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April 2019

Tue 23 April 2019

RMO Lezing | Oog op de toekomst

Onze kennis van het verleden lijdt onder de wetenschappelijke neiging om te scoren. Lucas Petit (RMO) beschrijft overdreven archeologische claims die veel aandacht krijgen, Jona Lendering vertelt over de noodzaak van selectie en het gevaar van manipulatie | read more

Tue 23 April 2019

Lecture | Restraining Great Powers

In this LUCIR lecture, T.V. Paul, Professor of International Relations from McGill University, discusses 'soft balancing' -a crucial element of state behaviour- and its implications for the rise of new great powers and the international order. | read more

Tue 23 April 2019

KITLV Seminar | Inhabiting difference: The affective lives of Indonesian muslim queers

Ferdiansyah Thajib, Freie Universität Berlin, will discuss his ethnographic exploration of how the lives of Muslim queers in Indonesia are affected by Islamic rhetoric on the social existence of sexual and gender minorities. | read more

Wed 24 April 2019

Symposium | Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East

The Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East will be held in the main hall of the Van Steenis-building. Various speakers will present their research. There is also the opportunity to taste a modernized ancient Near Eastern beer recipe. | read more

Wed 24 April 2019

Lecture | The lenition of voiced initials of Middle Chinese in Maolin Wannan Wu Chinese

This lecture by Yuan Dan is part of the 'Chinese Linguistics in Leiden' (CHILL) lecture series from the Centre for Linguistics and deals with the lenition of aspirated initials in Chinese dialects. | read more

Wed 24 April 2019

Lezing | Van Ottomaans Selanik naar Grieks Thessaloniki

Historicus Patrick Gouw verzorgt deze lezing met als thema ‘Van Ottomaans Selanik naar Grieks Thessaloniki. De wedergeboorte van een stad (1912-1917)’. Na de lezing volgt een vertoning van de documentaire 'The Great Fire of Salonica, 1917.' | read more

Thu 25 April 2019

Lecture | Middle Eastern Civil Wars and Early End of Cold War Order

Alp Yenen, Leiden University lecturer, argues in this lecture that the global order of the Cold War—in its various regional configurations—came to an early end in the Middle East a decade before around the year 1979. | read more

Thu 25 April 2019

Lecture | Peace and Justice?

Professor Colleen Murphy discusses synergies and tensions between the pursuit of peace within a particular country and the pursuit of peace internationally. She also consider the limits of criminal trials and punishment. | read more

Thu 25 April 2019

Museum Volkenkunde | Exhibition opening & Book launch

Opening of the new gallery-exhibition MOST WANTED on the popular culture of illegality, together with a book launch. The exhibition explores how popular culture emphasises, glorifies and enhances the power of criminal organisations. | read more

Fri 26 April 2019

Seminar | Not a normal job: the Emperor in Eurasian History

In this seminar Dominic Lieven, research prof at Cambridge University, presents his forthcoming book on emperors and emperorship in Eurasia from their earliest origins down to the twentieth century. | read more

Sun 28 April 2019

Lezing | Ziek, zwak en misselijk

In deze lezing bekijkt prof. Petra Sijpesteijn een aantal brieven met klachten en verzoeken om hulp uit het vroeg-Islamitische Egypte die op papyrus bewaard zijn gebleven. Ze illustreert hiermee een vast en voorspelbaar systeem dat sociale cohesie bood. | read more

Tue 30 April 2019

IIAS Lecture | The Forgotten Caryatids

In this lunch lecture, IIAS fellow Aatreyee Ghosh, PhD (Jawaharlal Nehru), will talk about The Forgotten Caryatids: Writing women and agency in the border colonial port towns in South Asian fiction. | read more

May 2019

Wed 1 May 2019

ASCL Event | Journalistenbijeenkomst

Tijdens deze bijeenkomst is het mogelijk drie ASCL-wetenschappers, visiting fellows en PhD students te spreken over hun expertise. De bijeenkomst gaat vooraf aan het seminar South African elections approach: Has the liberation dream been realised? | read more

Wed 1 May 2019

ASCL Lecture | South African Elections Approach

Barry Gilder is currently Director Operations of the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA). He will speak about his publications The List and Songs and Secrets and he will reflect on the South African elections of 8 May 2019. | read more

Thu 2 May 2019

Workshop | Tracing African Infrastructures

This LeidenASA workshop aims to reflect on the growing phenomenon of ‘mega-projects' and large-scale infrastructures in Africa to understand the emergence of new forms of governance as well as changing ideas and practices related to citizenship. | read more

Thu 2 May 2019

Debate | India Votes 2019: National, Regional and Global Reverberations

This roundtable will situate the Indian elections in its local, national, sub-continental and global contexts. It will reflect upon the key players in the elections, the changing dynamics of regional players and majoritarian politics. | read more

Fri 3 May 2019

Lecture | Foreign and return migrants in China

Part of the Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars, this talk by Frank Pieke (LIAS/MERICS) is on ‘Foreign and return migrants in China: How do they fit into China’s globalisation strategy?’ | read more

Tue 7 May 2019

Werkgroep Taal | Jochem Aben over Schrijfvaardigheid

Eén van de manieren waarop het schrijfvaardigheidsonderwijs mogelijk verbeterd kan worden, is door middel van feedback op het schrijfproces. Neerlandicus Jochem Aben bespreekt dit onderwerp in deze sessie. | read more

Wed 8 May 2019

Lecture | North Indian Overseas Labour Migration in the Colonial Era

The research profile ‘Asian Modernities and Traditions’ organises this lecture by prof. Crispin Bates (University of Edinburgh) on ‘North Indian Overseas Labour Migration in the Colonial Era: Origins, Intermediaries, and the Role of Trust'. | read more

Wed 8 May 2019

Lecture | Transnational Protest of the National Security State

In this lecture, Kaeten Mistry explores the long, under-examined history of national security whistleblowing. The lecture considers former-CIA operative Philip Agee's efforts to expose the U.S. national security state, as well as other allies. | read more

Thu 9 May 2019

Lezing | Veiligheid, (straf)recht en populisme: Hoe komen we hier en hoe nu verder?

De jaarlijkse Van Vollenhovenlezing wordt deze keer verzorgd door Professor Tony Platt van de University of California. Hij zal reflecteren op de trend in vele Westerse landen: de verharding van het debat rondom veiligheid, criminaliteit en migratie. | read more

Thu 9 May 2019

Lecture | Nationalism in Latin America and Africa

Patricio Silva will discuss the role of nationalism and patriotism in Latin American politics since the early 19th century. Stefano Bellucci gives an introductory lecture on nationalism in Africa where he defines it in comparison to other world regions. | read more

Thu 9 May 2019

ASCL Seminar | 25 years after the Rwandan Genocide

How did the Rwandan Genocide come to be and why did it happen? Could it have been prevented by the international community? In this seminar Bert Ingelaere, Lecturer at University of Antwerp, will address these questions. | read more

Thu 9 May 2019

KITLV Event | Democracy for sale: Elections, clientelism and the state in Indonesia

This seminar and book launch in one will discuss a new book on Indonesia’s democracy, 'Democracy for Sale', as well as reflect on the outcome of Indonesia’s national elections held on 17 april. A diverse panel will analyse the elections. | read more

Thu 9 May 2019

IIAS Event | Book Launch: Ancient and Modern Practices of Citizenship in Asia

Gregory Bracken and Renske Maria van Dam both contributed to the book 'Ancient and Modern Practices of Citizenship in Asia and the West - Care of the Self'. This collection of papers originated at a conference organised by IIAS in 2016. | read more

Thu 9 May 2019

Lecture | Constructing Belonging

This talk by the scholar Crystal A. Ennis examines shifting notions of economic belonging and citizenship in the Sultanate of Oman. The lecture examines economic citizenship among Omani millennials and sheds light on the Gulf labour-market complexities. | read more

Fri 10 May 2019

Discussion | A Critical Return to Youth in North Africa

During this round-table discussion, three guest speakers will explore how youth in North Africa are faring in the ‘aftermath’ of academic, policy, and media hype that followed 2011 and focus on its complexities and longer-term transformations. | read more

Mon 13 May 2019

Workshop | In Contact met Collecties - Geschiedenis van de Fotografie

Deze workshop gaat over de voornaamste technische en artistieke wendingen van de fotografie sinds het medium in 1839 werd uitgevonden. Maartje van den Heuvel zal dit illustreren aan de hand van de bijzondere fotocollectie van de Universitaire Bibliotheek. | read more

Tue 14 May 2019

RMO Lezing | Welkom in de middeleeuwse tuin

Annemarieke Willemsen, conservator collectie Nederland Middeleeuwen van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, houdt een lezing over middeleeuwse tuinen in het christelijke Europa en het islamitische oosten en geeft een kijkje achter de schermen. | read more

Tue 14 May 2019

Pop-up tentoonstelling rondom vijftig jaar Marokkaanse migratie naar Nederland

Op 14 mei is het vijftig jaar geleden dat Marokko en Nederland een wervingsverdrag sloten. Om deze historische datum te markeren organiseren de Sahara Sociëteit Nederland, de Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden, LUCIS en NIMAR deze tentoonstelling. | read more

Wed 15 May 2019

LeidenGlobal Annual Lecture | The Return of History in the Global Order

Dr. Haroon Sheikh will deliver the keynote lecture, part of the LeidenGlobal Annual Event on embedding global diversity. The keynote is held at the National Museum of Antiquities and is open to all. | read more

Wed 15 May 2019

LeidenGlobal Graduate Workshop | Embedding Global Diversity

Dr. Haroon Sheikh chairs the Annual Graduate Workshop, preceding the Annual LeidenGlobal Event. PhD & ResMA students are invited to discuss the notion of ‘embedding global diversity’ in relation to their own research. | read more

Thu 16 May 2019

Lecture | The Mirror in the Ground: archaeology, photography and the making of an African disciplinary archive

The Mirror in the Ground is a book that draws on photographs from the collection of John Goodwin, the South African archaeologist. Dr. Nick Shepherd explores exploring what it means to approach intellectual history through the photographic image. | read more

Thu 16 May 2019

Workshop | The Many Births of International Relations

This workshop will draw together stories of the emergence of the discipline of International Relations from several parts of the Global South. The speakers will discuss how International Relations defined itself as a distinct field of study. | read more

Thu 16 May 2019

ASCL Seminar | Presence and social obligation: An essay on the share

James Ferguson, professor of Anthropology at Stanford University, will explain more on how an understanding of presence might provide a basis both for an expanded sense of social obligation and for more inclusionary forms of politics. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 17 May 2019

Opening Thu 16 May 2019

Lecture | Coptic Ostraca from the Theban Region

This two-day seminar about Coptic ostraca will feature some introductory courses and a lecture on the first day and lectures and paper presentations on the second day, all within the theme of Coptic Ostraca from the Theban Region in Egypt. | read more

Fri 17 May 2019

NINO Lezing | De tempel van Isis in Berenike

Prof. Olaf Kaper, hoogleraar Egyptologie aan de Universiteit Leiden, vertelt over de tempel van Isis en de vondsten en resultaten van opgravingsseizoen januari-februari 2019 in Berenike bij de Rode Zee bij Egypte. | read more

Fri 17 May 2019

ASCL Book Launch | Afrikaanse letterkunde. Tradities, genres, auteurs en ontwikkelingen

'Afrikaanse letterkunde', so far the one and only handbook of African literature in the Dutch language, will come out in a brand new edition, which includes new developments in African literatures over the last 25 years. | read more

Fri 17 May 2019

Lecture | Rethinking the Role of 'Regions' in the Global Political Economy

Drawing upon larger debates around the nature of the global political economy and the rising influence of emerging powers outside the West, this talk by dr. Adam Hanieh demonstrates how the hierarchical developmeup with forms of capitalism in the Gulf. | read more

Fri 17 May 2019

Symposium | Canonical and Sacred Landscapes

The LIAS Canonical Cultures Network will hold a symposium on the theme of Canonical and Sacred Landscapes. There will be four short presentations pn the subject by Peter Bisschop, Elizabeth Cecil, Bleda Düring, and Nico Staring. | read more

Mon 20 May 2019

Symposium | New Perspectives on Chinese Writing

Leiden University offers a fascinating panorama on the Chinese writing system, featuring new research by international experts on the script. During the symposium, treasures from the Chinese Special Collections of the Asian Library will be presented. | read more

Wed 22 May 2019

Lezing | Permanente scheiding? De gedwongen Grieks-Turkse bevolkingsuitwisseling van 1923

Na de inleiding van historicus Patrick Gouw, wordt de documentaire 'Twice A Stranger. The Treaty of Lausanne, 1923' getoond. Deze gaat over de gedwongen bevolkingsuitwisseling na de Grieks-Turkse oorlog. | read more

Wed 22 May 2019

RIAS Conference | American Islands: Outposts of Security, Prosperity, and Culture

The RIAS, in cooperation with the University of Strasbourg, organizes a one day conference on American communities abroad and their broader socio-economic, cultural, environmental and political impact. | read more

Thu 23 May 2019

KITLV Event | Race, islam and power: Ethnic and religious violence in Post-Suharto Indonesia

In this book presentation, Andreas Harsono presents his fifteen year project to document how race and religion have come to be increasingly prevalent within Indonesia’s politics. He also talks about localised political dynamics. | read more

Thu 23 May 2019

Book presentation | Opium’s Long Shadow: From Asian Revolt to Global Drug Control

The link between drug control and international legitimacy has endured. Steffen Rimner presents his book, which relates how an aggressive embrace of anti-drug politics earned China and other Asian states new influence on the world stage. | read more

Fri 24 May 2019

Lecture | The Spanish Monarchy as an Imperial Machine, c. 1740-96

In this edition of the seminar, Fidel Taverez presents his topic: 'The Spanish Monarchy as an Imperial Machine, c. 1740-96'. The Research Seminars Europe 1000-1800 are informal and intended to foster discussion. There are drinks afterwards. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 25 May 2019

Opening Fri 24 May 2019

Conference | Conflict Management in the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic, 1200-1600

The conference aims at focusing on the maritime perspective, and proposes an actor and dispute-centered approach. How did maritime violent actors justify their acts (for example feuding or war)? | read more

Mon 27 May 2019

Workshop | What does it mean to be a politician?

This workshop aims to explore the phenomenon of ‘the politician’ from the 18th century until present by approaching ‘the politician’ from a multidisciplinary perspective. Speakers from various disciplinary backgrounds will discuss the subject. | read more

Wed 29 May 2019

Film | Roza of Smyrna (2016)

In het kader van de reeks 'Thessaloniki & Smyrna: twee steden, één geschiedenis' kun je de speelfilm 'Roza of Smyrna' bekijken, gebaseerd op de Griekse bestseller ‘Ismael en Roza’. De film behandelt de tragische gebeurtenissen van 1919-1923 in Smyrna. | read more

June 2019

Mon 3 June 2019

RMO Event | Collegedag middeleeuwse hofcultuur

In samenwerking met het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden organiseert het Historisch Nieuwsblad een collegedag over de hofcultuur van de late middeleeuwen. Vier experts, waaronder Herman Pleij, geven colleges om verschillende aspecten te belichten. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 7 June 2019

Opening Thu 6 June 2019

Conference | Global Human Rights at Risk? Challenges, Prospects, and Reforms

This multidisciplinary seminar aims to examine key debates and perspectives arising from various contemporary challenges to international human rights and emancipatory politics. | read more

Tue 11 June 2019

Lecture | The role of gender and family norms in refugee resettlement selection processes

Part of the Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminar (LIMS), this talk will be by Saskia Bonjour (Political Science – UVA) and Nathalie Welfens (UVA). The seminar is a platform for those at Leiden University working on migration-related topics. | read more

Tue 11 June 2019

RMO Lezing | Het zoetgeurende prieel

Dr. Arnoud Vrolijk, conservator oosterse manuscripten en zeldzame boeken aan de UB Leiden, geeft een lezing over middeleeuwse planten en tuinen in de islamitische wereld in het kader van de tijdelijke tentoonstelling Middeleeuwse tuinen. | read more

Mon 17 June 2019

KITLV Event | Workshop on the languages of Wallacea

KITLV is holding a second workshop on the languages of Wallacea, with the central theme being 'possession'. The aim of the workshop is to develop a better picture of the diversity, distribution and origins of possessive constructions in Wallacea. | read more

Fri 21 June 2019

Lezing| Politieke ideologie en politieke cultuur in Noord-Italië, c. 1300-50

Professor Peter Hoppenbrouwers presenteert zijn onderwerp 'Politieke ideologie en politieke cultuur in Noord-Italië, c. 1300-50' in dit seminar. De 'Research Seminars Europe 1000-1800' zijn informeel en bedoeld om discussie op te wekken. | read more

September 2019

Wed 4 September 2019

KITLV Seminar | A humanist studies a Thai policeman (1898-2006)

Professor Craig Reynolds of the Australian National University will speak about how he became involved in the research and the problems — practical, intellectual, moral — that he encountered along the way. | read more

Thu 5 September 2019

Conference | Rethinking Power in Maritime Encounters, 1400-1900

Keynote speaker Joshua Reid seeks to explore new narratives of maritime power, to investigate the ways in which power was constituted and contested, how it was gendered and racialised, and through what strategies it was subverted or resisted. | read more

Thu 12 September 2019

ASCL Seminar | South Africa to India: Narratives of a Century of Repatriation (1871-1975)

Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie, University of the Western Cape, talks about the repatriation of Indians from South Africa between 1914 and 1975. The seminar analyses narratives of repatriation that emerge from official sources. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 17 September 2019

Opening Mon 16 September 2019

Workshop | Virtuous Suffering: new perspectives on the ethics of suffering for critical global health and justice

This workshop aims to critically assess dominant perceptions of the concept of suffering. Researchers from a range of disciplines have inquired into the human experience of suffering, primarily focusing on its negative dimensions. | read more

Thu 19 September 2019

KITLV Seminar | Mediating historical continuity: Transgender feminine visibility in Indonesia, 1968

Based on ethnographic and historical research about waria, people who perform transgender femininity, this seminar addresses how the appearance of and meanings attributed to trans- femininity have been rendered ambiguous. | read more