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Exhibition with New Photographs

LeidenGlobal Exhibition with New Photographs

Location: Pieter de la Court building, Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden
Date: 11 August – 11 October 2018

After our request this spring for amendments to the LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition ‘Heritage on the Move’, we received a total of 31 photographs, each with their own story. A selection of 6 photographs was made to create 6 new banners as an amendment for the exhibition.

The first time these 6 new photographs and their stories will be shown, will be later this Summer at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Pieter de La Court building, ground floor.

The exhibition will be exposed from August 11th until October 11th. A kick off meeting for the Exhibition will follow later (when the Academic Year starts). Stay informed on this meeting through our website.

If you are interested, the original exhibition can still be seen online. As soon as the photo exhibition at the Pieter de la Court building starts, the new 6 photographs with their stories, will also be added online.

About the 'Heritage on the Move' exhibition

In January 2017 all LeidenGlobal partners decided that LeidenGlobal for a few years would structure its activities around the common theme ‘Heritage on the Move’ as a leading criteria for organising activities and actions. Within the present cultural, social and political context as well heritage and migration are subjects that cannot be avoided. People and their things move around. Often they are forced by political turbulence, but most migration has other incentives. Economic reasons to migrate or to move temporarily are also important.

The photo exhibition shows photographs provided by scholars of LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. The exhibition itself also moves around Leiden and surroundings to give people a small peak in the enormous cultural knowledge and research Leiden has to offer. The past year the photographs have been exhibited at the Faculty of Archaeology / Van Steenis building, Museum Volkenkunde, Faculty of Humanities / PJ Veth building, Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs / Wijnhaven Den Haag, Leiden Public Library BplusC and the Municipality of Leiden. It has also been shown during the following events: KITLV meeting, Kunstroute Leiden Lokhorst church, VSNU Impact Festival Amersfoort and the LeidenGlobal StepTalk.

If you are interested to have the exhibition on display at another place, please contact LeidenGlobal.