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Introducing new member of the LeidenGlobal team: Sanne

LeidenGlobal has a new intern every 5 to 6 months. The interns are indispensable for the LeidenGlobal office. This summer LeidenGlobal welcomed a new intern for the following months:  Sanne.

"My name is Sanne Meier, I am 23 years old and I will be the new intern at LeidenGlobal for the next five months.

Currently I am in the last phase of my bachelor at Leiden University in the study Assyriology, a part of Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean World. I would like to enrol in the Master’s program for Classics and Ancient Civilizations after finishing my BA.

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in other cultures. So, there was no question for me if I wanted to learn Ancient Greek and Latin at High school, next to the modern languages. I embraced the ancient languages and when I discovered the study Ancient Civilization of the Mediterranean World, I fell in love.

In my opinion it is very important to learn about cultures that differ from your own, not only to understand other cultures and their people, but also your own. I believe this internship will be an amazing experience, where I will be able to learn this and also learn about the ways to transfer this knowledge to other people. So I am very happy to have found LeidenGlobal and to be able to try and help to spread all the cultural knowledge available in Leiden.

As an intern at LeidenGlobal, I will keep the website and social media up to date, with as much cultural news as possible, and I will make sure that the newsletter reaches you all, alongside other communication. Next to this I will assist the projects of LeidenGlobal, like Heritage on the Move.

I am looking forward to reaching you all through my posts!"