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Introducing LeidenGlobal Intern Jemima

Every 5 to 6 months LeidenGlobal has a new intern. The interns are indispensable for the LeidenGlobal office. This summer LeidenGlobal welcomed a new intern who will stay until February 2020:  Jemima Sint Nicolaas

Introducing Jemima

My name is Jemima Sint Nicolaas, 22 years old, and will be an intern at LeidenGlobal until February 2020. I have a background in Japan Studies and East Asian Studies at Leiden University. With my multicultural background (Surinamese and Dutch), heritage and identity are ever returning subjects in my daily life but also in my studies. Ethnic minorities and diversity are some of my interests: I wrote my bachelor thesis on Japanese (black) multiracials and identity. For my master thesis I explored female Zainichi Korean’s (a Japanese ethnic minority group) portrayal in Japanese film. I am also familiar with the African diaspora because of my own roots and interests but certainly hope to gain more knowledge about other regions, which our LeidenGlobal experts and partners have to offer.

I applied for LeidenGlobal’s internship because I would like to gain more experience with applying cultural studies outside of the classroom. Moreover, I think culture is not only about learning, but also about sharing, which is exactly what LeidenGlobal does. As intern, I will mainly concern myself with the social media accounts, the LeidenGlobal website and newsletter. I’m very thankful I to be part of this initiative and hope to make use of new social platforms, such as Instagram, to diversify our audience and spread Leiden’s expertise!


By Jemima Sint Nicolaas