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Looking back at seminar on Retrieving Cultural Heritage

On 23 January the LeidenGlobal seminar 'Retrieving Cultural Heritage: Combatting Cypriot art trafficking and restitution' took place at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden and was very well attended and received. Two reporters wrote an extensive report on the seminar and their impressions on the story of art trafficking from different angles.

Take a look back on the evening by reading their impressions:

Linda van Putten skillfully put forward the essence of 'Retrieving Cultural Heritage' in her article at the website of Leiden University, in which she discusses the speakers and their message: countless works of art and antiquities will be lost if we don’t do more to stop this.

=> Read the whole article here

"The current enforcement policies for combatting art trafficking, protection & restitution of cultural heritage [..] are not effective, if not enough". Student reporter Hande Özkayagan is eager to learn more about antiquities trafficking, art crime and restitution of cultural objects.

In her article for The LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development, she also wrote she was moved by Cypriot cultural activist Tasoula Hadijtofi's story and informed her readers on the hard lessons she learned from our seminar.

=> Read the whole article here

IMG_4211 door Elke van der Heijden

Photo by Elke van der Heijden