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Caribbean Ties: Exhibition in 12 countries

During the months of May, June and July 2019 the travelling exhibition ‘Caribbean Ties, connected people then and now’ opens in 12 countries across the Caribbean and in The Netherlands. In Europe the exhibition will only be on display in The Netherlands, at the Museon in The Hague.

The exhibition is developed by a collaboration of the Leiden University Research project ‘NEXUS1492’ with more than 15 international partners.

NEXUS1492 investigates the impacts of colonial encounters in the Caribbean, the 'nexus' of the first interactions between the New and the Old World. The exhibition shows the enormous impact of the original inhabitants of the Caribbean (before Columbus’ arrival) on World History and thus the World as we know it today – using the scientific findings from the NEXUS1492 research. Thus the exhibition Caribbean Ties shows the rich Indian heritage and its contemporary value.

On May 25th the exhibition will be opened at Museon during a vibrant festival full of culture and science. An informal event where visitors come together exploring and connecting through Caribbean cultural heritage, then and now. With special guest speakers, workshops, performances, Caribbean food & product stands and a talkshow, as well as the official opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition 'Caribbean Ties' will be on display at the Museon from May 25th until June 21st.


Carribean Ties