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Methodologies in the Social Sciences and Humanities

LeidenGlobal course ‘Methodologies in the Social Sciences and Humanities’

This six-week fat course organized by the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies in collaboration with LeidenGlobal allows beginning scholars to develop a critical understanding of methodologies in the social sciences and humanities (SSH).

Methodology refers to the logical and developed coherence between research question, theory and methods. Rather than a fixed set of rules, methodology is based in an ongoing conversation among scholars in the SSH on data collection and analysis. During this course, which will most likely take place online and on campus (depending on Covid-19 regulations), participants engage in this conversation with their peers as well as experienced researchers in the SSH. Throughout the course, they become acquainted with the main epistemological debates and the choices they need to make and self-critically support in their own research.

Course objectives
At the end of the course, students will be able to motivate their individual methodological choices within the broader context of methodologies in SSH. For the purpose of developing this motivation they will critically review the methodologies of their field of research in general and their respective research projects specifically. Guest lectures by established scholars, class discussion and state-of-the-art literature help participants form a critical basis for both current and future research.

Details regarding the course
- EC: 10
- Language: English
- Instructor: Dr. Maaike Warnaar
- Time table: 4-6 Seminars and 6 lectures. Attendance and participation are obligatory at both seminars and lectures, starting the first week of February 2021.

Time table
Lectures will take place on Mondays at 13:00 (subject to change). Seminars are on campus on Tuesdays:

10:00-12:15 for PhD students
13:00-14:45 for ResMA students 

Course Load
Approximate break-down of the course load (280 hours)
• Seminars: 24 hours
• Peer review preparation: 30 hours
• Literature: 50 hours
• Assignments: 176 hours

Three short assignments on research question (pass/fail), data collection (20%) and methodology (30%).
Final assignment: Critical review of methodologies in the participant's field of research (50%).
PhD candidates’ coursework is not graded. They receive feedback on the three short assignments, and discuss the final assignment with their supervisors.

Registration for the academic year 2020-2021 is closed. 

For further information and details, please visit studiegids LeidenFor any other questions you can contact