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December 2021

Ongoing until Wed 8 December 2021

Opening Mon 6 December 2021

Conference | Ties of Kinship and the Early Islamic Empire

This conference by the Embedding Conquest Team focusses on relational ties that were expressed primarily through or as kinship, in three themes: dynastic rule, family ties and kinship outside the family. | read more

Tue 7 December 2021

RMO Event | BABESCH Byvancklezing

De vijftiende BABESCH Byvancklezing wordt gehouden door dr. Tamar Hodos, lector Mediterrane Archeologie aan de Universiteit van Bristol. Hodos vertelt over versierde struisvogeleieren uit het 2e en 1e millennium v.Chr., gevonden in het oude Midden-Oosten. | read more

Wed 8 December 2021

Lecture | Confucius Speaks

Confucius passed away 2,500 years ago, but his voice is still heard today. This China Seminar talk by Paul van Els presents a number of his sayings, both ancient and modern, and analyses their historical accuracy. | read more

Wed 8 December 2021

Lecture | German Elections

In this talk entitled "German Elections: three coalition partners - three views on the world," various speakers will discuss the impact of the 2021 elections on Germany's role in Europe and foreign policy more generally. | read more

Wed 8 December 2021

Lecture | New speakers and language policy

This lecture, entitled "New speakers and language policy: New geographies of language in minority language sociolinguistics," is part of the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics Language Policy Virtual Research Seminars on Language Policy. | read more

Thu 9 December 2021

Congres | Slapen op Stand: Het Nederlandse Hemelbed, 1690-1730

De Afdeling Kunstgeschiedenis van de Universiteit Leiden organiseert een studiedag in samenwerking met conservatoren van de Dienst van het Koninklijk Huis, waarop experts samenkomen om aandacht te schenken aan het Nederlandse hemelbed. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 10 December 2021

Opening Thu 9 December 2021

Conference | Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology

CAA Netherlands/Flanders organise the 2021 chapter meeting at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University. The event critically focuses on the theory and practice of digital and quantitative methods in archaeology, such as pandemic proof archaeology. | read more

Thu 9 December 2021

Lecture | De behandeling van vroege Christenen in het Romeinse Rijk

The Forum Antiquum Lectures Fall 2021 have been organised as part of the Leiden University Greek-Dutch dictionary project. This lecture, given by Renske Janssen, is titled: ' Christiani et Ceteri. De behandeling van vroege Christenen in het Romeinse Rijk. | read more

Thu 9 December 2021

ASCL Lecture | African Feminism as Method

This Stephen Ellis Annual Lecture is given by Dr. Nanjala Nyabola, independent writer and researcher. The presentation articulates a possible theoretical framework for African women’s work and African feminisms as political science method. | read more

Thu 9 December 2021

VVI Lecture | The Colonial Bureaucratic Network versus the Metropole

This lecture by Upik Djalins, part of a lecture series organised by the Van Vollenhoven Institute, is titled "The Colonial Bureaucratic Network versus the Metropole: The Origination Story of Land Alienation Prohibition in 1870s East Indies." | read more

Fri 10 December 2021

IIAS Symposium | Indian Ocean and epigraphy

This symposium explores the common ground between epigraphy (study of inscriptions) and Indian Ocean studies. Experts will reflect on the potential to exchange ideas and share methods across regional and disciplinary boundaries. | read more

Fri 10 December 2021

Lecture | Why we need to investigate the work of copy editors

This Leiden University lecture argues that there is far more to be said about copy editors who engage not only in ensuring uniformity in written language, but rather mediate text production in a number of ways. | read more

Fri 10 December 2021

RMO & NINO Event | Veenhof Lecture 2021

The Veenhof Lecture is organised every November by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) in cooperation with the National Museum of Antiquities (RMO). This year, Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum will speak on Assyrian economic and social history. | read more

Sun 12 December 2021

Volkenkunde Lezing | Maya's, Inca's en Azteken

Maya’s, Inca’s en Azteken zijn iconische volken uit Midden- en Zuid-Amerika. Maar wie waren zij eigenlijk? In deze lezing van Museum Volkenkunde gaat Martin Berger in op deze drie grote beschavingen en hoe ze zich tot elkaar verhouden. | read more

Tue 14 December 2021

KITLV Webinar | Consequences of oil palm expansion in Southeast Asia

This KITLV lunch seminar brings together some of the leading researchers on palm oil expansion to provide a short overview of findings of three recent research projects and discuss their implications for policy makers and development agencies. | read more

Tue 14 December 2021

RMO Lezing | Domitianus: Verguisd en vergeten?

Dr. Nathalie de Haan houdt een RoMeO-lezing over keizer Domitianus. Ze vertelt hoe hij als een van de slechtste keizers ooit de geschiedenis is ingegaan, ondanks de rust en voorspoed die zijn regeringsperiode kenmerkte. Hoe kon het zo misgaan? | read more

Wed 15 December 2021

Conference | Critical realist characterisation of LP

This event, entitled "Critical realist characterisation of LP: Authority and power in naming and framing of LP in the Global South and North" is part of the LUCL Language Policy Virtual Research Seminars on Language Policy and Practices. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 17 December 2021

Opening Wed 15 December 2021

NINO Conference | Graffiti in Ancient and Late Antique Egypt and Sudan

This conference explores the definition of graffiti and the socio-historical and practical circumstances in which marks and inscriptions were made in ancient and antique Egypt and Sudan. | read more

Thu 16 December 2021

Lecture | Sustainability transitions

This online lunch meeting of the Liveable Planet programme from Leiden University features a lecture by dr. Thomas Franssen in which he discusses the entanglement between science, industry and science policy in the context of sustainability transitions. | read more

Fri 17 December 2021

KITLV Event | Afscheidscollege prof.dr. G.J. Oostindie

Met dit college, getiteld "De toekomst van het koloniale verleden," neemt prof. dr. G.J. Oostindie afscheid als hoogleraar Koloniale en Postkoloniale Geschiedenis en als directeur van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (KITLV-KNAW). | read more

Sun 19 December 2021

RMO Lezing | Het handschrift van Ipoewer

In deze Topstukkenlezing van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden vertelt Lara Weiss, conservator collectie Egypte, over het handschrift van Ipoewer. De tekst komt uit de periode 1307-1196 v.Chr. en betreft de sociale ellende en burgeroorlog in Egypte. | read more

January 2022

Sun 9 January 2022

Volkenkunde Lezing | Azteken en Nederlanders

Nederlanders en Azteken dienden vanaf 1521 meer dan 100 jaar de Spaanse kroon en woonden dus feitelijk in hetzelfde land. Deze lezing van Museum Volkenkunde gaat in op deze lange geschiedenis van verbondenheid tussen Azteken en Nederlanders. | read more

Tue 11 January 2022

RMO Lezing | Domitianus

Prof. Eric Moormann houdt een RoMeO-lezing over keizer Domitianus, na Augustus de actiefste bouwheer in Rome. Moormann vertelt in de lezing over de monumenten die Domitianus in Rome liet bouwen en brengt zodoende het beeld van ‘Domitianopolis’ tot leven. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 12 January 2022

Opening Tue 11 January 2022

Conference | LCCP Symposium Sharing Finitude

Philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy passed away in August 2021. Wishing to share the emotion of Jean-Luc Nancy's passing away, this symposium aims to share the experience of thinking finitude with the help of his unique, singular work. | read more

Thu 27 January 2022

NINO Event | 3rd Annual Meeting: Visual Representations of the Ancient Near East

The theme of the third Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) Annual Meeting is: 'Visual Representations of the ancient Near East.' Organisation by the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University and held at the National Museum of Antiquities. | read more

Sun 30 January 2022

Volkenkunde Lezing | De Zonnekalender

De Zonnekalender of Zonnesteen is het Azteekse systeem om de tijd te meten. Deze Museum Volkenkunde lezing gaat over de betekenis van de Azteekse Zonnesteen als traditionele kunst en zijn relatie tot mythen, heilige symbolen en de maatschappij. | read more

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