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January 2020

Wed 22 January 2020

Conference | Diversity & inclusion symposium

How can programme chairs and administrators make the curriculum more inclusive? And how do we engage with questions about race and racism? The 'From diversity to inclusion' symposium explores such questions with international Diversity Officers. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 24 January 2020

Opening Wed 22 January 2020

Conference | Relocating Governance in Asia

This conference seeks to bring together different insights in comparative perspective, to shed light on the many paradoxes, differences and continuities of (post)colonial rule across South- and Southeast Asia. | read more

Thu 23 January 2020

LeidenGlobal Seminar | Retrieving Cultural Heritage: Combatting Cypriot art trafficking and restitution

Seminar on tracking down and repatriating stolen artefacts and the importance of protecting Global Heritage (in areas of conflict) with the story of art and trafficking from different angles and a debate | read more

Thu 23 January 2020

IIAS Lunch Lecture | Survey of ancient Buddhist verses

Aruna Gamage, lecturer of Pali and Buddhist Studies (University of Kelaniya) considers Pali commentaries and the verses that are attributed to the Elder Kāludāyi. | read more

Thu 23 January 2020

Opening tentoonstelling | De intolerante Republiek

De Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden staat algemeen bekend als een tolerante natie. De UB Leiden tentoonstelling 'De intolerante Republiek', met topstukken uit de Leidse boeken- en prentcollecties, poogt dit beeld bij te stellen. | read more

Fri 24 January 2020

RMO Conference | Reconstructing Interactions and Mobility in Prehistoric Cyprus

This symposium brings together scholars dealing with diverse periods and approaches to the material culture of prehistoric Cyprus. The aim is to reconstruct the social and economic interactions from the Neolithic up to the end of the Bronze Age. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 25 January 2020

Opening Fri 24 January 2020

KITLV Symposium | Inward Outward

The international symposium Inward Outward investigates the status of moving image and sound archives worldwide as they intertwine with coloniality, identity and race. The symposium also emphasises the position of Dutch identity in various manifestations. | read more

Sun 26 January 2020

RMO Museumwandeling | Ruurd Halbertsma over Cyprus

Conservator Ruurd Halbertsma geeft de maandelijkse museumwandeling in de vorm van een lezing over de tentoonstelling 'Cyprus – eiland in beweging'. Halbertsma vertelt over dynamiek en beweging: kenmerkende elementen van Cypriotische kunst uit de oudheid. | read more

Mon 27 January 2020

KITLV Seminar | The death of the West, and the future of us all

New World colonisation was foundational to the construction of the dominance of the West, but also to disciplines, such as anthropology. Deborah Thomas reflects on research in Jamaica to exemplify a decolonial vision for knowledge production. | read more

Tue 28 January 2020

Lecture | Framing Late Antique Religion: Religion & Ethnicity in the Quran

This LUCIS​ talk by Dr. Ilkka Lindstedt (University of Helsinki​), discusses the ethno-religious discourse and notions of the Quran. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 29 January 2020

Opening Tue 28 January 2020

LeidenASA Workshop | Law, governance and rights in Africa

This workshop centres around past and present state law and state institutions, as well as the wide range of religious and traditional legal political institutions that can be found across Africa. | read more

Wed 29 January 2020

ASCL Conference | Pushing Boundaries in Advocacy for Inclusion

What is the best way to strengthen political participation of people facing marginalisation in the globla South? The success factors of advocacy, the importance of intersectionality and the roles of Northern and Southern organisations are key themes. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

Conference | Marginalized Groups, Inequalities and the Post-War Welfare State

On the occasion of the publication of the volume Marginalized Groups, Inequalities and the Post-Welfare State, Prof. Jet Bussemaker, Dr. Anouk de Koning and the book's editiors discuss transnationality, immigration and globalisation. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

KITLV Seminar | The complexities of internal migration in Maluku, Indonesia

The social and cultural impact of internal migration in Indonesia is a poorly researched topic. This seminar considers the situation in the district of West Seram, where the population from the other parts of the province exceeds the original community. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

Seminar | Marginalised Groups, Inequalities and the Post-War Welfare State

The book's editors elaborate on their argument that any study of the welfare state should take into account its transnationality, processes of immigration, Europeanisation and globalisation. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

NINO Annual Meeting | Magic in the Ancient Near East

The NINO Annual Meeting, organised by dr. Ilan Peled (University of Amsterdam) consists of three sessions on Mesopotamia and the Cuneiform World, on Eyptology, Archaeology and Epigraphy and on project presentations. | read more

Thu 30 January 2020

LeidenASA Conference | Africa, sixty years of independence

This conference brings together some of today’s most influential thinkers on African affairs to reflect on the current social, political, religious, economic, and environmental dynamics that characterize the continent. | read more

February 2020

Sun 2 February 2020

RMO Boekenmarkt | Boeken over de oudheid

Op deze grote (tweedehands) boekenmarkt in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden vindt u lees- en informatieve boeken over het oude Nabije Oosten en Egypte, oude museumpublicaties en een reeks aan oude (en nieuwe) wetenschappelijke boeken. | read more

Tue 4 February 2020

KITLV Seminar | 'Cold War Culture' in Indonesia

Ivan Kats is a little-known figure in international history. Giles Scott-Smith considers explores Kats’ role in the service of Cold War anti-communism, corporate interests, and philanthropy, to influence the direction of Indonesia’s intellectual elite. | read more

Thu 6 February 2020

Lecture | 900 Years of Trickery: al-Haririr from Leiden to Los Angeles

The most popular work of fiction in Arabic is, or was, the Maqamat of al-Hariri. Michael Cooperson, professor of Arabic at the University of California elaborates on the most recent translation of the 'untranslatable' work in English. | read more

Thu 6 February 2020

Lecture | Frank Scholten in Mandate Palestine

Sary Zananiri gives a presentation on the life and work of Dutch amateur photographer Frank Scholten. The collection he left to NINO deals with many themes, from post-Ottoman communalism to archaeology to religion and reinforce a queer subtext. | read more

Tue 11 February 2020

RMO Lezing | Cyprus en het raadsel van de verstijfde kruisvaarders

Prof. dr. Joanita Vroom (Faculteit Archeologie, Universiteit Leiden) houdt een lezing over de bijzondere afbeeldingen op Cypriotisch sgrafitto-aardewerk uit de 13de-16de eeuw. | read more

Tue 11 February 2020

Lecture | Maps, Mapping, and Mapmaking in the Digital Age

Joost Grootens elaborates on his PhD-research Blind Maps and Blue Dots, which studies contemporary mapmaking practices of technology companies and amateurs and investigates the blurring of the producer-user divide in the production of visual information. | read more

Thu 13 February 2020

Lecture | Negotiating environmental knowledge in Eastern Indonesia

Elena Burgos Martinez explores contemporary debates around water, Islam and dreaming to discuss the central role of dreaming about water when conveying environmental knowledge in small islands of North Sulawesi. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 14 February 2020

Opening Thu 13 February 2020

Symposium | The role of animals in French, Dutch and Latin literary culture

This symposium, held in honour of Prof. Paul J. Smith, discusses the representations of animals in text and image in French, Dutch, and Latin literary culture, from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. | read more

Fri 14 February 2020

Conference | Leiden Anthropology Conference 2020

The conference presents a unique opportunity to explore questions around anthropology in a variety of disciplinary settings, exchange ideas and experiences on inter-departmental networking and explore future collaborations among Leiden anthropologists. | read more

Fri 14 February 2020

RMO Boekpresentatie | Germanen, Kelten en Romeinen in de Lage Landen

Archeoloog Alexander van de Bunt presenteert zijn boek 'Wee de overwonnenen', en introduceert de bewoners van Nederland in de Romeinse tijd, zoals de Bataven, Friezen en Canefaten. | read more

Fri 14 February 2020

Conference | International Symposium about Russian-Dutch relations

What do Russians think about the Netherlands? The Faculty of Humanities and think tank Window on Russia organise a public symposium on Russian-Dutch relations in the next decade, which discusses MH17, sanctions and more. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 19 February 2020

Opening Tue 18 February 2020

Conference | Power, Loyalty and Ideology in the Mongol World

This workshop explores the themes of loyalty and ideology in the greater Mongol empire as a part of the NWO project 'Turks, Texts and Territory'. For those interested in Iranian and Mongol history, nomadic empires or poetry production. | read more

Thu 20 February 2020

Lecture | The Yogācāra Dialectics of Gender: Re-reading the Canon

The Society for Women in Philosophy lecture by Jingjing Li, entitled "The Yogācāra Dialectics of Gender: Re-reading the Canon and Why it matters", will explore re-readings of Yoga philosophy and the dialectics of gender. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 21 February 2020

Opening Thu 20 February 2020

LeidenASA Workshop | The Nile: Inclusion and Exclusion

This proposed workshop aims to unpack the layers of the Nile governance on national and transnational levels through emphasizing on water and land acquisition in the Nile bordering countries. | read more

Fri 21 February 2020

Lecture | Unearthly Powers: inserting religion into comparative global history

To identify patterns in world and history, Alan Strathern (University of Oxford) will discuss the distinction between two modes of religiosity, 'immanentism' and 'transcedentalism' and their definitions of the 'divine' and 'righteous'. | read more

Fri 21 February 2020

Volkenkunde | Opening 'Een Zee van Eilanden' tentoonstelling

Met zijn vele honderden eilanden in de Grote of Stille Oceaan beslaat Oceanië meer dan een derde van het aardoppervlak. Museum Volkenkunde opent een tentoonstelling met topstukken uit Oceanië uit de eigen collectie en een reeks internationale musea. | read more

March 2020

Thu 5 March 2020

IIAS Lecture | Introduction to a 17th century Indo-Persian text

Giuseppe Cappello gives an analysis of the Gulzār-i ḥāl by Banwālīdās, which outlines ways Hindu monistic ideas and Islamic mysticism could interact in late-17th century Mughal intellectual settings. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 7 March 2020

Opening Fri 6 March 2020

Publieksdag | Neerlandistiekdagen in Leiden

Academici, docenten, studenten en geïnteresseerden komen samen in Leiden om de status en het belang van de hedendaagse neerlandistiek te demonstreren en te bespreken. Neerlandistiek in al haar facetten wordt aan een breder publiek getoond. | read more

Thu 12 March 2020

RMO Boekpresentatie | Klassieke liefde

Over liefde bij de oude Grieken en Romeinen bestaan hardnekkige vooroordelen. Anton van Hooff verkent de vele aspecten van seksualiteit in de klassieke oudheid in 'Klassieke liefde. Eros en seks naar Ovidius'. | read more

Thu 12 March 2020

LeidenASA Seminar| Peer-Coaching for PhD candidates

A PhD research trajectory is long, sometimes lonely, and often strewn with daily issues to be addressed. The basic idea of peer supervision is that people can learn from each other, laying out their problems, receiving feedback and suggestions. | read more

Tue 17 March 2020

Lecture | EU lessons from the Arab uprisings and the Ukraine crisis

Dr. Nikki Ikani assesses the way in which the EU foreign policy system has anticipated various strategic surprises over the past years, such as the Arab uprisings and the Ukraine crisis. Has the EU learnt its lessons for the future? | read more

Wed 18 March 2020

Lecture | Disability and development in the Global South

This seminar explores different perspectives on disability in the Global South and the relevance of anthropological-historical work for disability and development policies. | read more

Wed 18 March 2020

Symposium | The Japanese Footprint of Siebold in the Netherlands

Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold (1796 - 1866) has been of particular importance for the Hortus botanicus Leiden, Leiden University, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Hortus and Naturalis dedicate a symposium to Siebold's work and heritage. | read more

Thu 19 March 2020

Publieksmiddag | De intolerante Republiek

Publieksmiddag over de tentoonstelling ‘De intolerante Republiek’ in de Leidse Universiteitsbibliotheek met lezingen van 20-30 minuten door de Leidse historici Judith Pollmann, Michiel van Groesen en Alicia Schrikker. | read more

Sun 22 March 2020

Lezing | Het begin van de Koranische manuscripttraditie in de 7e eeuw

In de afgelopen tien jaar is het veel gemakkelijker geworden om toegang te krijgen tot zeer vroege manuscripten van de Koran. Marijn van Putten reconstrueert aan de hand van bewijs uit vroege manuscripten de geschiedenis van de geschreven Koran. | read more

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