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Annual LeidenGlobal Lecture | The Return of History in the Global Order

Embedding global diversity:

The Return of History in the Global Order

By dr. Haroon Sheikh

Date: 15 May 2019
Time: (walk in 16:45) 17:00 - 19:15
Venue: National Museum of Antiquities, Taffeh Hall.

For the Annual LeidenGlobal Event, LeidenGlobal joins forces with LGI (Leiden Global Interactions) and investigate how ‘embedding global diversity’ worked and works, presenting the importance and relevance of Leiden research for contemporary debates.

Embedding or, in other words, ‘working across diversity’ is one of the main societal challenges at present – but that has probably always been the case. We will focus on one specific way of embedding and that is the use made of the past to structure both present and future – what you could also call “the return of history”.

In the keynote lecture by Dr. Haroon Sheikh*, entitled 'The return of history in the global order', will discuss the issue from the following perspective:

“A common belief is that in modernity history does not matter. It survives solely in museums and folklore. However, if we want to understand the shape of contemporary globalization we need a historically-informed view of the world. China's vast global infrastructure investments explicitly make reference to the ancient Silk Road. India's Mausam policy draws on old connections across the Indian Ocean and the Gulf states try and recreate the cosmopolitan world of what the Romans called Arabia Felix. How can we understand this ' return of history'? I will argue that it is caused by the global geopolitical and economic shift away from the West. As a result, many principles of global order and ideas on globalization, modernity and progress that belonged to the 'Atlantic Era' are being challenged and older principles and ideas are reemerging.”   

Prof. dr. Miguel John Versluys will moderate reactions and discussion with Haroon Sheikh after his lecture. This will be concluded with a musical performance by Sophie Anglionin. Afterwards everyone is warmly invited for drinks:

17:00 Keynote Lecture by Haroon Sheikh
17:45 Reactions and discussion with Haroon Sheikh, moderated by prof. dr. Miguel John Versluys
18:15 Musical Performance by Sophie Anglionin
18:30 Drinks
19:15 End

The lecture will be preceded by the LeidenGlobal Annual Graduate Workshop for PhD & ResMa students.

>> Registration for both the keynote lecture as the graduate workshop will be opened soon.

*Haroon Sheikh (1980) studied Public Administration, Political Science and Philosophy in Leiden and Oxford. He obtained his doctorate at the Free University in Amsterdam (VU) on research into the influence of traditions on modern societies. The renowned German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk was among his advisors. Sheikh was head of research at the investment company Dasym and currently is researcher at the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). He lectures at the VU within the study programme Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

In his first book entitled The Rise of the East (‘De opkomst van het Oosten’ (2016)) he argued that the centre of gravity of the world, which was with the West for a long time, is now slowly moving Eastwards. In his most recent book ‘Embedding Technopolis’ (2017) Sheikh rethinks modernity and tradition and gives insight into their complex relationship.

Haroon Sheikh regularly contributes to NRC Handelsblad and Het Financieele Dagblad.