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November 2019

Mon 18 November 2019

Lecture | Revealing the desert's flourishing past

Lena Lambers-Kühne presents initial results of a geophysical survey at Charax Spasinounear Basra in southern Iraq. The site has been investigated in order to reconstruct the city's layout and chronology and to document its state of preservation. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 21 November 2019

Opening Mon 18 November 2019

Festival | Brazil Week 2019

The Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society organises a series of free events on the language and culture, society, history, economy of Latin America’s largest country, with speakers from the University of São Paulo and the Mauritshuis. | read more

Mon 18 November 2019

ASCL Seminar | African Muslim Migrants in Secular Europe

Dr. Suleiman Chembea (Bomet University College) seeks to nuance understanding of Muslim religosity among migrants who incorporate faith in their lives in secular societies with a 'war on terror' perception of Islam. | read more

Mon 18 November 2019

Lecture | Disarming Disinformation through Digital Democracy

In a session hosted by Florian Schneider (Leiden University), Taiwanese Minister Audrey Tang will addresses the issue of disinformation and the dangers it entails for democracy. | read more

Mon 18 November 2019

Lecture | After Securitisation

Müge Kinacioglu, visiting fellow at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs in Leiden University College, will speak on 'Militarisation of Governance of Migration in the EU and Implications for the EU’s identity'. | read more

Wed 20 November 2019

NINO Lecture | Tablet Production in Seleucid Uruk

Mathieu Ossendrijver is an Assyriologist and visiting research fellow at NINO and he will speak on the project, which received funding from European Union's Horizon 2020. | read more

Wed 20 November 2019

Lecture | Nationalism in old, ethnically homogenous states

This lecture is part of the Leiden University Nationalism Network. Wim Boot (emeritus Japan Studies) and Remco Breuker (Korea Studies) will discuss the topic of nationalism in Japan and Korea, providing case studies. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 22 November 2019

Opening Wed 20 November 2019

RIAS Seminar | International PhD Seminar

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies organizes this research seminar in American History / American Studies for doctoral students pursuing research in its areas of interest. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

RMO Lecture | Egeria lecture

Dr. Fryni Hadjichristofi (Department of Antiqities, Cyprus) lectures on 4th-7th century Cypriot architecture which was influenced by Cyprus' wealth and diverse cultural contacts. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

Lecture | Palestine: Strategic Challenges and the Role of Europe

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti's lecture will address the need to continue dialogue and development of mutual understanding between Europe and the Arab world. Following the lecture, a discussion about the role of Europe and entrepreneurship will take place. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

Lecture | From China to India through the Arabs & Tibetans

Minoru Inaba is a Professor of the Department of Oriental Studies, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University. In this LUCIS What's New?! lecture he will speak on 'a Chinese envoy to Kabul in 751'. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

IIAS lecture | Mind, language and cognition through the Yogaśāstra

IIAS fellow Rocco Cestola (University of Roma) combines the field of Yoga studies with Sanskrit philosophy of language and discusses the literature of Yogadarśana. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

Masterclass | on the Epic Mahābhārata

This presentation by James L. Fitzgerald will survey and discuss some of the more interesting appearances of the God Dharma in the epic text and see what meanings and patterns may exist among them. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

Conference | Replacing Curacao’s ‘mild slavery’ thesis

During this workshop historians and archeologists will have an interdisciplinary conversation about their most recent findings regarding Curacao slavery and aim to develop new ways to conceptualize it. | read more

Thu 21 November 2019

Public round table | China’s Future Role in Global Economic Governance

LeidenAsiaCentre organises a public round table event, where several experts build on their expertise to discuss what to expect in the future of China’s role in global economic governance. | read more

Fri 22 November 2019

Veenhof-lezing | These Bones Live!

The lecture is organized by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East in cooperation with the National Museum of Antiquities. Francesca Rochberg (University of California) reflects on three aspects of her research in Assyriology. | read more

Sun 24 November 2019

RMO Museumwandeling | Egypte: De 'Walking Dead' in Sakkara

Consevator Lara Weiss vertelt tijdens de museumwandeling Egypte over haar onderzoeksproject over Sakkara, een begraafplaats van de oud-Egyptische stad Memphis. | read more

Tue 26 November 2019

RMO Lecture | Water for Roman Ephesus

For the yearly Byvanck lecture, engineer Gilbert Wiplinger discusses the results of interdisciplinary research on canals and water supply in the antique city of Ephesus (Turkey). | read more

Tue 26 November 2019

Lecture | Political Economies of Intimacy in Colony and Metropole

The Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars (LIMS) aim at further discussion across disciplines on migration-related topics and creating dialogue. Guno Jones talks about the political economies in colony and metropole and their European afterlives. | read more

Tue 26 November 2019

Boekpresentatie | De laatste shariarechtbank van Europa

Maurits Berger, hoogleraar Islam en het Westen aan Universiteit Leiden, presenteert zijn nieuwste boek 'De laatste shariarechtbank van Europa'. Met kritisch commentaar van Leo Lucassen en Nadia Sonneveld. | read more

Wed 27 November 2019

Lecture | From China with Love

This event marks the launch of the Unofficial Poetry Journals from China online collection by Maghiel van Crevel and Marc Gilbert. The Leiden University library holds a unique collection of “unofficial” poetry journals from China. | read more

Wed 27 November 2019

Seminar | What does Mecca have to do with Athens?

The Leiden University Shiʿi Studies Initiative (LUSSI) organises this lecture by Omar Ali-de-Unzaga. He will speak on 'The Language of Revelation in the Epistles of the Ikhwan al-Safar’ and other Ismaili Texts'. | read more

Wed 27 November 2019

LeidenASA seminar | Localising the Indian Ocean in Mombasa, Kenya

Drawing on examples of everyday eating practices in the Kenyan port of Mombasa, dr. Zoë Goodman will outline the problematic notions of origin and spread that underpin much of the literature on Indian Ocean Africa. | read more

Wed 27 November 2019

Film screening | The Tower: A Concrete Utopia

The film is a visual essay on the legacy of colonial architecture in Congo. Colonial architecture serves as a 'giant question mark': 'What kinds of social (after)lives does a colonialist modernity still enable for the residents today? | read more

Wed 27 November 2019

Lecture | Empire and the Politics of Self-Determination

How have empires’ politics, policies, and institutions shaped the processes of state- and nation-building? Prof. Tesser discusses the varying ways the powers applied the nation-state concept to deal with non-national problems in the 19th century. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 November 2019

Opening Thu 28 November 2019

LUCL Conference | Going Romance

The Leiden University Center for Linguistics (LUCL) will organise Going Romance, The scope of the conference series lies at the intersection of linguistic theory with data from the Romance languages. With several guest speakers. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

RMO Boekpresentatie | Xerxes in Griekenland

Historicus Jona Lendering beschrijft in zijn boek 'Xerxes in Griekenland' de Perzische Oorlogen en bespreekt hoe het komt dat oude 'zombiegeschied- beelden' over het redden van de westerse beschaving door de Grieken terugkeren. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

Lecture | The Berber Script: 220 BCE to 2020 CE

In this LUCIS What's New lecture, Maarten Kossmann, professor of Berber Studies at Leiden University, discusses the history of Tifinagh, the official modern script of the Berber in Morocco. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

KITLV Seminar | Sonic states in Singapore

David Sadoway, urban planner and environmental planner, explores the socio-politics of various ‘states of sound’ through the responses of residents, pedestrians and workers in and around a massive construction site in North-Western Singapore. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

RCMC Gerbrands Lecture | Photo-Writing

The Gerbrands Lecture, organised by Museum Volkenkunde, is delivered by Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck. They reflect on the possibilities of combining various artistic and anthropological approaches and inroads into the city. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

RMO lezing | De trauma's van Achilles

In de eerste aflevering van de jaarlijkse LUCAS-lezing, gaat Ineke Sluiter, hoogeleraar Griekse taal- en letterkunde, in op het toepassen van moderne ideeën over menselijke kennis om toegang te krijgen tot de psychologie van de antieke wereld. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

IIAS lecture | Re-appropriating Colonial Shinto Shrines in Taiwan

Built as symbol of Japanese imperialism, colonial Shinto shrines in Taiwan serve the public in various forms since the post-colonial era. This lecture engages critically with Taiwanese 'colonial nostalgia' and anti-authoritarianism. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

IIAS lecture | The Carnival of Indra and Rudra

During this lunch lecture, Umberto Selva will go across Europe and South-Asia to discover the cultural heritage connected with the education of the Indo-European male youth. | read more

Fri 29 November 2019

Lecture | A typology of traitors in late nineteenth-century Austria-Hungary

In this Austrian Studies Annual Lecture, Mark Cornwall (Uni of Southampton) analyses how and why traitors were identified and prosecuted by the state, and what this can tell us about the evolving security fears of the Habsburg authorities. | read more

Fri 29 November 2019

Symposium | Urban Legends van de Middeleeuwen tot Nu

Nepnieuws lijkt misschien een fenomeen van het tijdperk van internet en globalisering, maar door de folklorestudies weten we dat het hier gaat om een veel ouder fenomeen. Dit symposium behandelt de geschiedenis van een aantal van die taaie verhalen. | read more

Fri 29 November 2019

Book presentation | Cemetery research from the Low Countries

Cemetry research can help in reconstructing past lives, providing details on sex, age-at-death, stature and more in addition to the cultural, social, and economic aspects of the person’s conditions. The volume makes research available to larger audiences. | read more

Fri 29 November 2019

ASCL Conference | Government Policies, Multinational Businesses and Financial Flows in Africa

Why does capital flow from Africa to the developed regions of the world? The essence of this seminar is to explore the diverse dynamics that impact capital flows in Africa with a view of tackling this economic phenomenon. | read more

Ongoing until Sun 1 December 2019

Opening Sat 30 November 2019

LUCIS Culture Market | Middle Eastern Culture Market 2019

Experience the rich and diverse culture of the Middle East at the Middle Eastern Culture Market in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. Specialists from Leiden University and outside will present lectures and workshops. | read more

December 2019

Sun 1 December 2019

Volkenkunde themadag | Hekserij

Leer meer over de geschiedenis van heksen en hekserij tijdens deze Helende Kracht special en maak kennis met sound healing, de stadsheks Mara Michels en meer. | read more

Mon 2 December 2019

Inaugural Lecture | Museums, Collections and Society

Inaugural lecture by LeidenGlobal chairman Pieter ter Keurs on Museums, Collections and Society. | read more

Tue 3 December 2019

ASCL Lecture | Spirituality, Culture & Political Power in Early Independent West Africa

In this Stephen Ellis lecture, Prof. Emmanuel Akyeampong (Harvard Uni) explores the nexus of spirituality, culture, and political power in the connected lives of three first generation African nationalist leaders. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 6 December 2019

Opening Tue 3 December 2019

Conference | Ties that Bind

This conference entitled Mechanisms and Structures of Social Dependency in the Early Islamic Empire, aims to bring together scholars to present research which illuminates the structures and mechanisms that allowed the early Islamic empire to function. | read more

Wed 4 December 2019

Lecture | From Peripheral Whiteness to White Supremacy

James Mark is Professor of History at the University of Exeter and he will speak on 'Histories of Race in Eastern Europe 1945-present day' as part of the Contemporary History and International Relations Research Seminar. | read more

Thu 5 December 2019

Lecture | Translanguaging practices

Tom Hoogervorst, researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), will speak on Translanguaging practices, vulgar language, and metalinguistic comments in late-colonial Indonesia. | read more

Thu 5 December 2019

ASCL lecture | Religions and Politics in Africa Today

Paulin Hountondji, a prominent African philosopher, most famous for his devastating critique of so-called ‘ethnophilosophy’ that takes African philosophy to be the collective worldviews of African peoples, lectures on religions and politics in Africa. | read more

Thu 5 December 2019

Lecture | Riding the Tiger: Nasser's Egypt

Noa Schonmann, assistant professor at LIAS, explores the constraints of populist foreign policy in Egypt and looks into the precarious relationship between charismatic leader Nasser and his followers for this LUCIS' What's New Lecture. | read more

Thu 5 December 2019

IIAS Lecture | Introduction to a 17th century Indo-Persian text

Giuseppe Cappello gives an analysis of the Gulzār-i ḥāl by Banwālīdās, which outlines ways Hindu monistic ideas and Islamic mysticism could interact in late-17th century Mughal intellectual settings. | read more

Fri 6 December 2019

Book presentation | The Holy Land in Observant Franciscan Texts (c.1480-1650)

Marianne Ritsema van Eck presents her book 'The Holy Land in Observant Franciscann Texts (c.1480-1650)' for the Research Seminars Europe 1000-1800. | read more

Fri 6 December 2019

Lezing | Huizingalezing 2019

De jaarlijkse de Huizingalezing, die wordt georganiseerd als eerbetoon aan de historicus en cultuurfilosoof Johan Huizinga (1872-1945), hebben een cultuurhistorisch of cultuur- of maatschappijkritisch karakter. | read more

Tue 10 December 2019

Lecture | Politics, Technology, and Fifty Years in Chinese Studies

On the occasion of his 75th birthday Wilt Idema looks back at over fifty years in Chinese Studies. He will discuss the development of his own involvement with the study and translation of China’s vernacular literature of the late-imperial period. | read more

Tue 10 December 2019

RMO Lezing | Migranten, zeevaarders en koningen

Prof. Jan Paul Crielaard (hoogleraar meditterane pre- en protohistorische archeologie, VU) vertelt over de crisis in het Middellandse Zeegebied tussen de 13e en 6e eeuw v. Chr. en hoe Cyprus deze opvallend goed wist te doorstaan. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

Seminar | The Role of the Holy Spirit in Fayd Kashani’s Exegesis

Amin Ehteshami (Exeter University) looks into the dynamic relation between Fayḍ’s exegetic approach in al-Ṣāfī and his efforts in creating an authoritative hadith compendium in al-Wāfī. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

RMO lecture | Early warfare in the Bronze Age

German archaeologist Thomas Terberger presents the results of his ten year interdisciplinary research on the battlefield of the Tollense valley in Northeastern Germany | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

ASCL Seminar | Why Animals Matter

The Trans-species perspectives on African Studies research group extends whatever we think and theorize about humans to animals. Dr. Harry Wels discusses three books that present scientific evidence for animal cognition and more. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Book presentation | Vincent Chang: Forgotten Diplomacy

Vincent Chang (LeidenAsiaCentre fellow) presents his book on Dutch-Chinese relations between 1927 and 1950 and will be accompanied by former Dutch ambassador in China, Ed Kronenburg. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | International encounters in the Himalayas and beyond

Péter-Dániel Szántó will examine some items of direct documentary evidence for encounters between Indians/Newars/Transylvanians and Tibetans. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | Who Benefits from Heritage?

UNESCO professor Robin Coningham uses case-studies from South Asia to present a series of archaeological interventions led by UNESCO which have attempted to reach a balance between heritage and development, within post-disaster contexts. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | International encounters in the Himalayas and beyond

Dr. Péter-Dániel Szántó (Leiden University) examines evidence for encounters and interaction between different people in the Himalayas in this Friends of the Kern Institute lecture. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

Lecture | Tension and Ambiguities in Muslim Family Law

In this LUCIS' What's New Fall Lecture, Post-Doctoral researcher Monika Lindbekk examines how Egyptian law articulates notions of family, marriage and gender in cases of judicial divorce during the period 2008-2015. | read more

Thu 12 December 2019

LeidenASA Annual Meeting

Sean Jacobs, Associate Prof international affairs, reviews the current state of African politics, dominated by political parties promoting nationalism and nativism. What kinds of political alternatives are available? What is the role of scholars? | read more