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December 2018

Mon 17 December 2018

Conference | Challenges to European Integration: welfare states and free movement in the EU

This symposium contributes to an increased understanding of the relationship between labour migration and welfare in the light of European integration. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 19 December 2018

Opening Tue 18 December 2018

Conference | China and Iran's Political and Cultural Relations

Until now, there has never been a conference solely focused on China and Iran in the humanities. This conference aims to bring these countries as topics of research together, investigating the Sino-Iranian relations from multidisciplinary perspectives. | read more

Tue 18 December 2018

IIAS lecture | China’s First-Ever Military Base Abroad

In 2017 China inaugurated its first military base abroad in Djibouti. Daniel Mekonnen speaks on this development that invites critical inquiry, anchored on the international intervention in the Horn of Africa. | read more

Wed 19 December 2018

Lecture | Eating our way to the top: Diet in human evolution

While hunting and meat-eating are emphasized as drivers of social structure and other key human traits, the importance of plant foods in human evolution is overlooked. Amanda Henry speaks on the ignorance of the role of plant foods in our evolution. | read more

Wed 19 December 2018

RMO theatervoorstelling | Tijdje Terug

Wetenschappers Richard de Jong en Huub Pragt doen een nog nooit vertoond experiment waar jij bij kunt zijn. Tijdens deze voorstelling in de Tempelzaal van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden nemen ze het publiek een ‘Tijdje terug’. | read more

Thu 20 December 2018

Lecture | Art, Law, and the Freedom of the Seas in the Early Seventeenth Century

Elsje van Kessel examines the objects on board a Portuguese cargo ship, captured by the Dutch near Singapore in 1603 in their interaction with the legal question about who owns the world seas and the materials transported via their waters. | read more

Fri 21 December 2018

Lecture | Cultural Evolution in the Lab shows how Language is Built

Perhaps more than anything else, language makes humans exceptional. In this talk, Simon Kirby argues that it is cultural, rather than biological, evolution that should be credited with giving us the uniquely productive trait of language. | read more

January 2019

Tue 8 January 2019

RMO lezing | Tempel van de krokodillengod

Cisca Hoogendijk, docent aan het Papyrologisch Instituut, geeft een lezing in het kader van de tentoonstelling Goden van Egypte over Soknopaiou Nesos; het leven van priesters in een Egyptisch tempeldorp. | read more

Tue 8 January 2019

Alumni Werkgroep Taal | Sarah Gagestein over Framing

Sarah Gagestein is taalstrateeg en oprichter van Taalstrategie. In deze werkgroep zal zij het hebben over één van de ‘hot-topics’ van de taal- en communicatiewetenschap: 'framing'. | read more

Sat 12 January 2019

Conference | Herling I (Heritage Languages in the Netherlands)

The symposium on the Heritage Languages of the Netherlands consists of five diverse English lectures in the morning and a Dutch afternoon session with personal stories and three thematic sessions. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 25 January 2019

Opening Thu 24 January 2019

ASCL conference | The future of the African city

Though urbanization is not a new phenomenon, African cities are not equipped to deal with their fast growth. This conference is organised to explore, highlight and contribute to the debate on the possibilities and problems of growing African cities. | read more

Sat 26 January 2019

Taalkunde Olympiade 2019

De 19e Taalkunde Olympiade bestaat ook dit jaar uit vragen over de meest uiteenlopende oude en moderne talen en schriftsoorten. De Olympiade is voor vwo-leerlingen met een interesse in taal en logica. | read more

Tue 29 January 2019

IIAS Lecture | Law in Theory, Law in Practice. Legal Orientalism and French Jesuit Knowledge Production in India

Danna Agmon considers the question: How was Father Bouchet’s description of Indian law shaped by his lived experiences as a participant in legal disputes in India? | read more

Thu 31 January 2019

ASCL Seminar | Before Johannesburg; a newly discovered Tswana city from around AD 1800

Kweneng is a dense agglomeration of stone-walled structures in the western foothills of the Suikerbosrand massif. Prof. Karim Sadr presents current research on Kweneng and introduces the settlement pattern and the principal features of this ancient city. | read more

Thu 31 January 2019

NINO congres | First NINO Annual Meeting

This meeting is organized in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology and the Qumran Institute of Groningen University. The programme includes four presentations and open lightning sessions by researchers and students. | read more

February 2019