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January 2018

Sun 21 January 2018

RMO | Assyrische virtual reality

Bent u benieuwd hoe het voelt om in de oudheid rond te lopen? Dit is deze middag mogelijk met behulp van virtual reality. Zet de 3D-bril op en waan je in een indrukwekkend mooie paleiszaal uit het Nieuw-Assyrische rijk, rond het jaar 800 v. Chr. | read more

Mon 22 January 2018

Conference | Memory and Protest Cultures in Postcolonial and Post-Socialist Contexts

With a keynote lecture by Dr. Mischa Gabowitsch, whose expertise spans studies of protest and memory studies, scholarship in post-socialism and globalization, and a discussion of his ideas and of selected scholars texts on the topic. | read more

Mon 22 January 2018

RMO Conference | Creating and Recreating Nineveh

In light of the successful exhibition about Nineveh, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden is organizing the conference Creating and Recreating Nineveh. The aim of the conference is to explore the processes that lead to Nineveh's position and more. | read more

Tue 23 January 2018

RMO Lezing | Decoratie in de paleizen van Nineveh

David Kertai, specialist op het gebied van Assyrische paleizen, houdt een lezing over de bijzondere decoratie van de koninklijke paleizen in Nineveh: 'Oorlogen, monsters en de koning: decoratie in de paleizen van Nineveh.' | read more

Wed 24 January 2018

Lecture | Can migration theory be applied to the Irish migration experience since 1945?

Ireland is simultaneously a country of emigration and of immigration. In this lecture Irial Glynn will argue that the transition theory put forward by Hein de Haas (2010) is the best fit for the Irish case, and why. | read more

Wed 24 January 2018

Lezing | Democratische rechtsstaten onder druk in Europa? Hongarije en Polen

2018 wordt een belangrijk jaar voor de democratische rechtsstaat in Europa. In deze lezing wordt het boek 'De strijd om de democratie' gepresenteerd, over de vraag hoe en wanneer een democratie zich mag verdedigen. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Lecture | Design and/as Translation: Globalising Design Histories?

The seminar focuses on considering design as a ‘translation term’ in an exchange between the design/art museum and the ethnographic museum. How and why have material objects been presented and valued differently in these different institutes? | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Round table | The Rule of Law in Poland

The Europa Instituut in Leiden will be hosting a round table session with the title “Securing the rule of law in Poland: which role for Europe?”. This will be a small meeting bringing high-level experts together under Chatham House Rule. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

ASCL New photo exhibition | Introductory talk

Roel Burgler made a photo report in cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages about education in one of the poorest countries in the world: Guinea-Bissau. Together with Mieke Hartveld (SOS Kinderdorpen) he gives a introductory talk for the exhibition. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 26 January 2018

Opening Thu 25 January 2018

Congres | Epistemic Vices: Continuities and Discontinuities, 1600-2000

This conference intends to create a conversation between historians of early modern science and scholars working on post-1800 science, about continuities and discontinuities. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Concert | Practicum Musicae-studenten in de Lokhorstkerk

In Leiden volgen bijna 70 getalenteerde studenten naast hun studie ook nog een programma aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium. Iedere laatste donderdag van de maand is er een concert van deze studenten in de Leidse Lokhorstkerk. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Symposium | Oriëntalistendag 2018

De organisatie van deze tweede Oriëntalistendag wordt verzorgd door het Leidse onderzoeksproject Persia and Babylonia, met verschillende sprekers. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Lecture | Just Europe and Fair Brexit

Prof. Philippe van Parijs from Louvain la Neuve holds the annual lecture of the Center for Political Philosophy in Leiden, where he will talk about what a 'fair brexit' may mean and how justice among citizens and states in Europe should be conceived. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Studiedag | De Erfgoedwet in de praktijk.

Het Juridisch PAO (JPAO) van de Universiteit Leiden organiseert in samenwerking met Advocatenkantoor Stibbe en het Centre for Global Heritage and Development deze studiedag, om de Erfgoedwet die sinds juni 2016 is ingevoerd te evalueren. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

Debate | Archaeology and Environmental Change

What does environmental change mean for archaeology? With crises like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, is archaeology still needed in areas where people’s homes, health and lives are in danger? Join this debate about the challenges archaeology is facing. | read more

Thu 25 January 2018

VVIK Lecture | How to make a ‘Cōḻa bronze’?

In this lecture, Anna Ślączka (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam) discusses the techniques of bronze casting in the Cōḻa period and today in an attempt to clarify the often contradictory statements found in publications. | read more

Fri 26 January 2018

Conference | NISIS-NOSTER Network Day/Midyear Meeting 2018

The Network Day/Midyear meeting is a joint event organised by NISIS and NOSTER, the theme of this day is ‘Academic Biographies’. During the day, new ways to learn how to deal with new requirements for PhD and ResMa research are presented. | read more

Sat 27 January 2018

Symposium | Meerstemmige herinneringen

In het vormgeven van cultureel geheugen spelen musea een belangrijke rol. Universiteit Leiden organiseert samen met het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam een symposium over collectief geheugen, waarbij bezoekers ook een audiotour kunnen bezoeken. | read more

Sun 28 January 2018

RMO Museumwandeling | Antiek in repliek

Ruurd Halbertsma, conservator collectie Klassieke wereld van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, neemt u mee voor een museumwandeling over de tijdelijke tentoonstelling Studio RMO, met daaraan vooraf een korte lezing over de museumcollectie van gipsen beelden. | read more

Mon 29 January 2018

Astronomy on Tap | Black Holes

An evening of informal astronomy and great beer. In this occasion, Prof. Sera Mankoff and Program Manager of ALLEGRO Remo Tilanus, will talk about black holes and how they help us understand the Universe. | read more

Mon 29 January 2018

Annual LDE CSS Conference

LDE CSS main goal is to connect scientist from the three universities to enable multidisciplinary approaches for research and education in safety and risk. The annual meeting aims to inform about the projects within the centre and to stimulate cooperation | read more

Tue 30 January 2018

Debate | European Judicial Responses to Security Council Resolutions

A Grotius Dialogue organised by the Grotius Centre, with Dr. Kushtrim Istrefi, Senior Research Associate with the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG). | read more

Tue 30 January 2018

Lecture | The story of feedsacks

Linzee McCray talks about her book 'Feed Sacks: The Colourful History of a Frugal Fabric'. She shares both the beauty of feedsacks as well as their history, and social and economic importance. With images and physical examples of feedsacks. | read more

Wed 31 January 2018

Verkiezing stadsdichter 2018

Na drie jaar zal huidig stadsdichter Wouter Ydema in januari 2018 zijn functie overdragen. Het Leids Literair Landschap organiseert daarom de Verkiezing Stadsdichter 2018 met een finaleavond op woensdag 31 januari bij BplusC, locatie Nieuwstraat. | read more

February 2018

Thu 1 February 2018

Filmscreening | 'Persona Non Grata'

In light of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, study association B.A.S.I.S. organises the screening of this film based on the true story of Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara, stationed in Lithuania, who issued visas for thousands of Jewish refugees. | read more

Thu 1 February 2018

Conference | Re-Scape Colloquium

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development & the VU Amsterdam research institute CLUE+ organize the Re-Scape colloquia for young researchers and graduate students, to be inspired by experienced academics and learn from each other by sharing knowledge. | read more

Thu 1 February 2018

Boekpresentatie | Bahia, Recief en ander ongerief. Het einde van het Nederlandse tijdperk in Brazilië.

Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden en Uitgeverij Primavera Pers Leiden organiseren deze boekpresentatie van auteur Benjamin N. Teensma, waar ook verschillende andere sprekers hun licht zullen schijnen op het Nederlandse tijdperk in Brazilië. | read more

Thu 1 February 2018

Re-Scape Colloquium | The Animal City

In this Re-Scape colloquium, the idea of living with animals in urban communities is discussed by historian Dolly Jørgensen. This colloquium will also include a walking component to observe the multispecies city. | read more

Thu 1 February 2018

Lecture | What influences the colour, design, and content choices of an art quilter?

Based on her book, 'Art Quilts of the Midwest', Linzee McCray will discuss the way Midwestern art quilters use their medium to embrace or react to their region in creating their textile-based works of art. | read more

Thu 1 February 2018

KITLV Seminar | Colonial institutions and women’s work in the textile industry in the Dutch empire

This seminar is part of a wider research project ‘Industriousness in an Imperial Economy’, which studies the influences of colonial connections on household labour allocation in the Dutch Empire, not only in the colony (Java), but also in the Netherlands. | read more

Fri 2 February 2018

Minisymposium Filosofie & Spiritualiteit | Spiritualiteit en Kunst

In dit minisymposium wordt de rol van spiritualiteit in muziek door Prof. dr. Antoon Van den Braembussche besproken en focust Dr.Jan Bor op de filosofische aspecten van het werk van Piet Mondriaan. | read more

Fri 2 February 2018

Lecture | The Development of Security: Colonial Geneaologies

This lecture aims to demonstrate the need for an entangled history of development (including welfare) and security, not only to understand the transformative dynamics of late colonialism and decolonization. | read more

Fri 2 February 2018

Lecture | The Life of the Law in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Prof. dr. Reza Banakar, Professor of Sociology of Law and Scientific Director of the Sociology of Law Department at Lund University in Sweden, gives a lecture in the context of the Leiden Socio-Legal Series about the rule of law in Iran. | read more

Sun 4 February 2018

RMO Workshop | Spijkerschrift voor dummies

Tijdens deze workshop vertelt assyrioloog dr. Rients de Boer (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam) alles over het spijkerschrift, van ontstaan tot ontcijfering. Daarna kan men zelf aan de slag met de ontcijfering van één van spijkerschriftteksten | read more

Tue 6 February 2018

IIAS Lunch Lecture | Restructuring urban space through urban mega-projects in China

The key question addressed is: What is the logic behind the formulation of vision, urban development strategies and governance in Chinese urban mega projects? The focus is mostly on the case of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. | read more

Tue 6 February 2018

Conference | Slaves to the System: North Korean Forced Labour on a Global Scale

During this conference the research team of the ‘Slaves to the System’-project will present new cases and will further expand on former cases, showing that the North Korean regime has a worldwide network that exploits the labour of its citizens. | read more

Wed 7 February 2018

Studium Generale Lecture | Revolutionair Europa en de impact op Leiden

Tijdens deze lezing behandelt Luuk van Middelaar enkele hoofdlijnen uit zijn boek 'De nieuwe politiek van Europa', dat afgelopen najaar verscheen. Hij gaat in op de Europese crisisjaren, waarna burgemeester Henri Lenferink zal reageren op zijn lezing. | read more

Wed 7 February 2018

Lecture | Muslim World as Geopolitics, Race, and Anti-Colonial Internationalism

What are the roots, content and evolution of the idea of the “Muslim World”? This WHAT'S NEW?! seminar discusses why civilizational and racial thinking about the Muslim world is not a monopoly of Islamist and Islamophobes. | read more

Thu 8 February 2018

ASCL Seminar | Securing security

Thoughts on the Proliferation of ‘Security' in South Africa (and Elsewhere) by Thomas Kirsch, Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Konstanz, Germany. | read more

Thu 8 February 2018

Dies natalis Universiteit Leiden

Op 8 februari 2018 zal de 443e dies van de Universiteit Leiden gevierd worden, met twee diesoraties en muzikale bijdragen van ACPA studenten. Aanmelden voor de viering graag vóór 25 januari. | read more

Thu 8 February 2018

Lecture | Muslim World as Geopolitics, Race, and Anti-Colonial Internationalism

What are the roots, content and evolution of the idea of the “Muslim World”, and how did it gain its contemporary global recognition? And why is civilizational and racial thinking about the Muslim world not a monopoly of Islamist and Islamophobes? | read more

Mon 12 February 2018

Studium Generale Lecture | Het grote verhaal van kleine mensen

Lezing van Dr. Bert Gevaert, auteur en docent klassieke talen over het lot van kleine mensen, die vaak geassocieerd worden met sprookjes en spot. Hij bespreekt de rol van kleine mensen in de geschiedenis. | read more

Tue 13 February 2018

RMO Lezing | Gilgamesj in Nineveh

Kunstenaar en archeoloog Theo de Feyter geeft een lezing over de teksten die koning Assurbanipal voor zijn bibliotheek in Nineveh bijeenbracht. De Feyter werkte mee aan opgravingen in Syrië en Turkije en vertaalde het Gilgamesj-epos in het Nederlands. | read more

Wed 14 February 2018

Studium Generale Lecture | De Europese burgeroorlogen van de 20e eeuw

Lezing over het veelvormig massaal geweld in Europa in de eerste helft van de 20e eeuw (wereldoorlogen, revolutionaire woelingen, massale vervolgingen) en hoe dit zich manifesteerde in Nederland. | read more

Wed 14 February 2018

KITLV Seminar | Affective relations in girls’ schools in the Netherlands Indies

This seminar focuses on the role of affective relations in girls’ schools. Based on both published and archival source material and Indonesian girls’ individual experiences, a lively image of school friendships and teenage love affairs appears. | read more

Thu 15 February 2018

Hazelhoff gast lezing | Koning Mario en de Heilige Graal

Waarom willen landen tot de eurozone behoren en waarom stappen ze er niet uit? Heeft de magie van Mario Draghi, de president van de ECB, de euro gered? Is de euro de Heilige Graal? Roel Janssen, financieel-economisch journalist en schrijver geeft antwoord | read more

Thu 15 February 2018

Lecture | Feelings Matter: Emotions in Medieval Arabic

LUCIS organizes the sixth Leiden Lecture on Arabic Language and Culture. Julia Bray, the Abdulaziz Saud AlBabtain Laudian Professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford will present this edition and talks about the need of an Arabic history of emotions. | read more

Thu 15 February 2018

Lecture | Urban Network Dynamics seen through the lens of High Definition Archaeology

This lecture focusses on the work done within the framework of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence for Urban Network Evolutions and in particular on the archaeological work done in the Decapolis city of Gerasa in modern Jordan. | read more

Thu 15 February 2018

Lecture | Migration and changing ideals of citizenship in 17th-century Germany

LIMS Talk by dr. Johannes Müller (specialist in German Language, Literature and Culture) on Migration and changing ideals of citizenship in 17th-century Germany. Part of the Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars (LIMS). | read more

Sun 18 February 2018

RMO Museumwandeling | Nieuws uit het Neolithicum

Luc Amkreutz, conservator collectie Nederland prehistorie van het RMO leidt een museumwandeling over de vaste tentoonstelling Archeologie van Nederland. Hij vertelt over de eerste boerensamenlevingen van Nederland. | read more

Mon 19 February 2018

Studium Generale Lecture | Sjostakovitsj; een hoorcollege over zijn werk

Dmitri Sjostakovitsj (1906-1975) was een van de meest markante figuren in het muziekleven van de Sovjet-Unie. Drs. Leo Samama zal in dit eerste college van vier ingaan op Sjostakovitsj als componist. | read more

Mon 19 February 2018

Leiden Asia Centre Seminar | China Creates 10: Urban Transformation in Shenzhen

How can Dutch knowledge be connected to the transformation potential in Shenzhen? What can we learn from each other? Case studies of transformation processes from China and NL will be used & panel with experts in the field discus the different processes. | read more

Tue 20 February 2018

Lecture | The reception of the ‘satanic verses’ story in the works of early Shi‘ite scholars (9th – 12th c. CE)

This talk presents the earliest relevant Shiʿite sources as a corrective to the main thesis and aims to illuminate how they cast considerable light on the ‘satanic verses’ incident. | read more

Tue 20 February 2018

Debate | Whose cultural objects?

In this Grotius Dialogue, the focus is on justice and injustice in the field of looted art. Speaker is PhD candidate Evelien Campfens, at location Wijnhaven. | read more

Tue 20 February 2018

Lecture | Constructing Heritage in Early Soviet Central Asia

The lecture analyzes discourses and practices of historical monument preservation in Early Soviet Central Asia. It studies the influence of broader European debates on “historical heritage” and its reconstruction on local practices. | read more

Wed 21 February 2018

Studium Generale Lecture | De Holocaust; hoe was dit mogelijk?!

Prof. dr. Hans Blom zal in deze lezing in de context van de Europese burgeroorlogen en in het bijzonder de Twee Wereldoorlogen met Oost Europa als kerngebied trachten te verklaren hoe de Holocaust zo ver heeft kunnen komen. | read more

Thu 22 February 2018

StepTalk: Mass Starvation: The History and Future of Famine

Today, famines are resurgent, driven by war, blockade, hostility to humanitarian principles and a volatile global economy. A panel of three humanitarian law specialists, Alex de Waal, Wayne Jordash QC and Catriona Murdoch will discuss this subject. | read more

Thu 22 February 2018

Lecture | Gender, Religion and Kickboxing: The empowerment-paradigm in sport participation

In this WHAT'S NEW?! lecture, Jasmijn Rana discusses how the trend of practicing sports in gender-segregated settings can include forms of pious self-improvement that highlight the religious practices of the young women and girls. | read more

Sun 25 February 2018

Hortus wintercollege | De Romeinse Keuken

In 2018 besteedt de Hortus extra aandacht aan eetbare planten, in het kader van het Horizon 2002 project Big Picnic. Ellis Grootveld was betrokken bij de aanleg van de historische Romeinse tuin in Park Matilo en vertelt over wat de Romeinen aten. | read more

Mon 26 February 2018

Studium Generale Lecture | Sjostakovitsj: een hoorcollege over zijn werk

Dmitri Sjostakovitsj (1906-1975) was een van de meest markante figuren in het muziekleven van de Sovjet-Unie. Drs. Leo Samama zal in dit tweede college van vier ingaan op Sjostakovitsj als componist. | read more