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December 2019

Mon 9 December 2019

Seminar | Welfare State Relations as Citizenship

Anouk de Koning, associate professor at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology draws on ethnographic research on welfare in Amsterdam to illustrate how the welfare state influences notions of citizenship. | read more

Mon 9 December 2019

Lezing | Verboden Nederlandstalige fictie in de negentiende eeuw

SGP: seks, godsdienst en politiek, dat zijn de drie onderwerpen waarmee literatuur in de negentiende eeuw ophef kan veroorzaken. Boeken die de openbare mening schofferen en volgens veel critici verboden zouden moeten worden, staan centraal in de lezing. | read more

Tue 10 December 2019

Lecture | Politics, Technology, and Fifty Years in Chinese Studies

On the occasion of his 75th birthday Wilt Idema looks back at over fifty years in Chinese Studies. He will discuss the development of his own involvement with the study and translation of China’s vernacular literature of the late-imperial period. | read more

Tue 10 December 2019

Lecture | Urban refugees as musician entrepeneurs

Dr. Catherina Wilson Janssens gives a lecture on urban refugees in Dar es Salaam and Kinshasa, who are active as musician entrepreneurs, in the search for a dignified life in contemporary East and Central Africa. | read more

Tue 10 December 2019

RMO Lezing | Migranten, zeevaarders en koningen

Prof. Jan Paul Crielaard (hoogleraar meditterane pre- en protohistorische archeologie, VU) vertelt over de crisis in het Middellandse Zeegebied tussen de 13e en 6e eeuw v. Chr. en hoe Cyprus deze opvallend goed wist te doorstaan. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

RMO Boekpresentatie | Paint it Black

Van Egypte tot Perzië, van de vroeg-islamitische cultuur in het Midden-Oosten tot aan de huidige culturen van Noord-Afrika. Al duizenden jaren gebruikt de mens kohl voor cosmetische doeleinden. Jolanda Bos presenteert haar boek 'Paint it, Black'. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 13 December 2019

Opening Wed 11 December 2019

Conference | Vernacular Narratives

This conference consists of a seminar and exhibition and is co-organised by the Oral Traditions Association and Leiden University. Themes such as architectural anthropology and intangible heritage will be addressed. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

ASCL Seminar | Why Animals Matter

The Trans-species perspectives on African Studies research group extends whatever we think and theorize about humans to animals. Dr. Harry Wels discusses three books that present scientific evidence for animal cognition and more. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

KITLV Seminar | Pious moderns: Toward healthy progress

Chiara Formichi asks the question of how (literate, engaged, middle/upper-class) Indonesians understood and deployed the concepts of modernity and progress in the 1920s-1950s period. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

Lecture | Measuring Conflict Events in Africa

Leila Demarest explores the potential of local newspaper data in research on conflict events in Africa for this Political Science Research Seminar. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

Lecture | Research Meeting Cultural Production and Early Modernity Matters

Douglas Berger explores how animals are invoked by Chinese philosophers in different periods to model lessons about morality and Hilde De Weerdt traces the circulation of Tang Dynasty mirror literature in early modern Europe and its effects. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

IIAS Book launch | Exile and Diaspora in Sarandib, Lanka and Ceylon

Ronit Ricci explores histories and imaginings of displacement related to the island through a study of the Sri Lankan Malays and their connections to an exilic past. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

RMO lecture | Early warfare in the Bronze Age

German archaeologist Thomas Terberger presents the results of his ten year interdisciplinary research on the battlefield of the Tollense valley in Northeastern Germany | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

Seminar | The Role of the Holy Spirit in Fayd Kashani’s Exegesis

Amin Ehteshami (Exeter University) looks into the dynamic relation between Fayḍ’s exegetic approach in al-Ṣāfī and his efforts in creating an authoritative hadith compendium in al-Wāfī. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | Tension and Ambiguities in Muslim Family Law

In this LUCIS' What's New Fall Lecture, Post-Doctoral researcher Monika Lindbekk examines how Egyptian law articulates notions of family, marriage and gender in cases of judicial divorce during the period 2008-2015. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 13 December 2019

Opening Thu 12 December 2019

KITLV Farewell symposium | Towards a history of Javanese literature

This international symposium on Javanese literary history is organised for Willem van der Molen on the occasion of his retirement as a researcher at KITLV, with the purpose to reflect on the best form of a modern history of Javanese literature. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

LeidenASA Annual Meeting

Sean Jacobs, Associate Prof international affairs, reviews the current state of African politics, dominated by political parties promoting nationalism and nativism. What kinds of political alternatives are available? What is the role of scholars? | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | Who Benefits from Heritage?

UNESCO professor Robin Coningham uses case-studies from South Asia to present a series of archaeological interventions led by UNESCO which have attempted to reach a balance between heritage and development, within post-disaster contexts. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

IIAS Lunch Lecture | Rethninking state capacity for poverty reduction

Dr Jewellord Nem Singh examines state capacity and the failure to achieve social development in the Philippines. The country is rich in natural resources, yet welfare and social development haven't strengthened. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | International encounters in the Himalayas and beyond

Dr. Péter-Dániel Szántó (Leiden University) examines evidence for encounters and interaction between different people in the Himalayas in this Friends of the Kern Institute lecture. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | International encounters in the Himalayas and beyond

Péter-Dániel Szántó will examine some items of direct documentary evidence for encounters between Indians/Newars/Transylvanians and Tibetans. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Book presentation | Vincent Chang: Forgotten Diplomacy

Vincent Chang (LeidenAsiaCentre fellow) presents his book on Dutch-Chinese relations between 1927 and 1950 and will be accompanied by former Dutch ambassador in China, Ed Kronenburg. | read more

Fri 13 December 2019

Festival | De vrolijke viering van het Nederlands

Het Taalmuseum viert de Nederlandse taal met een avond vol theater, muziek en verhalen. Wat vinden schrijvers, dichters en taalwetenschappers het meest bijzondere aan onze taal? | read more

Fri 13 December 2019

Themamiddag | Uni for City: Armoede in de Stad

Universiteit Leiden tracht een bijdrage te leveren aan Leiden door het gesprek aan te gaan met diegene die in de praktijk met armoede te maken hebben. | read more

Fri 13 December 2019

Conferentie | 100 jaar assyriologie in beeld

Dit is de internationale conferentie over de geschiedenis van de assyriologie in Leiden. Vijf sprekers blikken terug op de oraties van de vijf Leidse hoogleraren en reflecteren op de ontwikkeling van het vakgebied sindsdien. | read more

Mon 16 December 2019

KITLV Workshop | Popular music, archiving & cultural amnesia in Southeast Asia

This workshop explores the question of how popular songs often have provided room for otherwise suppressed sentiments, colonial trauma, or have facilitated hopes for the better. How do today’s archival practices help (re)popularize once suppressed sounds? | read more

Mon 16 December 2019

IIAS Lunch Lecture | Dealing with pollution in China and beyond

The Chinese government is investing unprecedented resources to reduce and clean up pollution but negative social impacts of a stronger environmental policy should be addressed. Dr Jennifer Holdaway explains how pollution also requires coordination. | read more

Wed 18 December 2019

Lezing | De expansie van het Ottomaanse Keizerrijk in Europa en Azië

Tijdens deze alumni-activiteit van het Leids Historisch Dispuut Merlijin, behandelt Dr. Alexander de Groot het Ottomaanse Keizerrijk en de expansie van het vroegmoderne imperium in Europa en Azië. | read more

Thu 19 December 2019

IIAS lecture | Mind, language and cognition through the Yogaśāstra

IIAS fellow Rocco Cestola (University of Roma) combines the field of Yoga studies with Sanskrit philosophy of language and discusses the literature of Yogadarśana. | read more

Thu 19 December 2019

Lecture | The Print Before Photography

Anthony Griffiths (British Museum) introduces the business and products of the sixteenth century European printing industry, which ranged from the everyday to some of the greatest achievements of European art. | read more

January 2020

Tue 14 January 2020

RMO Lezing | Byzantium en Cyprus

Classicus, vertaler en publicist Hein van Dolen houdt een lezing over geloof en politiek op Cyprus tijdens de drie byzantijnse perioden (ca. 330-1192 na Chr.) | read more

Fri 17 January 2020

RMO Book presentation | The Crusaders

Popular author and Netflix presenter Dan Jones presents his new book 'Crusaders: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Land', in which he tells the balanced story of the first crusade from multiple perspectives. | read more

Wed 22 January 2020

Conference | Diversity & inclusion symposium

How can programme chairs and administrators make the curriculum more inclusive? And how do we engage with questions about race and racism? The 'From diversity to inclusion' symposium explores such questions with international Diversity Officers. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 24 January 2020

Opening Wed 22 January 2020

Conference | Relocating Governance in Asia

This conference seeks to bring together different insights in comparative perspective, to shed light on the many paradoxes, differences and continuities of (post)colonial rule across South- and Southeast Asia. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 25 January 2020

Opening Fri 24 January 2020

KITLV Symposium | Inward Outward

The international symposium Inward Outward investigates the status of moving image and sound archives worldwide as they intertwine with coloniality, identity and race. The symposium also emphasises the position of Dutch identity in various manifestations. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 29 January 2020

Opening Tue 28 January 2020

LeidenASA Workshop | Law, governance and rights in Africa

This workshop centres around past and present state law and state institutions, as well as the wide range of religious and traditional legal political institutions that can be found across Africa. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

NINO Annual Meeting | Magic in the Ancient Near East

The NINO Annual Meeting, organised by dr. Ilan Peled (University of Amsterdam) consists of three sessions on Mesopotamia and the Cuneiform World, on Eyptology, Archaeology and Epigraphy and on project presentations. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

LeidenASA Conference | Africa, sixty years of independence

This conference brings together some of today’s most influential thinkers on African affairs to reflect on the current social, political, religious, economic, and environmental dynamics that characterize the continent. | read more

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