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Training for Impact


Training for Impact

Workshops on blogging, filming, photography, podcast and video logging, for (Res) MA & PhD students

Date & Time: November 5th, 09:30 (walk in at 09:00/15) - 16:00
Location: BplusC Leidse Volkshuis, Apothekersdijk 33, Leiden
Costs: 15 euro (incl lunch and drinks)


Learn how to make impact with your research!

LeidenGlobal, Voice4Thought and Taalmuseum Leiden are joining forces to teach (Res)Ma & PhD students in Leiden how to make impact with their research and reach a bigger audience. How do you share your knowledge and (the results of) your academic research in the Digital Age?

On November 5th 2020, it is your chance to learn about techniques that will enable you to transfer your knowledge and research results from an academic format to different, more universal kinds of media. We offer workshops that are closely related to the modern age of digitalization. Each participant can join two intensive and interactive workshops, choosing from workshops on:


video log




We give you the chance to really deepen your knowledge of these tools in 2,5 hour long interactive sessions led by experts in the field. A preparatory assignment from the host, ensures that you can put your new skills to practice right away during the workshops, leaving you with new ways to present your research outcomes.

Training for Impact is meant for (Research) Master and PhD students from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Archaeology and (International) Law. It is organised at BplusC Leidse Volkshuis which is made coronaproof. 

Costs: 15,- (including drinks & lunch)

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This event is made possible in collaboration with Leiden Kennisstad and BplusC