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LeidenGlobal update

Due to the measures taken by the Dutch government regarding COVID-19, the LeidenGlobal office - located at Leiden University - has been closed until further notice to contain the spread of coronavirus. However we remain operational as our staff, affiliated experts and partners are working from home, while practicing social distancing. If necessary, please contact LeidenGlobal via email.

More severe is the cancellation and postponement of all events; lectures, conferences and symposia (co-) organised by LeidenGlobal and/or our partners. The Impact Training of April 16th, the Expert Talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Annual LeidenGlobal Event of May and the exhibit 'Heritage on the Move' in the Hooglandse Kerk, all will be postponed.

Keep following LeidenGlobal during the current coronacrisis as our website, social media channels (Twitter & Facebook) and newsletter keep you informed on news, online activities, courses and exhibitions, organised by us and our partners. 

Stay Safe!