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LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition: Crafting Cultures

Until 6 July 2022

The new Photo Exhibition of LeidenGlobal 'Crafting Cultures' is on Display.
From May 31st until July 6th 2022 the photo exhibition can be seen at the Faculty of Archaeology.

Location: Van Steenis Building, Einsteinweg 2, Leiden 
Open during the visiting hours of the van Steenis Building

About the theme 'Crafting Cultures'
Crafts and innovation have gone hand in hand for decades. A reevaluation of craft and craftsmanship in different cultures becomes more and more visible. This is not a nostalgic return to an idealised past; It is a search for scenarios that offer a better life for future generations. Crafts can play a central role in different sciences and innovation. Across material disciplines, craft processes have driven breakthroughs that have passed into the other field. 

Photo Exhibition
Researchers from different disciplines have dealt with crafts in their research, sometimes as main topic, sometimes accidental. This exhibition shows their photographs related to the theme of craftsmanship, specifically where tradition and innovation are fused through craft. The photographs and research that are part of this exhibition are submissions by researchers that are affiliated to the LeidenGlobal partners – and relate to the theme of craftsmanship and innovation through craft.

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