We offer presentations and training to various audiences, and survey courses to graduate students.


We offer presentations and training to various audiences, and survey courses to graduate students.


Methodologies in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

LeidenGlobal course ‘Methodologies in the Social Sciences and Humanities’

This twelve-week course organised by the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies in collaboration with LeidenGlobal allows beginning scholars to develop a critical understanding of methodologies in the social sciences and humanities (SSH).

Methodology refers to the logical and developed coherence between research question, theory and methods. Rather than a fixed set of rules, methodology is based in an ongoing conversation among scholars in the SSH on data collection and analysis. During this course participants engage in this conversation with their peers as well as experienced researchers in the SSH. Throughout the course, they become acquainted with the main epistemological debates and the choices they need to make and self-critically support in their own research.

Course objectives
At the end of the course, students will be able to motivate their individual methodological choices within the broader context of methodologies in SSH. For the purpose of developing this motivation they will critically review the methodologies of their field of research in general and their respective research projects specifically. Guest lectures by established scholars, class discussion and state-of-the-art literature help participants form a critical basis for both current and future research.

Details regarding the course

  • EC: 10
  • Language: English
  • Instructor: Dr. Maaike Warnaar
  • Time table: Spring 2024 (5 February - 24 May), including 5 seminars and 7 lectures (2 introductory, 5 expert lectures), with meetings on Mondays (12:00) & Tuesdays (13:15)
  • Location: on campus at Leiden University

Students write weekly assignments relating to their individual projects (3 assignments) and the course readings (5 assignments) and one final assignment: a critical literature review relevant to the methodologies of their field of study. Additionally, they give feedback to their peers three times during the semester.

All PhD students registered at LeidenGlobal partner institutions can apply online, after consultation with their advisors. Registration for 2023-2024 is closed. Keep an eye on our website for next year.

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