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Double Interview: looking back & forward

Double interview

Harkirat Singh was project assistant at LeidenGlobal since February 2017. From this September LeidenGlobal has a new project assistant: Jemima Sint Nicolaas. Both started as a LeidenGlobal intern before they got this position. In this double interview they look back and forward.

Harkirat, could you tell us about your experience as a project assistant for LeidenGlobal?
“I started as an intern at LeidenGlobal in 2016 and was mainly responsible for maintaining LeidenGlobal’s website, social media channels and supporting the manager with ongoing projects, such as the High School Conference. When I returned as a project assistant two years later, I not only became more involved in new projects, but I also took on more responsibilities, for example for the Heritage on the Move exhibition.”

What did you enjoy the most these past three years?
Harkirat: “During my work as project assistant, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of people. For instance for the interdisciplinary LeidenGlobal courses I was in contact with leading Leiden experts and PhD/ResMA students, whereas while looking for locations for the Heritage on the Move exhibition I gained the chance to work with people outside the academic world. I believe that the best part is that LeidenGlobal is able to bring these worlds together during various events.”

How do you look back on the past months during Covid19 measures?
Harkirat: “It is a pity that due to the corona pandemic LeidenGlobal had to cancel events such as the Annual Lecture and Graduate Workshop, events that I personally experienced as a highlight. However, I think it is great that LeidenGlobal was able to adapt in recent months and that new exciting events are on the agenda soon, which I will certainly continue to follow!”

Jemima, could you tell us what you expect from your work as project assistant?
“During my internship at LeidenGlobal in 2019 I enjoyed making posts for our social media channels, broadening my cultural knowledge and staying informed with the latest debates in academia (such as during the LG Expert Talks and Retrieving Cultural Heritage seminar). I explored LeidenGlobal’s network while interviewing our experts, but I expect to be much more involved in organising LeidenGlobal’s events and to also have more contact with our partners and experts on a more personal level.”

What do you look forward to the most?
Jemima: “I think our Training for Impact event for PhD/ResMA students is a nice initiative, especially now that researchers have to increasingly present their research online while everyone works from home. Furthermore, I am excited to see our Crafting Cultures exhibition taking shape and hope to eventually showcase it if Corona allows us to.”

How do you look at the coming months during Covid19 measures?
Jemima: “While working from home has its merits, I do miss the face-to-face contact and meeting with people in general. Having no travel time and being able to make video calls makes working from home easy, however being able to discuss things in person remains ideal, of course.”