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Save the date | LeidenGlobal signature event

6 June 2017

On 6 June 2017, Wayne Modest (Museum Volkenkunde) will give a keynote lecture with the theme 'Heritage on the Move'. Afterwards, the LeidenGlobal photo exhibition will be opened. Register now! | full story

Volkenkunde Exhibition


14 April - 17 September 2017

Pokémon, Hello Kitty, robots and samurai – all international icons of Japanese visual culture. Japan is known for its ancient traditions, and yet it is also hip and happening. This exhibition highlights the popularity of contemporary Japan, and places it in a historical context. | full story


Prof. Jan-Bart Gewald new director of the African Studies Centre Leiden

11 April 2017

Prof. Jan-Bart Gewald has been appointed as the new director of the African Studies Centre Leiden from 1 September 2017, for a period of five years. Prof. Gewald will be the successor of Prof. Dr Ton Dietz, who retires in September 2017. | full story

Leiden University News

Maarten Kossmann benoemd tot hoogleraar Berberstudies

1 April 2017

LeidenGlobal expert Maarten Kossmann is met ingang van 1 april 2017 benoemd tot hoogleraar Berberstudies. Deze benoeming draagt bij aan de versterking van het LUCL-onderzoek in de beschrijvende taalwetenschap en het Berber. | full story

Leiden University Event

Studium Generale lezingen over Nederlandse wetenschap in Azië

4 april t/m 9 mei 2017

Museum Boerhaave en Studium Generale organiseren in het kader van het Leiden Asia Year enkele lezingen op het snijvlak van wetenschap en Azië. | full story


VVI Conference | Adat law 100 years on: Towards a new interpretation?

22-24 May 2017

This international conference focuses on adat law in Indonesia a century after the Adat Law Foundation (Adatrechtstichting) was set up in Leiden in 1917 by Van Vollenhoven and Snouck Hurgronje. | full story

Leiden University Event

Studium Generale | Slavery: History and political philosophy

3 April - 15 May 2017

Human beings held captive, coerced into exploitative power relationships and forced to labor against their will: slavery has existed in innumerable societies. This series explores some facets of the global history of slavery as well as of the philosophical thinking underpinning, or rejecting, slavery as an institution. | full story


Job and Internship vacancies

12 April 2017

Looking for a job or an internship position? See the various job vacancies available at LeidenGlobal partners for the coming period. | full story


LeidenGlobal expert Jan Abbink interviewed about Eritrea

13 April 2017

ASCL senior researcher and LeidenGlobal expert Jan Abbink was interviewed in the dutch TV show Nieuwsuur about Eritrea, in response to the prohibition of the Eritrean conference in Veldhoven. | full story

Leiden University News

Partnership with Roosevelt Institute gives impetus to American Studies

18 April 2017

It's easier to understand Trump's America if you have a sound knowledge of the country's history. Research on the US has been given an impetus with the renewed Roosevelt Institute for American Studies. The institute in Middelburg reopened on 20 April with Leiden University and LeidenGlobal as partners. | full story


Crown jewels from Asia

14 april 2017 - 8 October 2017

the Hortus will celebrate the bicentenary of the botanical garden in Bogor. In this respect, the Hortus will give special attention to the tropical plants in the glasshouses and the gardens. Due to the Big Picnic project, the focus will be on edible plants, spices and herbs. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

Heritage on the Move

2017 - 2019

For the coming years LeidenGlobal will structure its activities around a common theme as a leading criteria for organising activities and actions. The central theme for 2017-2018 is Heritage on the Move. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

Meet the expert: Marcel Rutten

28 February 2017

LeidenGlobal expert Marcel Rutten is a senior researcher at the African Studies Centre Leiden. He recently blogged about witchcraft in Kenya and the 'water bucket trick'. Read more here. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Heritage in Transition

24 March - 23 July 2017

Een fototentoonstelling over gebruikers van koloniaal erfgoed in Indonesië en een tijdsopname van stadscentra en mensen die er wonen en werken. Aan de hand van 34 indrukwekkende foto’s brengt fotograaf Isabelle Boon in beeld hoe oude koloniale panden in Jakarta en Semarang in onze tijd nog steeds een rol spelen in het dagelijks leven van veel mensen. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

Kort Jaarverslag LeidenGlobal 2016

8 maart 2017

Bent u geïnteresseerd in de projecten en activiteiten van LeidenGlobal? In het jaarverslag 2016 treft u een beknopt overzicht van de activiteiten van afgelopen jaar. | full story


Launch of African Postal Heritage Papers

10 March 2017

The ASCL joins LeidenGlobal in putting 'heritage' in the limelight in 2017-2018. One way is starting a new online series of 'African Postal Heritage Papers'. | full story

Leiden University News

New research by LeidenGlobal expert Petra Sijpesteijn

22 March 2017

How did the Arabs manage to maintain an empire based on Islamic principles for 300 years? Petra Sijpesteijn and her team examine this over the coming five years, focusing on the correspondence of ordinary people. An ERC Consolidator Grant funds the research. | full story

RMO News

Opgravingsteam Sakkara maakt vorderingen

7 April 2017

Medio maart is een onderzoeksteam onder leiding van LeidenGlobal expert Maarten Raven naar Egypte afgereisd. Het team heeft onder andere de overblijfselen van grafkapellen uit het Nieuwe Rijk (1539-1077 v.Chr.) gevonden. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Canadese Inuit Kunst

11 March 2017 - 7 January 2018

In 2017 viert Canada zijn 150-jarig bestaan met de nadruk op diversiteit, verzoening met de inheemse bevolking, klimaatverandering en jongeren. Dit is aanleiding voor een bijzondere tentoonstelling over een van de inheemse bevolkingsgroepen van Canada, de Inuit. | full story


Blog Ton Dietz: Nine statements to better understand African Migration to Europe

7 April 2017

In his new blog, ASCL Director and LeidenGlobal expert Ton Dietz argues that higher and rising levels of development (also successful development assistance) produce more migration. His message to Dutch and EU politicians: 'Get used to it'. | full story

RMO Event

De Muzen in het Museum

9 April - 18 June 2017

In deze collegereeks geeft dr. Hans Smolenaars zes inleidende colleges over vooraanstaande Griekse en Romeinse auteurs. Aan bod komen o.a. Homerus, Plato, Lucretius, Cicero en Vergilius. | full story

Leiden University Event

Centre for Digital Heritage meeting

15 June 2017 - 17 June 2017

The Digital Archaeology Research Group and the Centre for Global Heritage and Development at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University will jointly host the 2017 annual meeting of the Centre for Digital Heritage (CDH). Early bird registration is open until 15 April. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Topstukken onder de loep

November 2016 - January 2018

De uitkomsten van recent onderzoek naar drie topstukken uit de collectie Midden- en Zuid-Amerika zijn vanaf nu te zien in de galerijtentoonstelling ‘Topstukken onder de loep’. Een boeiend verslag van drie speurtochten en opmerkelijke uitkomsten aan de hand van de originele voorwerpen en wetenschappelijke documentatie. | full story

Leiden University News

Asian Library open

31 March 2017

The new Asian Library at Leiden University is now open for use. Located on a new floor on top of the University Library at the Witte Singel, it is available for students and researchers who study Asian languages and cultures. | full story


Ineke van Kessel interviewed in VPRO's OVT

9 April 2017

ASCL senior researcher and LeidenGlobal expert Ineke van Kessel was interviewed by VPRO radio show OVT about South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, the increasing protests against him and why his party, the ANC, still backs him. | full story

Leiden University News

Leiden archaeologists identify skull of sabre-toothed cat

13 April 2017

Leiden archaeologists have identified a number of bone fragments that were excavated in Germany two years ago. The fragments are from a sabre-toothed cat and appear to be parts of the skull of a prehistoric feline that is over 300,000 years old. | full story

Leiden University News

Four Leiden University researchers receive Rubicon subsidies

20 April 2017

Four Leiden researchers receive a Rubicon Grant from NWO to conduct research abroad. A total of 22 scientists have received Rubicon Grants. This grant aims to provide young, promising scientists with international research experience. | full story

RMO Exhibition


28 January 2017 - 7 January 2018

Fibulae is a small exhibition about the clothing accessories that turn up most frequently in archaeologists’ finds: brooches known as fibulae. These brooches were used to fasten items of clothing. They tell us about life and fashion in antiquity and the Middle Ages. | full story


Envisioning Indonesia

1 April - 1 October 2017

Walking with Indonesia is a walk through Leiden starting from Leiden Central Station to the Asian Library along various sites around the historical city centre. At your tour around town you may identify a series of sites which you follow by a special walking-with-Indonesia-app. With your own smart phone you may access information that is related to the various sites. | full story

ASCL Event

International NVAS Conference: Education for Life in Africa

19 - 20 May 2017

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Netherlands Association for Africa Studies (NVAS), NVAS, NUFFIC and HHS are organizing a two-day conference on the theme “Education for life in Africa”. Registration is open now. | full story

Leiden University News

Three ERC Advanced Grants for Leiden researchers

4 April 2017

Archaeologist Frans Theuws, Buddhism specialist and LeidenGlobal expert Jonathan Silk and mathematician Ronald Cramer have each been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant of 2.5 million euros. | full story

RMO Exhibition

Splendour & Precision

15 December 2016 - 31 December 2017

This exhibition presents the finest and most exceptional precious and semi-precious stones from the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities – more than one hundred engraved gems from the ancient Near East, Egypt and the classical world. Many are no larger than a fingertip. | full story