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Our world is here, there, and everywhere. If you want to go places – read, connect, visit, dig deeper – where do you start? Through LeidenGlobal, academic and cultural institutions connect with local communities, media, government, business, and NGOs. We want to raise the impact of scholarship across the board, from cultural events and public debate to government policy and education. We know about Africa, Asia & Oceania, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East, North America, Russia & the Caucasus, and the Circumpolar Regions. LeidenGlobal is a meeting place built for people interested in places around the world, and the dynamics between them, their histories, and their cultures. From the Pyramids to the Great Firewall, from language to warfare, from religion to finance, from politics to poetry, from earthquakes to elections. Meet the experts when you’re making sense of the world.

441e verjaardag universiteit Leiden

Dies natalis: 'Grote vragen vereisen samenwerking'

9 February 2016

Universiteiten kunnen in deze zeer competitieve wereld niet overleven zonder samenwerking. Met als ultieme doel: de wereld veiliger en duurzamer maken. Dat stelt rector Carel Stolker tijdens de 441e dies natalis. | full story

Interview met Jan Abbink

China's fortcoming military post in Djibouti

8 February 2016

ASCL senior researcher Jan Abbink was interviewed by Nederlands Dagblad about China's forthcoming military post in Djibouti. Djibouti serves as the only stable state between Eritrea, Somalia and Jemen and plays a key role as a strategic base for the US fight against terror. | full story

Launch LeidenAsiaCentre

Netherlands' expertise centre for knowledge on modern East Asia

8 February 2016

The LeidenAsiaCentre is the Netherlands’ expertise centre for socially relevant and applicable knowledge on modern East Asia, including Singapore. The LeidenAsiaCentre actively aims to expand its expertise and to use this in collaboration with a growing number of diverse societal partners. | full story


Referendum in Bolivia: test voor de democratie

9 February 2016

De Bolivianen spreken zich op 21 februari in een referendum uit over een grondwetswijziging. Op 11 februari organiseert de Leidse universiteit hierover een conferentie. | full story

Tentoonstelling museum Volkenkunde

Vanaf 12 februari: De Boeddha

9 February 2016

De Boeddha is een van de meest inspirerende figuren uit de wereldgeschiedenis. Wat maakt het levensverhaal van deze spirituele leider zo intrigerend? Wat zoeken mensen in het boeddhisme? Kom het allemaal ontdekken in de grote tentoonstelling DE BOEDDHA. | full story

New Exhibition ASCL

Scenes of Dogon Life

11 January 2016

The Dogon of Mali form one of the visual highlights of West Africa. With the spectacular setting of their villages against the Bandiagara cliff, their iconic mask performances and their ethnographic fame, they form a core attraction in West African culture tourism. In this exhibition the brilliance of Dogon ritual performances is complemented by the visual appeal of their everyday village life. | full story

LeidenGlobal Online

LeidenGlobal Youtube Kanaal

5 Oktober 2015

LeidenGlobal has its own youtube channel with small movies of LeidenGlobal activities and events. Check us out! | full story

LeidenGlobal media

LeidenGlobal in NRC

1 November 2015

At the beginning of this month LeidenGlobal was featured in NRC. A special part of the paper was dedicated to Leiden and different institutions in Leiden. It talked about the events LeidenGlobal and partners organized and the expertbank. The whole article is featured on page 8. | full story

Opening Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Heropening RMO

17 november 2015

De eerste fase van de verbouwing van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is bijna afgerond. Vanaf 15 december a.s. is publiek weer van harte welkom in het dan gedeeltelijk heropende museum. Momenteel wordt de Tempelzaal in oude luister hersteld en is vernieuwing van de zalen met de Griekse, Romeinse en Etruskische collecties in volle gang. Het resultaat daarvan is te zien in de nieuwe vaste tentoonstelling Klassieke wereld. | full story

New Exhibition

Suriname - Nederland 40 Jaar Later

18 november 2015

The latest exhibition of the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden focuses on the relationship between Suriname and the Netherlands. Through personal memories, historical photographs and radio- and film fragments the ups and downs of the relationship is shown. Extended until sunday 1 May 2016. | full story

ASC Infosheet

South Africa's foreign policy shift

8 February 2016

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and President Vladimir Putin of Russia attended China’s victory parade on 3 September 2015. Zuma’s visit reflected a broader shift in South Africa’s foreign policy in favour of China and Russia. | full story

Museum reopening

Reopening Museum of Antiquities

15 December 2015

The museum is celebrating the completion of its renovation on 15 December 2015 with the opening of a new permanent exhibition on the classical world. The upgraded galleries provide ample opportunity to enjoy the multi-faceted history of Ancient Greece, Etruria, and the Roman Empire. The collection is not only displayed in all its beauty, but also shown in relation to, and in dialogue with, the surrounding cultures. | full story


Global Imaginations

27 June 2015 until 04 October 2015

Museum the Lakenhal presents a modern art exhibition in the industrial building 'Meelfabriek' in Leiden. The exhibition shows the artists' views on globalisation with sculptures, video projects, installations and participatory artworks. | full story

Global Imaginations

Videos High School Student Conference

23 September 2015

Different videos were made of the workshops and discussions during the Global Imaginations High School Student Conference. The students also pitched their ideas and thoughts during an Artist dinner to encourage guests to think and talk about these ideas. | full story

Professor Teeuw Awards 2015

Winners Professor Teeuw Award 2015

10 September 2015

The Professor Teeuw Award 2015 was awarded jointly to anthropologist and archaeologist Hedi Hinzler and to the Jakarta based translator, editor and publisher John McGlynn. The Foundation recognised the two for the significant role they have both played in advancing the appreciation of Indonesian culture and intercultural understanding. They have brought a wide range of cultural creations and interpretations to an international audience. | full story

Scholierenconferentie Global Imaginations

Global Imaginations filmpjes

5 oktober 2015

Tijdens de scholierenconferentie zijn een aantal opnames gemaakt van de workshops en de pitches. Deze zijn te bekijken op het LeidenGlobal youtube kanaal. | full story

Voice4Thought in Volksrant!


01 September 2015

Sophie van Leeuwen heeft naar aanleiding van het Voice4Thought festival een blog geschreven voor de Volkskrant! | full story

Film Screening

Sombra di Koló

08 September 2015

KITLV will show this very intense film. It brings us into the world of thirty inhabitants of Dutch Caribbean island Curaçao, and shows what influence race and skin color have on their daily lives. | full story

Archeologie op vakantie

Uitslag vakantiefotowedstrijd

04 September 2015

De vakantiefoto’s met archeologie erop stroomden afgelopen maanden binnen. Uit de ruim vierhonderd inzendingen heeft de jury (hoofd publieksdienst Rita van Oosterhoud en conservator Annemarieke Willemsen) Paul van der Heijden als winnaar gekozen. | full story

Verbouwing RMO

Een kijkje tijdens de verbouwing

03 September 2015

Directeur Wim Weijland nam op 2 september 2015 de Leidse tv-zender Unity TV mee het museumgebouw in. Hij liet zien wat er momenteel gebeurt in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden en vertelde over de stand van zaken rond de verbouwing. | full story

New Aquisition of ASC

The Courage of Ilkabbo

31 August 2015

The courage of ǁkabbo: celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Specimens of Bushman folklore (2014) is the ASC library’s most recent acquisition relating to the famous ǀxam and ǃkung archive of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. ǁkabbo was the oldest of the speakers of the ǀxam language that stayed in the Bleek household at different times during the 1870s. He expressed the wish that the stories of his people would be known through books. | full story


‘Being young is our crime!’

28 August 2015

‘Le crime est d’être jeune!’ ‘Being young is our crime!’ On Friday 28 August 2015 the Voice4Thought festival presents a debate which explores the theme of the Voice4Thought project. Young leaders and inspirers from West and Central Africa and The Netherlands enter into a dialogue about the rise of youth protest in central Africa and the Western ‘export’ of human rights. | full story

Festival Voice4Thought


23-29 August 2015

Voice4Thought (V4T) is an artistic-academic project of Leiden University, the African Studies Centre and LeidenGlobal based on inspiring voices from all over the world. These voices do not tell stories of crisis and misery, but of strength and change! | full story

In Memoriam

Chenjerai Hove (1956-2015)

14 July 2015

On 12 July 2015 Zimbabwean writer Chenjerai Hove died in Norway, at the age of 59. Widely considered a leading figure of Zimbabwean literature, Hove leaves an oeuvre of novels, poetry, plays, essays and journalistic articles. | full story

MoU signed by African Studies Centre and Beijing Foreign Studies University

MoU signed by African Studies Centre and Beijing Foreign Studies University

29 June 2015

The African Studies Centre in Leiden and the Beijing Foreign Studies University signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday 29 June 2015 in Leiden. In the MoU the ASC and BFSU declare that they want to cooperate in order to enhance the quality and relevance of African Studies. | full story

ASC Infosheet

Bangladesh, Benin and Ethiopia

26 June 2015

'Defining, targeting and reaching the very poor in Bangladesh, Benin and Ethiopia'. Anika Altaf and Ton Dietz write that if NGOs want to include the ultra-poor in economic programmes, they need to emphasize social protection and human rights approaches that go beyond those programs. | full story

New exhibition at the ASC

The Spiritual Highway: Religious World Making in Megacity Lagos

25 June 2015

Together with the award-winning Nigerian photographer Akintunde Akinleye, anthropologist Dr. Marloes Janson hit the road in the summer of 2013 to map the most important and busiest Nigerian road - the 120-kilometer long Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. | full story


David Fontijn made Professor of the Archaeology of Early Europe at Leiden University

18 June 2015

Congratulations to David Fontijn, who has been recognized by the University with the title of full Professor of the Archaeology of Early Europe. | full story


Dzodzi Tsikata newly elected CODESRIA president

18 June 2015

The ASC congratulates Prof. Dzodzi Tsikata as the newly elected president of CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa). | full story


Leiden University Libraries donates 2400 historical photos of Asia to Wikipedia

17 June 2015

The importance of the donation is improved access to the history of Indonesia and India. The photos may be used in Wikipedia articles and are easily accessible to an international public. | full story

The Green Treasure Trove

425 Years Hortus botanicus Leiden

12 June 2015

This year Holland's oldest botanical garden, commonly known as Hortus botanicus, celebrates its 425th anniversary with an exhibition at the Leiden University Library. | full story


Federalism & Decentralisation: Evaluating Africa's Track Record

8 june 2015

What is federalism; what are the implications of decentralisation? Do federalism and decentralisation contribute to democratisation, governance, and diversity? Virtually all African countries South of the Sahara are now either federal or decentralised—but how do their systems of governance perform? These questions will be addressed in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) 'Federalism & Decentralisation: Evaluating Africa's Track Record'. Enrollment for this free online course is open. | full story

New website

Flying start for Athena’s Angels website

4 June 2015

On the new website Athena’s Angels, four female Leiden professors address the unequal treatment of women in academia. ‘Since we launched the website, our mailboxes have exploded,’ says Judi Mesman, Professor of Child and Family Studies and one of the initiators. | full story


Ethiopian Israelis protesting discrimination

1 June 2015

ASC senior researcher Jan Abbink wrote an article about Ethiopian Israelis protesting against their discrimination in Israel. Read the article 'Contestation as claim to integration: the May 2015 public protest movement of Ethiopian Israelis', published on the anthropology blog 'Standplaats Wereld' of the Faculty of Social Sciences of VU University Amsterdam. | full story

In Memoriam

Stephen Ellis 1953-2015

02 September 2015

We are very sad to report that Prof. Stephen Ellis died on 29 July 2015. Stephen had leukemia, a disease that first manifested itself three years ago, and was treated effectively until four weeks ago. If you wish to share your feelings, please post a message on the online book of condolence or send a mail to the ASC ( and/or to Stephen's wife Gerrie ter Haar ( | full story


LU library is renovating

18 May 2015

In the week of the 18th of May we will start clearing out the Open Stacks area! The Open Stacks will totally be refurbished and renovated, with more space for books and study places. We are working towards the start of the construction of The Asian Library, which will start in the first half of 2016. | full story

New book

Recently published: Bloot of bedekt, by Mineke Schipper

12 May 2015

On May 1 Mineke Schipper’s 'Bloot of bedekt, Van niets om het lijf tot strak in het pak' came out, published by Prometheus-Bert Bakker. In this book, Mineke Schipper sheds a surprising light on the history of our naked or covered visibility. | full story

PhD Defence

A PhD from two universities on drug abuse

13 May 2015

Stimulating drugs, such as khat and cocaine, have a negative impact on everyday activities such as driving a car and working, as well as on social behaviour. That’s because these drugs seriously damage control centres in a user’s brain. Psychologist Manuel Ruiz’s research aims to increase understanding, and improve treatment, of drug addiction. His PhD defence at both Leiden University and the University of Granada took place on May 12. | full story

New Book

From Idol to Art

29 April 2015

Objects with power, so common in Africa, are neither beautiful nor easy to understand, and as such were a challenge for missionaries, anthropologists and curators of ethnographic museums from the moment they got involved with Africa, in the middle of the 19th century. | full story

Honorary Member

Geert Booij elected as Honorary Member of the Linguistic Society of America

22 April 2015

As of this January, linguist Geert Booij is appointed Honorary Member of the Linguistic Society of America. | full story