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Introducing new LeidenGlobal Intern: Roelie

LeidenGlobal welcomes a new intern on February 1st: Roelie Mol. 

The interns are very valuable for the LeidenGlobal office; assisting in communication, special events and short-term projects. LeidenGlobal also provides the interns learning activities, valuable work experience, insight in international and cultural organisations, and a broad network. Roelie introduces herself:

My name is Roelie Mol, I'm 22 years old and it is my pleasure to serve as the new intern for LeidenGlobal for the next five months! For the last three years I've been studying Religious Studies, something I thoroughly enjoy doing. The concept of religion has always fascinated me, it is a phenomenon that encompasses history, culture and people alike. I love learning new things about all of these subjects and I find it interesting to see how religion plays a part in them.

The goals of LeidenGlobal appeal a great deal to me, I share your passion for cultural and historical knowledge and I am honoured to be able to help share this knowledge. I think it is important to work together in order to advance our understanding of the world and its cultural and historic diversity. Culture is everywhere, the more people are aware of all of its different aspects the more we are able to place everything in a larger perspective.

As an intern I will be responsible for the upkeep of the social media, the website and online communication. I will also assist with the realisation of LeidenGlobal projects. I hope working at LeidenGlobal will prove to be a wonderful learning experience and I'm excited to be a part of this initiative!