photograph of an object, an activity, or whatever you feel to be fitting
* The image is of a high-resolution (300dpi)
* A clear explanation of maximum 100 words is added 
* The photo is free of copyrights
* If the photo is not taken by you, name the photographer and you must have his/her permission

LeidenGlobal will organise several public exhibitions in Leiden and surroundings. In addition we will publish these images, plus all other acceptable ones on our website, providing a permanent virtual exhibition, freely accessible worldwide.

When the picture of your project is chosen, we will contact you for more information about the project for background information on our website. The photo below shows the current exhibition - we’re sure you’re at least as creative!

► Please send your photo with a short text (max 100 words), including your name, email address, phone number and name of your institute to LeidenGlobal ( before March 1st 2018.