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January 2021

Thu 21 January 2021

RCMC Conversation | Race Science, Physical Anthropology & The Ethnic Museum

Amade M'charek (University of Amsterdam), Subhadra Das (UCL Culture) and Ageliki Lefkaditou address the history of race, racial science and its institutional embedding. | read more

Thu 21 January 2021

ASCL Seminar | Regulating Copper Mining in Zambia

Dr. Jennifer Chansa (University of the Free State) examines the history of environmental pollution and management in the Zambian mining industry from 1964 to the present. She will demonstrate that the pollution has been poorly addressed in Zambia. | read more

Thu 21 January 2021

RIAS Lecture | Democratic Party and the US South

Maarten Zwiers, assistant professor of American Studies and History at the University of Groningen focuses on the Democratic South; how did Democrats become the dominant party in the US South, why did they lose it, and will they be able to win it back? | read more

Thu 21 January 2021

Lecture | The influence of the media on migration/integration policy

In this Danube University Krems online lecture, Marlou Schrover (Leiden University and the LDE Governance of Migration and Diversity Centre) will discuss the influence of the media on migration and integration policy changes over time. | read more

Thu 21 January 2021

IIAS Webinar | Legalism and beyond: hybrid legal spaces in India

How can law be used as both an instrument of oppression and a way of emancipation? Chiara Correndo (University of Turin) looks at British legal policies in the Indian Chotanagpur Plateau to show the multifaceted roles of law. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 26 January 2021

Opening Fri 22 January 2021

Symposium | Diversity, equity and inclusion in the sciences and beyond

The Diversity & Inclusion symposium looks at questions on how to implement the ambitions in the area of diversity and inclusion at the university. Keynote speeches, workshops and a panel discussion will reflect on how to move forward together. | read more

Mon 25 January 2021

Interview | Revolusi - in gesprek met David van Reybrouck

Leidse alumnus David Van Reybrouck beschrijft in zijn boek Revolusi hoe de Indonesische onafhankelijkheidsstrijd niet alleen Indonesië en Nederland raakte, maar ook de hele wereld veranderde. Thomas van Zijl interviewt hem over zijn nieuwe inzichten. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 28 January 2021

Opening Tue 26 January 2021

Conference | ConSOLE XXIX

The Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe and Leiden University organise a conference for students of Linguistics, open to registered students worldwide. | read more

Tue 26 January 2021

Lecture | Nationalism in World History

One of the most ground breaking authors in the field of nationalism studies, Andreas Wimmer, will outline the role of nationalism in the history of the modern world. He concludes with a reflection on the current rise of neo-nationalism. | read more

Tue 26 January 2021

RMO Lezing | Het wereldrijk van het Tweestromenland

Schrijver en wetenschapper Daan Nijssen presenteert zijn boek 'Het wereldrijk van het Tweestromenland' over de geschiedenis van Mesopotamië in de oudheid. Hij bespreekt de wereldrijken in het gebied tussen Eufraat en Tigris in het eerste millenium v. Chr. | read more

Wed 27 January 2021

Lecture | Political Parties in Overseas Districts

In this Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminar, Sebastián Umpierrez de Reguero discusses political party presence and campaigning abroad, using data of legislative elections in which non-resident citizens can partake. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 January 2021

Opening Thu 28 January 2021

Conference | Imperial Artefacts: History, Law and the Looting of Cultural Property

This interdisciplinary conference brings together (post-)colonial historians, legal historians, curators, international lawyers, and others to investigate stories of colonial looting, the framing of colonial history within museums and more. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

Discussion | The Belt and Road Initiative Revisited

The LeidenAsiaCentre organises an interactive discussion in De Balie on the role of the Belt and Road Initiative in China's current geopolitical ambitions. Regional experts discuss how recent developments affect the ways in which the BRI is being shaped. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

RCMC Panel | Het verleden heeft een huis 3

Wat betekent het om te leven met de materiële resten van het koloniale verleden? En welke rol spelen verhalen? Dit is een evenement met een panelgesprek, een performance en persoonlijke verhalen. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

NINO | NINO Thesis Prizes online ceremony

The winners and runners-up of the The Netherlands Institute for the Near East Thesis Prizes 2020 will be announced in an online ceremony. Presentations of the winning BA thesis and the winning MA thesis will be given by the prize winners. | read more

Ongoing until Sun 31 January 2021

Opening Thu 17 December 2020

Middle Eastern Culture Market 2020

This year, the Middle Eastern Culture Market goes online! The Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society provides you with a small taste of the cultural richness of the Middle East, with music, films, novels, podcast, performers and more. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

Alumni Lezing | HSVL: diplomatie en desinformatie

In deze lezing van de Historische Studentenvereniging Leiden, geeft professor international studies André Gerrits een lezing over de manipulatie van informatie. Wat is het verschil met ouderwetse propaganda? | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

Seminar | Leiden Centre for Continental Philosophy

The seminar is dedicated to the work-in-progress of Leiden Centre for Continental Philosophy staff and doctoral students. Doctoral student Donovan Stewart gives the first working seminar. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

Conference | Digital Education Seminar

What have we achieved in online & blended education, and where do we go from here? The seminar will have a diverse selection of workshops relevant for anyone involved in education at Leiden University in 2020 and 2021. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

IIAS Webinar | Folkloric and literary writing in Colonial Taiwan

Professor Pei-yin Lin (University of Hong Kong) examines the relationship between Japan’s imperialisation campaign and Taiwan’s knowledge and literary production in the early 1940s. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

KITLV Webinar | Offshore attachments: Oil, intimacy, and the end of empire

In this webinar, Chelsea Schields will discuss her current book project which tells the story of how the rise of oil and the end of empire played out in bedrooms, households and backrooms of bars in offshore Dutch territories in the Caribbean. | read more

Ongoing until Sun 28 February 2021

Opening Wed 2 December 2020

ASCL & LeidenASA Conference | Africa Knows!

The African Studies Centre Leiden and the Leiden African Studies Assembly close the Africa 2020 year with the online conference Africa Knows! Keynote speakers address changes in the African knowledge landscape, Africa and innovation and decolonisation. | read more

February 2021

Mon 1 February 2021

Lecture | Ecologising Protection in Post-Tsunami Japan

Andrew Littlejohn explore how new safety infrastructures can undermine the objects or social worlds they claim to protect. He draws on ethnographic fieldwork in Japan, where safety became a social and political issue after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. | read more

Tue 2 February 2021

RMO Boekpresentatie | De gouden eeuw van de Romeinen in de Lage Landen

Schrijver en journalist Tom Buijtendorp neemt u mee naar Germania Inferior en de gouden eeuw van de Romeinen in de Lage Landen via een livestream-verbinding vanuit het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. | read more

Thu 4 February 2021

Book launch | Magnificence in the Seventeenth Century

This book investigates how the term and the concept of magnificence functioned as a social construction in Europe in the seventeenth-century. This Leiden Department of Art History presentation will reflect on these new insights. | read more

Fri 5 February 2021

NINO Conference | Early administrative technologies in context

This conference brings together varied specialists to explore how non-literate systems of information storage were used in the Near East from the late Neolithic, and why they persisted into the first millennium BC. | read more

Mon 8 February 2021

Ceremony | Dies natalis Leiden University 2021

Professor of Greek Language and Literature Ineke Sluiter will deliver the Dies lecture, after which Professor Carel Stolker will give a short speech. An honorary doctorate will then be conferred on human rights and child rights activist Graça Machel. | read more

Tue 9 February 2021

Lecture | Lectorate Music, Education & Society Royal Conservatoire

Improvised music has been in a constant state of evolution since it emerged from both jazz and contemporary composition in the 1960s. Richard Barrett's research considers the influence of improvisational practices in other disciplines on musicians' work. | read more

Wed 10 February 2021

IIAS Webinar | Urban compositions: contested place-making in Kathmandu

Benjamin Linder, research fellow at IIAS, explores the historical and cultural dynamics of Thamel (Nepal), a space through which Nepalis contest and blur the distinction between traditional and modern, authentic and inauthentic, Nepali and foreign. | read more

Thu 18 February 2021

KITLV Webinar | Building land tenure systems in Timor-Leste

Land tenure issues in Timor-Leste are complex and deeply shaped by the nation’s history. Bernardo Almeida will summarise the main findings of his PhD thesis where he studies the development of the Timorese formal land tenure system in 2002-2018. | read more

Thu 18 February 2021

Lecture | Room functionality, interiors and the experience of architectural space

In this event, Hanneke Ronnes (RUG/UvA) discusses room functionality, interors and artefacts, and the eighteenth-century use and experience of architectural (indoor and outdoor) space by studying Belle van Zuylen's architecture and literary works. | read more

Thu 18 February 2021

Lecture | "Get Old or Die Trying: Age Discrimination in the Right to Retire

In this Leiden Center for Political Philosophy talk, Manuel Valante discusses contrasting views on retirement and proposes a pre-tirement system that ensures sufficiency and equality between the short- and the long-lived. | read more

Thu 25 February 2021

Book launch | Rembrandt: Studies in his Varied Approaches to Italian Art

The Leiden Department of Art History invites Amy Golahny to speak about Rembrandt's engagement with imagery by Italian masters. Art historians Eric Jan Sluijter and Jeroen Giltaij reflect on new insights given in her book. | read more

Thu 25 February 2021

ASCL Seminar | Religious engineering in Niger

Prof. Eva Spies (University of Bayreuth) presents the ongoing research project "Religious engineering. The making of moralities, development and religion in Niger", which focuses on transformation projects in Niger related to religious traditions. | read more

Fri 26 February 2021

LDE Seminar and photo exhibition Focus Raqqa

This event is organised by the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development in honor of Dr. Olivier Nieuwenhuijse and will be held at the National Museum of Antiquities. | read more

March 2021

Mon 1 March 2021

Lecture | Of Wine and Ovines: Livelihood and Diversity at the foot of the Pyrenees

Public initiatives to develop the economy in the district of Pallars Jussà (Catalonia) highlight “diversity” as its distinctive trait. Federico De Musso addresses skill to incorporate and deal with different kinds of "diversity" in livelihood. | read more

Thu 4 March 2021

Lecture | Amsterdam's splendid interiors of the eighteenth century

In this event, Pieter Vlaardingerbroek (Universiteit Utrecht/Monumentenzorg) gives an overview of the most splendid Amsterdam interior of the eighteenth century, as well as their commissioners and designers. | read more

Fri 5 March 2021

Lecture | Embodying Istanbul Greek: How language ideologies interact with speaker identities

Istanbul Greek speakers distinguish themselves from other types of Greeks based on language ideologies. Matthew John Hadodo (University of Pittsburgh/University of Bern) discusses the embodiment of this minoritised speech community. | read more

Tue 9 March 2021

Lezing | Leidse Papyrologielezing 2021

Prof. dr. Jacques van der Vliet spreekt over 'Moedwil en misverstand op het Egyptische platteland' vanuit de Tempelzaal van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. | read more

Thu 11 March 2021

KITLV Webinar | Ecocide in West Papua

Former Dutch colony West Papua's rich natural resources are a curse for the Papuans. In this lecture, legal counselor Fadjar Schouten-Korwa explores legal avenues to adress the crime of ecocide. | read more

Thu 11 March 2021

ASCL Webinar | Opening sub-Saharan Africa's demographic window

While political leaders of sub-Saharan African states welome their young populations, demographers are generally pessimistic. Prof. Richard Cincotta speaks on the age structure and the timing of African development. | read more

Thu 18 March 2021

Lecture | Painting ensembles in 18th century interiors in the Dutch Republic

Paintings played an important role in the eighteenth-century interior. In this lecture, the different facets of 'painted rooms' will be highlighted, based on examples from private residences from the 18th century Dutch Republic. | read more

Thu 25 March 2021

Book launch | Art, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Dutch Republic

Claudia Swan's (Washington University) 'Rarities of These Lands' explores how the Dutch Republic turned foreign objects into expressions of its national self-conception. Marika Keblusek reflects on these new insights on Dutch arts and culture. | read more

Sat 27 March 2021

Lecture | Giovanni Battistta Foggini: interiors and decorative arts

As part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series, Kira d'Alburquerque (The Victoria & Albert Museum) gives a lecture on Giovanni Foggini (1652-1735), who was involved in most interior decors of the time. | read more

April 2021

Thu 1 April 2021

Lecture | Dutch 18th century interiors in the Museum Houses

Valentijn Carbo (Hendrik de Kyserstichting) will take a closer look at the problems that can arise when 18th century interiors become part of a Museum House. How to display for example wall hanging that have been lost? Do rooms need to be refurnished? | read more

Mon 5 April 2021

Lecture | Representations of Indigenous Taiwanese in Documentary Film

Kerim Friedman (National Dong Hwa University) explores the shifting representations of Taiwan's indigenous peoples in films by indigenous and non-indigenous directors alike. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 9 April 2021

Opening Tue 6 April 2021

KITLV & RCMC Symposium | Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Coloniality

The international symposium Inward Outward explores the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. This year's theme is Emotion in the Archive. | read more

Thu 15 April 2021

Lecture | 18th century interior in the historiography of British architecture

Christine Casey (Trintiy College) explores the range of approaches to the decorative interior in Britain with emphasis on the role of craftsmanship and considers the misrepresentation of architectural production in the period. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 16 April 2021

Opening Thu 15 April 2021

LUCAS Conference | Bodies Matter

This conference by Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS), presents a unique opportunity for all interested parties to explore the multiple actions, states and meanings of bodies from a range of disciplinary perspectives. | read more

Thu 29 April 2021

Lecture | Engaging with the Antique

As part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series, Helen Jacobs (The Wallace Collection) looks at the development of neoclassical taste in French interiors and fashionable decorative art.. | read more

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