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Healing Power: Exhibition & Events at Volkenkunde museum

From oracle cards, ayahuasca, singing bowls and hypnotizing drums to shamans, witches and vodun priests: the range of healing powers is enormous. The exhibition 'Healing Power' in the National Museum of Ethnology (museum Volkenkunde) focuses on the concept of 'healing': therapeutic treatments in which the balance between body, mind and soul is paramount.

The exhibition highlights a number of healing practices that are important to millions of people around the world. In the first room of the exhibition, you are introduced to six ritual specialists working in the Netherlands. Their work is based on the principle that there is no distinction between body and mind, human beings and nature. Find out more about these specialists.

Accompanying the exhibition 'Healing Power', the museum introduces six 'Healing Power' themed specials on nature and spirituality with various activities such as lectures, guided tours, workshops and demonstrations.

A podcast has also been introduced. The curators of the museum, as well as the spiritual specialists who participated in the exhibition, will be heard in this podcast. You can listen to the podcast episodes (in Dutch) and learn more about the exhibition and its background.

Moreover, a special app is developed which complements the exhibition, with additional information about the main items, personal stories, and other interesting facts. The app encourages reflection on the themes of the exhibition, you can download it yourself. 

The exhibition can be visited until 5 January 2020 at the Museum of Ethnology, Steenstraat 1 in Leiden.