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July 2021

August 2021

Mon 2 August 2021

Coursera course | Heritage under threat

In this course you will learn to articulate your own concepts about (threatened) heritage and that of others. What is your heritage? Who defines heritage? Why is heritage under threat? How can we protect heritage? | read more

Fri 6 August 2021

Study Day | Indian embroidery

The Textile Research Centre Leiden organises a study day on Indian subcontinent embroidery with the aid of a wide range of actual embroidery samples and embroidered garments that are housed in the TRC Collection. | read more

Mon 9 August 2021

Coursera course | International Law in Action

This course explains the functions of each international court and tribunal present in The Hague, and it looks at how these institutions address contemporary problems. On the basis of selected cases, and through interviews with judges and lawyers. | read more

Tue 10 August 2021

RMO Lezing | De limes

RMO-conservator Jasper de Bruin vertelt in een livestream-lezing over de limes, de 2000 jaar oude Romeinse grens die door heel Europa loopt. In deze lezing licht de Bruin toe waarom ook het Nederlandse deel op de Unesco Werelderfgoedlijst moet komen. | read more

Mon 16 August 2021

Coursera course | The Importance and Power of Music in our Society

This course provides a thorough introduction to the various ways in which music and society are connected through engaging lectures, insightful interviews, challenging assignments, interesting readings, and of course a lot of musical examples. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 26 August 2021

Opening Mon 23 August 2021

Summer Course | Cross-Border Transfer of Cultural Objects

Online summer course by the LDE Centre for Global Heritage, focusing on the Law, Challenges and Practice within the theme of cross-border transfer of cultural objects. The summer school will take place entirely online for a reduced fee. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 27 August 2021

Opening Tue 24 August 2021

IIAS Panel | Climate Change in Coastal Cities

Panel discussion on climate change in Asian and African coastal cities and their residents. The IIAS-Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) looks at everyday urban practices as a source of knowledge and action in relation to the climate. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 27 August 2021

Opening Wed 25 August 2021

Conference | Vernacular Books and Reading Experiences in the Early Age of Print

This conference explores how reading experiences were shaped both by producers and users of vernacular books, from an international and interdisciplinary perspective (combining book history, literary history, art history, religious studies, and history). | read more

Ongoing until Fri 27 August 2021

Opening Wed 25 August 2021

Conference | Vernacular Books and Reading Experiences in the Early Age of Print

This conference explores how reading experiences were shaped both by producers and users of vernacular books. It approaches reading as an embodied, material practice that is affected both by texts and their presentation. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 1 September 2021

Opening Mon 30 August 2021

IIAS Symposium | Neighborhood Transformation in East Asian Cities

The International Institute for Asian Studies and partners organise a symposium at the Institute of Developing Economies in Chiba, Japan. Is 'gentrification' the best concept with which to describe what is going on in Asian cities? | read more

Ongoing until Sat 6 August 2022

Opening Fri 6 August 2021

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling | Azteken

Nieuwe tentoonstelling van Museum Volkenkunde over de Azteken, één van de meest iconische beschavingen uit de wereldgeschiedenis, met indrukwekkende voorwerpen zoals stenen beelden, verfijnde sieraden en tekeningen uit codices en bijzondere verhalen. | read more

September 2021

Wed 1 September 2021

IIAS Keynote Speech | Frontiers of Gentrification: Perspectives from Asia

Keynote speech by Prof. Hyun Bang Shin (Proffessor Geography and Urban Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science) to the symposium Neighborhood Transformation in East Asian Cities: Is "Gentrification" the Right Frame of Reference? | read more

Mon 6 September 2021

Lecture | Of Wine and Ovines Livelihood and Diversity at the foot of the Pyrenees

Public initiatives to develop the economy in the district of Pallars Jussà (Catalonia) highlight “diversity” as its distinctive trait. Federico De Musso addresses skill to incorporate and deal with different kinds of "diversity" in livelihood. | read more

Mon 6 September 2021

Festival | House of Misconceptions

This festival takes you along into the world of implicit and explicit perceptions and biases people have about society, particularly about each other and groups of 'others'. Do we fear the unknown? And, if so, to what extent are we aware of this? | read more

Mon 6 September 2021

Conference | Dante Day

2021 marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri. In order to celebrate the great poet, the Italian department of Leiden University announces a day of study dedicated to him. In collaboration with the association Werkgroep Italie Studies. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 10 September 2021

Opening Tue 7 September 2021

Conference | 11th EuroSEAS Conference in Olomouc

As an international and multi-disciplinary organisation, EuroSEAS invites scholars and PhD students from all academic disciplines with an interest in Southeast Asia to present a paper in one of the selected panels that explore relevant research topics. | read more

Thu 9 September 2021

Lecture | Growing Tensions between Majority and Minority Nationalisms

In this Leiden University Nationalism Network lecture, Michael Keating, Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen, presents some of the views from his recent book on the tensions between majority and minority nationalisms. | read more

Thu 9 September 2021

Lecture | Book and Agents

The event brings together three speakers, Nida Ghouse, Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam and Elizabeth M. Holt. They will reflect on the influence and decline of transnational networks of publishing and translating during the Cold War. | read more

Mon 13 September 2021

Quiz | De Grote China Quiz

Het LeidenAsiaCentre organiseert de Grote China Quiz in het Pesthuis in Leiden met quizmasters Ed Sander (ChinaTalk) en Fred Sengers. De winnaar in het huidige Jaar van de Os krijgt de wisselbeker mee naar huis. | read more

Mon 13 September 2021

Oratie | Het land van ‘Oosterzonnegloed’

Prof. Rick Honings, hoogleraar aan het Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, houdt zijn oratie als Scaliger-hoogleraar over 'Sporen van Indië in negentiende-eeuwse schrijversarchieven'. | read more

Thu 16 September 2021

ASCL Seminar | Print Culture, Publics and Popular Genres in Colonial Lagos

The print culture of 1920s Lagos, Nigeria, was innovative and lively. Karin Barber (University of Birmingham) discusses print culture and genres and the evolving social and political situation in colonial Lagos. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 18 September 2021

Opening Thu 16 September 2021

Conference | Global Borderlands: getting to the core of Crimmigration

Crimmigration has rapidly become the dominant response to human mobility around the globe. This Leiden Law conference calls attention to the various 'faces' and experiences of crimmigration and bordering across the globe. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 24 September 2021

Opening Thu 23 September 2021

Seminar | Contested Heritage, Museum Collections and Public Space

Many heritage and museum discussions are now centred around contested heritage. This seminar aims to address the causes, effects and societal circumstances of the debates on appropriation, ownership and restitution of heritage. | read more

Sun 26 September 2021

Festival | House of Misconceptions

Prof. Maartje van der Woude, hoogleraar Rechtssociologie, organiseert samen met kunstenaarscollectief Liquid Society House of Misconceptions. Het neemt je mee in de wereld van impliciete en expliciete beelden en vooroordelen die mensen hebben. | read more

October 2021

Mon 11 October 2021

Cursus | De archeologie van Ierland

Leids klassiek archeologe Diana de Wild (alumna UL) spreekt over de belangrijkste archeologische vondsten van 10.000 jaar geschiedenis in Ierland, tijdens deze cursus op 11 en 18 oktober in de Bibliotheek Bollenstreek. | read more

Tue 12 October 2021

RCMC Lecture | Algeria: The Jews are still there, in every bracelet

As part of the Inward Outward symposium, Prof. Ariella Aïsha Azoulay discusses the double disappearance of the Jews from Africa and from the French colonisation of North Africa through jewelry pieces and other metal works with Wayne Modest. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 14 October 2021

Opening Tue 12 October 2021

KITLV & RCMC Symposium | Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Coloniality

The international symposium Inward Outward explores the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. This year's theme is Emotion in the Archive. | read more

Sat 16 October 2021

Conference | NVAS Africa Day

The 2021 NVAS Africa Day supported by the African Studies Centre Leiden will study the role of entrepreneurship in contemporary Africa, and specifically aim to explore how entrepreneurs across Africa respond to the global pandemic. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 22 October 2021

Opening Wed 20 October 2021

RIAS Conference | Public Health and Disease in the American Century

RIAS will host a conference on public health and disease in the 'American century,' which aims to bring together historians of medicine and US politics, society, and foreign relations, to place the COVID-19 pandemic in its historical context. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 October 2021

Opening Wed 27 October 2021

Conference | Expectations of justice and political power in the Islamicate world

This conference examines how expectations of justice shaped political discourse and behaviour in the early and medieval Islamicate world (ca. 600-1500 CE). Participants will present case studies discussing just rule in specific contexts. | read more

Thu 28 October 2021

ASCL Seminar | Regionalism Reconsidered

This African Studies Centre (ASCL) seminar explores economic inequalities and territorial oppositions in African politics. Catherine Boone, Professor of Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, discusses the subject. | read more

Fri 29 October 2021

LDE Workshop | How to deal with social media as a migration scholar

In this first Leiden Delft Erasmus Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity 'Early Career Network workshop series,' dr. Nadia Bouras from Leiden University leads the session 'how to deal with social media as a migration scholar.' Registration required | read more

November 2021

Sat 6 November 2021

Lecture | Teaching oral interaction of Italian as a Second Language

Marilisa Birello (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Paola Leone (University of Salento) tell about new perspectives in teaching oral interaction of Italian as a Second Language, followed by a round table on teaching Italian in Dutch high schools. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 9 November 2021

Opening Sun 7 November 2021

IIAS Symposium | Neighborhood Transformation in East Asian Cities

Symposium dealing with the question: Is "gentrification" the best concept with which to describe what is going on in Asian cities, or do we need other or additional frames to understand the Asian context at the neighborhood level? | read more

Ongoing until Tue 9 November 2021

Opening Mon 8 November 2021

Conference | Brave New World

Brave New World is an annual conference about future technology's effect on business, policies and life. The conference discusses what ethical and societal impact new technologies could have on human life, before the innovations are introduced in society. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 12 November 2021

Opening Tue 9 November 2021

Festival | Beyond Human

This festival, a collaboration of amongst others Leiden University and Gemeente Leiden, explores the future of humans with expositions, films, debates and readings. | read more

Thu 25 November 2021

Lezing | Het Grote Noord-Korea College

Hoogleraar Koreastudies aan de Universiteit Leiden Remco Breuker vertelt waar zijn passie en fascinatie vandaan komt voor het land met een lange en rijke geschiedenis. Waarom kon juist hier zo’n keiharde dictatuur ontstaan? | read more

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