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Review on Training for Impact

Learning how to make impact with your research

On 5 & 12 November, LeidenGlobal, Voice4Thought and Taalmuseum Leiden joined forces to teach (Res) Ma & PhD students in Leiden how to make impact with their research and reach a bigger audience. Participants learnt new techniques on how to share their knowledge and research results from an academic format to different, more universal kinds of media. The workshops were closely related to the modern age of digitalisation. Each participant could join two intensive and interactive workshops, choosing from workshops on photography, video log, podcast and film.

Originally intended to take place on location, last minute due to the extra Covid19 Measures that started on November 4th, the organisation managed to transfer most sessions into an online training.

One of the participants Loes Oudenhuijsen, PhD candidate at the African Studies Centre at Leiden University, followed the photography workshop. She wrote how workshop leaders Laurens Nijsink and Rachel Corner guided the students past the ins and outs of telling stories with photography and challenged them to translate their research into visual stories. Read the whole review by Loes here.

Many participants were interested in learning techniques to make a video log. Hidde de Meij, from inhousefilming, presented an online mini master class that showed how to keep different factors in account when filming and making a ‘selfie-style’ vlog.

Journalist, presenter and producer of podcasts, Annette van Soest, was delighted by the enthusiastic participants: “the research results of these students just ask to be shared with a wider audience”. She hopes her podcast workshops helped them to get a step further in this process.

Sjoerd Sijsma finally managed to organize his filming workshop on location, so the participants could immediately train their skills with the equipment to film a story.

The opening of the event can be watched here: Prof. Mirjam de Bruijn (Voice4Thought) spoke with prof. Remco Breuker (Korean Studies at Leiden University) on why it is important to use innovative methods to reach a broader public with your research.

We will continue to follow some of the participants and help them to present their research through these methods to the public in Leiden and beyond.

>>on the right a screenshot of the Photography Workshop

Training for Impact was made possible in collaboration with Leiden Kennisstad, BplusC and Leiden University