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Cobblestone Stories: a film about a city made for the people in it

On the sunny Sunday of February 24th more than 170 people from Leiden and surroundings enthusiastically watched the documentary ‘Cobblestone Stories’; Leiden through the eyes of a stranger, at the public library BplusC Leiden.

The maker of this film, American Anthropologist Mark Neupert, who currently holds a position at Leiden University, gave an introduction to his documentary. He let us know that this film was originally made for his students in the US to show them how cities cán be made for the people. For him, Leiden is an example on how a city can work fór the people, with people living close together, moving around on the streets by foot and by bicycle, and how it all together works out. How cars are hardly found in the city center and streets are just big enough for trucks to get the supplies to the stores, how each part of the city has its own celebrations, bringing people together from different neighbourhoods and enjoy their time together..

At his Q & A the die-hard ‘Leidenaren’ wondered why some interesting elements of Leiden such as Rembrandt and the Burcht were left out of the film. The Burcht might be interesting for his second film, and Mark Neupert even promised the lady who asked about this, to enter a piece of the Burcht in his second film, which he is shooting these months.

Leiden has so much to show that it all does not fit in one documentary and it’s clear this is not a touristic film, this is not a history film, it’s a film to show how Leiden city is build for its people and what Americans could learn and adopt from a city such as Leiden, from its infrastructure and architecture, to change their own cities to cities that work more for its own people that are living there.

This event was a collaboration of Kennispodium071 and Erfgoed Leiden. Kennispodium071 is a collaboration of BplusC, LeidenGlobal, UBLeiden, Studium Generale Leiden and HOVO Leiden, who put their hands together to develop activities in which knowledge and art reinforce each other.