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Leiden Asia Year Event

Grand Opening Asian Library

14 September 2017

The programme for the opening of the Leiden Asia Library has been announced. Join in for a festive day with an opening ceremony, comprehensive Tour of Asia and afterparty! | full story

LeidenGlobal Exhibition

Online Photo Exhibition: Heritage on the Move

8 June 2017

View the LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition online! Heritage on the Move is an exhibition of photographs provided by scholars of the LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. The exhibition itself is on the move but can also be viewed online. | full story

RIAS Event

Pursuing the Rooseveltian Century

30 November - 1 December 2017

To mark the launch of the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, the institute will host a major international conference dedicated to exploring the ‘Rooseveltian century’ as a historical theme and an interpretative framework. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

Meet the expert: Rosemarijn Hoefte

10 July 2017

Rosemarijn Hoefte, professor the History of Suriname at the University of Amsterdam and senior researcher at KITLV, has frequently been in the news lately. | full story


Voice4Thought Festival: Digital Radicalization

28-29 September 2017

Voice4Thought presents the third Festival V4T@Leiden with a program that brings together voices from the fields of arts, education, activism, and the academic world around this year’s central theme, 'Digital Radicalization'. | full story

ASCL Nieuws

Farewell interview with Ton Dietz

14 July 2017

Ton Dietz will retire as director of the African Studies Centre Leiden and as a professor of African Development at Leiden University on 1 September 2017. | full story

Leiden University News

First refugee students graduate from Preparatory Year in Leiden

14 July 2017

Happy students and proud families, friends and lecturers; on 13 July the first fifteen refugee students graduated from the Preparatory Year for teaching in Leiden. They started a programme in September at a Dutch university of applied sciences or an academic university. | full story

Volkenkunde Exhibition


Until 17 September 2017

Pokémon, Hello Kitty, robots and samurai – all international icons of Japanese visual culture. Japan is known for its ancient traditions, and yet it is also hip and happening. This exhibition highlights the popularity of contemporary Japan, and places it in a historical context. | full story

RMO Exhibition

Casa Romana

Until 17 September 2017

Casa Romana provides a surprising introduction to the rich life of the residents of a fashionable Roman town villa. Visitors can look around the villa’s sumptuous interior, following the Romans’ everyday life from morning rituals to bedroom secrets. | full story

Hortus Exhibition

Crown jewels from Asia

Until 8 October 2017

The Hortus will celebrate the bicentenary of the botanical garden in Bogor. Special attention is given to the tropical plants in the greenhouses and gardens. The focus will be on edible plants, spices and herbs. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Japanse fascinatie voor Holland

Tot 27 augustus 2017

Aan de hand van meer dan dertig bijzondere voorwerpen krijgt de bezoeker een beeld van deze Japanse fascinatie voor Nederland in vroegere tijd. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition launched

8 July 2017

On June 6, the LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition 'Heritage on the Move' was successfully launched at Museum Volkenkunde. After a short introduction about LeidenGlobal, each scholar presented their photographic submission. | full story

RMO Event

Museum Escape

Tot 3 september 2017

Museum Escape is een pop-up escape room over archeologie. Je hebt 45 minuten om een eeuwenoud mysterie te ontrafelen. Daarvoor moet je puzzels oplossen, raadsels ontcijferen en aanwijzingen verzamelen. | full story


Closer collaboration NINO with Leiden University and RMO

28 June 2017

The board of the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) has agreed on a plan for closer collaboration with Leiden University and the National Museum of Antiquities (RMO). The plan includes the launch of a NINO research institute with an annual budget of approximately 300.000 euro. | full story


Photo impression of Africa Conference

4 July 2017

The 7th European Conference on African Studies was a huge success with more than 200 panels and up to 1600 attendants. This year's theme was Urban Africa - Urban Africans: New Encounters of the Rural and the Urban. Click here for a photo impression. | full story

RMO Nieuws

RMO koopt prehistorisch zwaard

5 juli 2017

Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden heeft een van de iconen van de Nederlandse archeologie in zijn bezit gekregen: het 3500 jaar oude 'zwaard van Ommerschans'. Het is een van de meest zeldzame en bijzondere objecten uit de Europese prehistorie en is voor € 550.000 aangekocht. | full story

Leiden University News

Research dossier: Africa reconsidered

10 July 2017

African Studies scholars from different academic disciplines of Leiden University have conducted research for many decades. Their close links with African partners and their emphasis on fundamental research have enabled them to generate insights that benefit both African and Western societies. Leiden University created a new research dossier ‘Africa reconsidered’, for which many ASCL researchers were interviewed. | full story


Envisioning Indonesia

Until the end of 2017

This walk-app allows users to connect the cityscape of Leiden with similar places in Indonesia, making strolling through Leiden a global experience. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Canadese Inuit Kunst

Tot 7 januari 2018

In 2017 viert Canada zijn 150-jarig bestaan met de nadruk op diversiteit, verzoening met de inheemse bevolking, klimaatverandering en jongeren. Dit is aanleiding voor een bijzondere tentoonstelling over een van de inheemse bevolkingsgroepen van Canada, de Inuit. | full story

University Library Exhibition

Sanskrit: Across Asia and Beyond

Until 5 September 2017

To tell the story of Sanskrit, this exhibition includes rare manuscripts, vibrant photographs of Asian temples and icons, and original videos and multimedia presentations. | full story

Leiden University News

Database of North Korean posters

13 June 2017

Korea expert Koen De Ceuster has collected 1200 propaganda posters from North Korea in one database. He believes the posters are extremely valuable for researchers who want to make a more in-depth study of this closed country. | full story

Leiden University News

Leiden University wins award for diversity policy

8 June 2017

Rector Magnificus Carel Stolker was presented with a 'Diamond' on 8 June in recognition of Leiden University's role as a 'shining example' of male/female diversity. | full story

ASCL Nieuws

Hoe windmolens Noord-Kenia nieuw leven inblazen

8 juni 2017

Onderzoeker Agnieszka Kazimierczuk is geïnterviewd door Vice Versa over het Lake Turkana Wind Power-project in Noord-Kenia. | full story

Leiden University News

Leidse archeologen doen bijzondere vondst over de mens

15 June 2017

Een onderzoeksteam van archeologen van onder andere Universiteit Leiden vond in een grot in Marokko een schedel die 100.000 jaar ouder is dan de tot nu toe vroegste fossielen van homo sapiens. | full story

Volkenkunde News

Aboriginal kunst naar Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen

21 juni 2017

De museumcollectie van het AAMU Museum voor hedendaagse Aboriginal kunst in Utrecht blijft wordt geheel opgenomen in de collectie van museum Volkenkunde. De musea kwamen tot overeenstemming nadat het AAMU eerder aankondigde dat het de deuren zal sluiten na 15 juni. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Topstukken onder de loep

Tot 7 januari 2018

De uitkomsten van recent onderzoek naar drie topstukken uit de collectie Midden- en Zuid-Amerika zijn vanaf nu te zien in de galerijtentoonstelling ‘Topstukken onder de loep’. Een boeiend verslag van drie speurtochten en opmerkelijke uitkomsten aan de hand van de originele voorwerpen en wetenschappelijke documentatie. | full story

Leiden University News

Merovingian cemetery excavated

7 June 2017

A team of students, PhDs and postdocs led by prof. Frans Theuws excavated a small but exclusive cemetery from the late 7th and early 8th century in the town of Veldhoven in the south of the Netherlands. | full story


Rosemarijn Hoefte in 'Met het oog op morgen' over Puerto Rico

13 juni 2017

Wat moet de status worden van Puerto Rico? Moet de huidige band met de VS worden versterkt? KITLV onderzoeker en LeidenGlobal expert Rosemarijn Hoefte praatte hierover in het NOS radioprogramma 'Met het oog op morgen'. | full story

RMO Exhibition

Splendour & Precision

Until 24 September 2017

This exhibition presents the finest and most exceptional precious and semi-precious stones from the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities – more than one hundred engraved gems from the ancient Near East, Egypt and the classical world. Many are no larger than a fingertip. | full story

RMO Exhibition


Until 7 January 2018

Fibulae is a small exhibition about the clothing accessories that turn up most frequently in archaeologists’ finds: brooches known as fibulae. These brooches were used to fasten items of clothing. They tell us about life and fashion in antiquity and the Middle Ages. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

Heritage on the Move

1 May 2017

Over the coming years, LeidenGlobal will structure its activities around a common theme as a leading criteria for organising activities and actions. The central theme for 2017-2018 is Heritage on the Move. | full story