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Our world is here, there, and everywhere. If you want to go places – read, connect, visit, dig deeper – where do you start? Through LeidenGlobal, academic and cultural institutions connect with local communities, media, government, business, and NGOs. We want to raise the impact of scholarship across the board, from cultural events and public debate to government policy and education. We know about Africa, Asia & Oceania, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East, North America, Russia & the Caucasus, and the Circumpolar Regions. LeidenGlobal is a meeting place built for people interested in places around the world, and the dynamics between them, their histories, and their cultures. From the Pyramids to the Great Firewall, from language to warfare, from religion to finance, from politics to poetry, from earthquakes to elections. Meet the experts when you’re making sense of the world.

Opening Tentoonstelling

Taalmuseum Leiden

19 september 2016


Bezoek vanaf 19 september t/m 6 januari 2017 de tentoonstelling 'Van wie is de Taal' in het Leidse Stadhuis. | full story

Leiden University News

LeidenGlobal expert over aardbeving Italië

01 September 2016

Op 24 augustus werd Italië getroffen door een zware aardbeving. De Leidse archeoloog, en LeidenGlobal expert, Tesse Stek sprak erover op NPO Radio1. Beluister het fragment | full story


Book release by Prof. Oostindie

05 September 2016

On 13 September the Indonesian translation of ‘Soldaat in Indonesië, 1945-1950 (Soldier in Indonesia, 1945-1950)’ by Gert Oostindie, director of KITLV and chairman of LeidenGlobal, will be presented. This will be followed by a two week tour in Indonesia filled with a large number of lectures, interviews and debates. | full story

RMO Tentoonstelling

Archeologie uit je achtertuin

25 August 2016

Permanente tentoonstelling ‘Archeologie uit je achtertuin’ bestaat uit een tien meter lange ladenkast met daarin de meest uiteenlopende archeologische vondsten uit meer dan 120 Nederlandse gemeenten. Uit elke gemeente is één object te zien. | full story

IIAS Seminar

Around the Changbai mountains. A seminar on the narratives of the ethnic groups in Northeast Asia

26 September

A group of specialists will discuss the ethnic constellation in Northeast Asia. | full story

Museum Volkenkunde News


25 August 2016

De Museum Explorer app van Museum Volkenkunde is de ideale museumgids. Volg een route of kies je eigen pad. Met de Museum Explorer houd je het museumbezoek in eigen hand. | full story

Leiden University News

Global Interactions awards 4 grants to Leiden researchers

22 August 2016

From the 2016 spring pool of applications, GI has awarded 4 grants to 5 Leiden researchers: Nira Wickramasinghe (LIAS-SAS), Alicia Schrikker (History), Bart Barendregt (CA-DS), Anne-Isabelle Richard (History) and Michelle Carmody (History & Latin American Studies). | full story

Leiden University News

Leiden Asia Year 2017

06 September 2016

Throughout 2017 Leiden will be the leading centre for Asia in terms of research, teaching, collections and expertise. Leiden will focus in 2017 on Asia and the Asian Library. Leiden University, the municipality of Leiden and cultural partners are all committed to making this year a success. The programme for the Leiden Asia Year in 2017 is now available. | full story

KITLV Seminar

Military Politics during Indonesia’s Dwikora Operation (Konfrontasi, 1963-67)

29 September 2016

Anton Aliabbas, KITLV visiting fellow, examines in this seminar how politicisation of the TNI (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) affected its performance in the Dwikora Operation during Konfrontasi. | full story

RMO Tentoonstelling

Nog 1 maand te bezoeken: Egypte

01 September 2016

'Egypte, Land van onsterfelijkheid' laat zien hoe de oude Egyptenaren zich voorbereiden op het eeuwige leven in het hiernamaals. De tentoonstelling 'Romeinse kust' gaat over het leven aan de Nederlandse kust in de Romeinse tijd. 'Vlijmscherp verleden' vertelt het verhaal over de geschiedenis van het zwaard en de rituele en symbolische betekenis ervan. | full story


Unlocking historical maps of Dutch East Indies

29 February 2016

Leiden University Libraries (UBL) has started the project Maps in the Crowd. Nearly 7,000 digitized maps of the Dutch East Indies will be unlocked with help from visitors, students and others who are interested. The project started on the 12th of February and will continue until December 2016. | full story

Museum Volkenkunde News


01 September 2016

Elke eerste donderdag van de maand is er tussen 12.00 en 13.00 uur museumspreekuur. Onze specialisten staan klaar voor de bezoekers om vragen als 'wat is het precies?', 'waar komt het vandaan?', 'is het authentiek of namaak?' en 'hoe oud is het?' te beantwoorden.Om er zeker van te zijn dat de juiste specialist aanwezig is, dient u zich van tevoren aan te melden via 088 0042 830. | full story

IIAS Lecture

Buddhist Stories Carved in Stone. On the Techniques of Narrative Representation in Ancient India

06 October 2016

This lecture, by Prof. Dr. Monika Zin, aims to present the most specific characteristics of narrative representations in ancient India with special reference to the art of the kingdom of the Sātavāhanas, a dynasty which ruled in central and southern India between the 1st c. BCE and the 3rd c. CE. | full story

ASCL Seminar

Seminar: Post-apartheid Afrikaner politics in local and global perspective

13 October 2016

In contemporary South Africa, the Solidarity Movement claims to uphold and defend the interests of the white, Afrikaans-speaking minority in the context of majority rule. This seminar investigates Solidarity’s discursive and organisational strategies as a window into post-apartheid politics and society. | full story

ASCL Seminar

“They Will Destroy Our Wamarde”: Mbororo youth dance in transition in Cameroon

20 October 2016

Tea Virtanen explores the changes taking place in the indigenous youth dance of the pastoral Mbororo Fulani of Cameroon. This seminar focuses on one development that is related to the modernization pressures, namely the recent trend of professionalization of the singers who are central actors in the Mbororo dance events. | full story

ASCL Seminar

Constructing the territory and borders of Borno, Nigeria

03 November 2016

In this seminar Vincent Hiribarren will analyse the history of the borders in the region of Borno (Nigeria). By focusing on borderlands known for harbouring Boko Haram terrorists, this seminar will bring a historical dimension to contemporary security issues in the Lake Chad region. | full story

ASCL and University Twente Symposium

Symposium together with University of Twente: Engendering the Energy Transition; South meets North

23 November 2016

The symposium seeks to create a multi-discipline platform where a number of leading researchers, from the South and the North, will share experiences and understanding about how gender shapes and is shaped by their context. We aim to bring together for mutual learning researchers from different disciplines and sectors with an interest in gender. | full story

ASCL Conference

Conference NABC: Africa Works! Innovation in Finance

10 November 2016

This conference will serve as a platform to champion private sector initiatives, appealing to start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations alike. The conference will bring together industry leaders with a key focus on, inter alia, shaping the financial innovation debate, accelerating fundraising, catalysing business development, and supporting the private sector. | full story

Leiden University News

Universiteit Leiden en UNICEF Nederland hernieuwen samenwerking

25 August 2016

Op woensdag 24 augustus 2016 verlengden Universiteit Leiden en UNICEF Nederland de succesvolle samenwerking voor de komende vijf jaar. In deze periode zal er worden samengewerkt aan een internationaal expertisecentrum kinderrechten rondom de UNICEF Leerstoel Kinderrechten. | full story

VVI News

Environmental regulation in Indonesia

25 February 2016

The coming two years the Van Vollenhoven Institute (VVI, Leiden University) and ICEL (the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law) will collaborate to improve environmental regulation in Indonesia. | full story

ASCL Policy brief

Policy brief: Improving the perspective for regional trade and investment in West Africa

01 September 2016

Policy brief on improving the perspective for regional trade and investment in West Africa: The key to food security, economic development and stability in the region . By Prof. Ton Dietz and Paul Lange | full story

ASCL Working Paper

Working Paper: Sustainable city initiatives in Africa and comparison with the OURSUS approach

01 September 2016

Working paper by Prof. Ton Dietz on the evidence in Africa regarding the intentions of municipalities and their leadership to develop more sustainable cities, and to mobilise business and popular support for more sustainable futures in a continent that is likely to have the fastest urbanization trends in the decades ahead. | full story

IIAS Gonda Lecture

The 24th Gonda Lecture

25 November 2016

The Gonda Foundation and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences cordially invite you to the 24th Gonda Lecture by Hans Bakker (inter alia Project Curator at the British Museum) on ‘Monuments of Hope, Gloom, and Glory in the Age of the Hunnic Wars (484-534)’. | full story

ASCL Lecture

Ethnicity, diversity, inclusivity and constitution making in Africa

17 November 2016

In this year’s Stephen Ellis lecture, Muna Ndulo, Professor of Law at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, will contend that a poorly designed constitution can hinder inclusiveness and promote ethnic grievances and conflicts. | full story

Leiden University Lecture

Inaugural Lecture

16 December 2016

Inaugural lecture by Maartje van der Woude on ‘Discretion in Law & Society. Socio-legal reflections on the hole in the doughnut’. | full story

ASCL Seminar

Spectres of the state: State collapse and sovereign afterlives in Somalia

15 December 2016

This seminar describes the re-emergence of governmental technologies in Somalia as spectres of a defunct Somali Democratic Republic that continue to haunt the Somali territories. The speaker, Tobias Hagmann, examines three distinct stately things | full story

RMO Presentatie

Goden voor één nacht

27 November 2016

Ruurd Halbertsma, conservator collectie Klassieke Wereld van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, presenteert deze middag zijn dichtbundel Goden voor één nacht. Voor de gedichten liet hij zich inspireren door zijn persoonlijke favorieten uit de rijke museumcollectie. | full story