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December 2020

Thu 3 December 2020

Online Conference | Italy Today: Dialogues on Dutch-Italian Viewpoints

Experts from rhe Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Italian Studies at Leiden University discuss COVID-19 in Europe, cultural differences and approaches on European recovery. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 4 December 2020

Opening Thu 3 December 2020

Workshop | Textual Sources & Geographies of Slavery in the Early-Islamic Empire

By integrating textual sources from different geographic areas, this workshop explores the complexity of slavery in the early-Islamic empire. It addresses questions about the realities of slavery and the terminology 'slave' & 'slavery'. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 4 December 2020

Opening Thu 3 December 2020

Symposium | Memory for the Future: Thinking with Bernard Stiegler

This Leiden University Centre for Continental Philosophy meeting summarises Bernard Stiegler’s philosophical legacy, but above all it will explore possible futures in the spirit of his philosophical project, both practically and theoretically. | read more

Fri 4 December 2020

Debate | From Background Noise to Alarm Bells: Towards Inclusive Climate Action

The Chair of UN Studies in Peace and Justice organises a virtual event that focuses on contemporary challenges brought about climate change from the perspective of the UN’s lesser-known actors, such as indigenous and rural communities. | read more

Mon 7 December 2020

Lecture | In between Stillness and Movement in the Tatsuniya Series

During this Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) monthly meeting, Nigerian multimedia artist Rahima Gambo talks about her photographic project and artistic practice, touching on issues of education, play, environment, and identity. | read more

Tue 8 December 2020

RMO Lezing | Papyrus, leer en perkament

RMO-restaurator Eliza Jacobi houdt een livestream-lezing over de restauratie van een zesde-eeuws Egyptisch boek uit de museumcollectie. De tekst is geschreven in het koptische schrift en er staan verschillende magische teksten in. | read more

Tue 8 December 2020

RCMC Workshop | Het verleden heeft een huis 2

Het project Het verleden heeft een huis focust naar de intimiteit van het eigen huis en de sporen van het slavernij en koloniale verleden die juist daarin aanwezig zijn, verankerd in voorwerpen en praktijken. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 10 December 2020

Opening Wed 9 December 2020

Conference | World Press Freedom

Leiden University hosts the international Academic Conference, bringing together experts to talk about the importance of free and independent media and the safety of journalists. With Jaap de Jong, Willem Koetsenruijter and Remco Breuker. | read more

Wed 9 December 2020

Lecture | Learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality

Can we solve more complex problems when we're continuously supported by a digital device? In this session of the Centre for Digital Humanities Lunchtime Speaker Series, Robin de Lange discusses learning through virtual and augmented reality. | read more

Wed 9 December 2020

Lecture | Tracking migrations and its effects in archaeology

Jason E. Laffoon discusses new insights from isotope bioarchaeology. He is interested in integrating bioarchaeological and biochemical approaches to the study of patterns of mobility/migration, diet, and exchange. | read more

Wed 9 December 2020

Lecture | Qing things talking with and against text

Why not put different fields of expertise together to get a more complete understanding of the past? Leiden University Lecturer Fresco Sam-Sin discusses material objects and how they challenge the accepted texts about Manchu rule. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 11 December 2020

Opening Thu 10 December 2020

RIAS Conference | Racial Democracy

RIAS hosts an online conference on 'Racial Democracy: Challenges to Civid Democratic Ideals in American History'. The speakers include some of the best scholars on this topic, including Gary Gerstle (University of Cambridge) & Peter Rose (Stanford). | read more

Thu 10 December 2020

Lecture | Early Islamic Works & the Stereotype of the Mounted Arab (Bedouin)

In this LUCIS lecture Hylke Hettema discusses the influence of the rise of Islam on the formation of Arab identity, focusing on the use of the horse as a symbol as well as historical vehicle to embody Arabness. | read more

Thu 10 December 2020

Discussion Group | Leiden Pottery Discussion: Petrography

The Leiden Pottery Discussion Group (LPDG) is an interest group based at the Faculty of Archaeology. This group is a way to connect people based at Leiden University and interested in pottery studies, to regularly meet and exchange ideas. | read more

Thu 10 December 2020

Lezing | Beyond the Atom Bombs

Dr. Ethan Mark (LIAS) discusses how our conventional focus on the story of the atom bombs also tends to obscure how the Second World War—and its end—was experienced by the majority of people most affected by the war: the people of Asia. | read more

Fri 11 December 2020

Lezing | Huizingalezing 2020: 'Slechte kunst'

Kennelijk gaat iedereen er van uit dat kunst en literatuur een heilzame bijdrage leveren, dat ze de mensheid in de goede richting sturen. Maar wat is de goede richting? Schrijver Maxim Februari houdt de Huizingalezing over 'slechte kunst'. | read more

Wed 16 December 2020

Lecture | The "Protection of the Prophets" from Late Antiquity to Early Islam

This lecture examines the Biblical and Late Antique discourse about human and especially satanic interpolations into Scripture, considering the ways in which Jews, Christians and the Qurʾān responded to an existential threat to their traditions. | read more

Wed 16 December 2020

Alumni Lezing | De slavenhandel en de (Zeeuwse) economie

Gerhard de Kok promoveerde op een onderzoek naar de invloed van de slavenhandel op het Zeeuwse Walcheren in de tweede helft van de achttiende eeuw. Werd de 'gewone' Nederlander of Vlisinger rijk door de slavenhandel? De Kok beantwoordt deze vraag en meer. | read more

Thu 17 December 2020

KITLV Book discussion | Democracy, mediation and image-event in Indonesia

Considering Indonesia’s turbulent democratic transition and visual media, Karen Strassler argues that people increasingly engage with politcs through acts of making, circulating, manipulating and srutinising images. | read more

Thu 17 December 2020

ASCL Discussion | Sudanese women and their constant struggle

The history and reality of Sudan demonstrates the ongoing struggle of women across classes, cultures, races, and fields. This Country Meeting aims to open a discussion about the women’s struggle since the revolution started and during its aftermath. | read more

Fri 18 December 2020

Lecture | Multilingualism in old songs from the Low Countries

Jacomine Nortier (Utrecht University) presents an analysis of functional aspects of multilingualism in old songs in this lecture that is part of the Sociolinguistics Series of the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. | read more

Ongoing until Sun 28 February 2021

Opening Wed 2 December 2020

ASCL & LeidenASA Conference | Africa Knows!

The African Studies Centre Leiden and the Leiden African Studies Assembly close the Africa 2020 year with the online conference Africa Knows! Keynote speakers address changes in the African knowledge landscape, Africa and innovation and decolonisation. | read more

January 2021

Ongoing until Fri 15 January 2021

Opening Wed 13 January 2021

Roundtable | Encoding and Accessing Memories in Epigraphy in Post-Classical Mediterranean

This round table investigates and compares inscriptions in various regions of late-antique and medieval Mediterranean. By analysing epigraphic evidence in we can get access to the past, present and future. | read more

Thu 14 January 2021

Lecture | Medicine/Magic of the Imams: Traditions of Healing

In this LUSSI lecture, Adam Bursi (Utrecht University) discusses tradition of healing among early and medieval imams. Bursi's research focuses on the ways rituals of healing are interwoven with the formation of communal membership among early Muslims. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 January 2021

Opening Mon 25 January 2021

Winter Programme | Preventing, Detecting and Responding to Violent Extremism

This advanced winter programme focuses on the field of preventing, detecting and responding to violent extremism and gives insight in the opportunities and challenges of various approaches. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

KITLV Webinar | Offshore attachments: Oil, intimacy, and the end of empire

In this webinar, Chelsea Schields will discuss her current book project which tells the story of how the rise of oil and the end of empire played out in bedrooms, households and backrooms of bars in offshore Dutch territories in the Caribbean. | read more

Thu 28 January 2021

NINO | Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting offers an opportunity for advanced students and researchers of the ancient Near East in the Netherlands to meet and exchange ideas about ongoing and envisioned research projects. | read more

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