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Introducing LeidenGlobal Intern Karianne

Introducing LeidenGlobal Intern Karianne

Every 5 to 6 months LeidenGlobal has a new intern. The interns are indispensable for the LeidenGlobal office. Last October LeidenGlobal welcomed new intern Karianne Ooijevaar, who – during the covid19 measures - focuses mostly on the LeidenGlobal online communication and Expert interviews. Karianne introduces herself:

My name is Karianne Ooijevaar and since the beginning of October, I am an intern at LeidenGlobal. A few months ago, I finished my bachelor degree in History at Leiden University. Writing a thesis and ending my bachelor in the midst of a global pandemic was strange, to say the least. During the three years of studying history, (national) identity and cultural history sparked my interest. So much so that I decided to study abroad in Scotland for a few months to experience living in another country and culture. Besides working at LeidenGlobal as an intern, I am doing my Masters in Politics, Culture and National Identities at Leiden University.

My interest in how culture and history are intertwined was one of the reasons why I applied for this internship. Culture encompasses more than just art, literature or history: it is a way of looking at the world. The academic and cultural institutions connected by LeidenGlobal each add to a greater understanding of the world and its people. Through the use of social media platforms, LeidenGlobal displays the knowledge that Leiden has to offer to a larger audience, and I am excited to be a part of that!


Interested to be part of LeidenGlobal yourself as an intern? Then have a look at our vacancy.


by Karianne Ooijevaar