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March 2021

Thu 4 March 2021

Lecture | Amsterdam's splendid interiors of the eighteenth century

In this event, Pieter Vlaardingerbroek (Universiteit Utrecht/Monumentenzorg) gives an overview of the most splendid Amsterdam interior of the eighteenth century, as well as their commissioners and designers. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 5 March 2021

Opening Thu 4 March 2021

Book launch | From Crisis to Critique: Mediterranean Crisis-Scapes

LUCAS (Leiden University) and OSL (Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies) rethink the term 'crisis' in the context of the Mediterranean through looking at literary, artistic and other forms of cultural expression and activisim in the region. | read more

Thu 4 March 2021

RCMC Lecture | Gerbrands Lecture: Elizabeth Povinelli

The Adriaan Gerbrands lecture intends to promote academic and popular interest in research combining material culture studies, the anthropology of art, and visual anthropology. Prof. Elizabeth Povinelli (Colombia University) will give this year's lecture. | read more

Thu 4 March 2021

RCMC Masterclass | Elizabeth Povinelli

The Research Center for Material Culture invites you to a masterclass with renowned anthropologist and filmmaker Prof. Elizabeth A. Povinelli (Colombia University). She will focus on her work as part of the Karrabing Film Collective in particular. | read more

Thu 4 March 2021

Lecture | ‘Political all too political. Protagoras against the experts’

For the Forum Antiquum Lectures organised by the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, Prof. dr. Mauro Bonazzi (Utrecht University) gives a lecture titled ‘Political all too political. Protagoras against the experts’ | read more

Thu 4 March 2021

Conference | Pianism in the Long Nineteenth Century

This virtual conference brings together the expertise of performers, researchers, and pedagogues to answer why the late nineteenth century was such a flourishing time in the history of pianism. This conference features Dr. Anna Scott (Leiden University). | read more

Fri 5 March 2021

Lecture | Digital China, Managing Citizen Participation under Political Change

In this Institute of Political Science lecture, Danie Stockmann (Hertie School) discusses digital China and managing citizen participation under political change. | read more

Fri 5 March 2021

Lecture | The Grid: Making A Universal Migration Regime

The Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars (LIMS) discuss migration-related topics and creates an open dialogue. Dr. Darshan Vigneswaran (University of Amsterdam) gives a lecture titled 'The Grid: Making A Universal Migration Regime'. | read more

Fri 5 March 2021

Lecture | Embodying Istanbul Greek: How language ideologies interact with speaker identities

Istanbul Greek speakers distinguish themselves from other types of Greeks based on language ideologies. Matthew John Hadodo (University of Pittsburgh/University of Bern) discusses the embodiment of this minoritised speech community. | read more

Tue 9 March 2021

RMO Lezing | Leidse Papyrologielezing 2021

Prof. dr. Jacques van der Vliet (NINO/Universiteit Leiden) spreekt in de Leidse Papyrologielezing over 'Moedwil en misverstand op het Egyptische platteland' vanuit de Tempelzaal van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. | read more

Tue 9 March 2021

Discussion | ARC Session: Walking (as a Method) in Artistic Research

In this session Dr. Alice Twemlow and a panel of artistic researchers working in different media explore their various approaches to walking as a research method as walking can provide designers and artists with ways to think and make. | read more

Tue 9 March 2021

Lecture | Translation Café: Translation in moments of crisis

#TranslationCafé promotes informal talks on a range of topics relevant for translators, translation researchers and other translation stakeholders. Three speakers exchange views on translation in moments of crisis and take questions from the audience. | read more

Wed 10 March 2021

Lecture | Sense Acts and Decision-Making: Electric Tools and Artistic Models

How is perception instrumental in making decisions? In this Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities lecture, Ksenia Fedorova explores how art can help to challenge and expand our conceptions of perception in empirical research. | read more

Wed 10 March 2021

Lezing | Van gilde tot ROC: De geschiedenis van het vakonderwijs in Leiden

In deze lezing van het Leids Historisch Dispuut Merlijn vertelt onderwijshistoricus Anneke Boot over de geschiedenis van het vakonderwijs in Leiden. | read more

Thu 11 March 2021

KITLV Webinar | Ecocide in West Papua

Former Dutch colony West Papua's rich natural resources are a curse for the Papuans. In this lecture, legal counselor Fadjar Schouten-Korwa explores legal avenues to adress the crime of ecocide. | read more

Thu 11 March 2021

ASCL Webinar | Opening sub-Saharan Africa's demographic window

While political leaders of sub-Saharan African states welome their young populations, demographers are generally pessimistic. Prof. Richard Cincotta speaks on the age structure and the timing of African development. | read more

Thu 11 March 2021

Lecture | Art, Memory and Identity in New Guinea

As part of the Topical Issues in Museums guest lectures, professor and director of the Museums, Collections and Society Research Group, Pieter ter Keurs will discuss art, memory and identity in New Guinea. | read more

Fri 12 March 2021

Lezing | De pest in de vijftiende eeuw

Studium Generale en Rijksmuseum Boerhaave organiseren een lezingenreeks rondom de tentoonstelling Besmet! Universitair docent Middleeuwse Geschiedenis Claire Weeda kijkt in deze lezing naar hoe de stad Sint-Truiden omging met pest in de vijftiende eeuw. | read more

Fri 12 March 2021

Lecture | Environmental Transformation and Access to Land in Southeast Asia

In this Asian Connections Seminar, Dr. Suraya Afiff (Universitas Indonesia) and Dr. Clara Mi Young Park (FAO Regional Office for Africa) discuss environmental transformation and access to land in Southeast Asia. | read more

Sun 14 March 2021

RMO lezing | David Kertai over een Assyrische koning

In deze topstuklezing vertelt David Kertai, conservator van de collectie oude Nabije Oosten in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden over het reliëf van de Assyrische koning Tiglathpileser III en geeft hij een inkijkje in het Assyrische rijk. | read more

Mon 15 March 2021

RIAS Course | The Rooseveltian Century

This free course by Leiden University, taught by Prof.dr. Giles Scott-Smith (Roosevelt Institute for American Studies) uses the lives, ideals and achievements of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt to create the idea of a Rooseveltian century. | read more

Mon 15 March 2021

Course | Heritage Under Threat

In this free Leiden University coursera course by Dr. Sada Mire you will learn to articulate your own concepts about (threatened) heritage and that of others. What is your heritage? Who defines heritage? How can we protect heritage? | read more

Mon 15 March 2021

RCMC Seminar | Ethical Code for Museums and Questions of the Colonial

The Ethics Committee for Dutch Museums and the Research Center for Material Culture (Tropenmuseum, Museum Volkenkunde, Afrika Museum) organise a seminar on the Dutch ethical Code for museums, which starts with a keynote lecture open to the general public. | read more

Tue 16 March 2021

Lecture | Indigeneity and National Identity

As part of the Topical Issues in Museums guest lectures, Dr. Martin Berger talks about indigeneity and national identity at the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology. | read more

Wed 17 March 2021

Lecture | Apocalypticism and Eschatology in Early Islam

In this Leiden University Shi'i Studies Initiative seminar, Prof. David Cook (Rice University) discusses “The Sufyānī” Shiʿi and Sunni Perspectives on Justice during the end-times Battles”. | read more

Thu 18 March 2021

Lecture | Plotting History: writing your own Anabasis

In this Forum Antiquum Spring 2021 lecture, assistant professor of Ancient Greek Dr. Luuk Huitink (University of Amsterdam) gives a lecture titled 'Plotting History: writing your own Anabasis'. | read more

Thu 18 March 2021

Lecture | Central Banks in Conflict: Libya and Yemen

Heba Taha, lecturer of International Relations at Leiden University looks at the role of central banks during times of conflict. She focuses particularly on the cases of Libya and Yemen starting from 2014 until the present. | read more

Thu 18 March 2021

RCMC Conversation | Doing The Work: Curating and Collecting Antiracism? II

As part of the RCMC series of conversations 'A Future where Racism has no Place - What can Museums Do' a group of curators reflect on their own experience regarding anti-racist curation. | read more

Thu 18 March 2021

Lecture | Painting ensembles in 18th century interiors in the Dutch Republic

Paintings played an important role in the eighteenth-century interior. In this lecture, the different facets of 'painted rooms' will be highlighted, based on examples from private residences from the 18th century Dutch Republic. | read more

Wed 24 March 2021

IIAS Webinar | Contemporary Practices of Citizenship in Asia and the West

Dr. Gregory Bracken (TU Delft) highlights key points from a series of multidisciplinary essays on urban life in Asia and the West; the problems and opportunities. | read more

Thu 25 March 2021

Book launch | Art, Trade, and Diplomacy in the Dutch Republic

Claudia Swan's (Washington University) 'Rarities of These Lands' explores how the Dutch Republic turned foreign objects into expressions of its national self-conception. Marika Keblusek reflects on these new insights on Dutch arts and culture. | read more

Thu 25 March 2021

KITLV Webinar | Creolising India Across the Oceans

Atelier KITLV is a series of three events exploring creolisation as a politics, aesthetics, and ethics of becoming. This webinar explores a plural and creolised India with Francio Guadeloupe and discussant Wayne Modest (RCMC). | read more

Sat 27 March 2021

Lecture | Giovanni Battistta Foggini: interiors and decorative arts

As part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series, Kira d'Alburquerque (The Victoria & Albert Museum) gives a lecture on Giovanni Foggini (1652-1735), who was involved in most interior decors of the time. | read more

Sun 28 March 2021

RMO Lezing | Lara Weiss over de kapel van Paätenemheb

In deze topstuklezing vertelt Lara Wiess, conservator collectie Egypte in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden over de kapel van Paätenemheb, koninklijk schenker aan het hof van Toetanchamon. | read more

Tue 30 March 2021

RMO Lezing | Oog op de ander: een disclaimer vooraf

Zijn trigger warnings ook nodig als het gaat om thema’s als verkrachting of moord in de Oudheid? Oudhistorica Kim Beerden en conservator Annemarieke Willemsen (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden) bespreken het spanningsveld. | read more

April 2021

Thu 1 April 2021

Lecture | Dutch 18th century interiors in the Museum Houses

Valentijn Carbo (Hendrik de Kyserstichting) will take a closer look at the problems that can arise when 18th century interiors become part of a Museum House. How to display for example wall hanging that have been lost? Do rooms need to be refurnished? | read more

Thu 1 April 2021

RCMC Conversation | Ethics of Disorderly Being

The Research Centre for Material Culture invites Kaiama L. Glover (Colombia University) as a lead-in to the Inward/Outward symposium to discuss her book on Caribbean womanhood and the ethics of disorderly being. | read more

Thu 1 April 2021

Lezing | Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje: De perfecte geleerde

hristiaan Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936) werd gezien als een van de grootste wetenschappers uit zijn tijd. Wie was deze man en wat waren zijn opvattingen over de islam? Hoogleraar geschiedenis Wim van den Doel (Universiteit Leiden) gaat in op deze vragen. | read more

Fri 2 April 2021

Lecture | Political Science Workshop: Proxy Wars in Syria

In this Political Science Workshop, Reinoud Leenders, Reader in International Relations and Middle East Studies (King's College London) discusses Proxy Wars in Syria. | read more

Tue 6 April 2021

RCMC Lecture | Algeria: The Jews are still there, in every bracelet

As part of the Inward Outward symposium, Prof. Ariella Aïsha Azoulay discusses the double disappearance of the Jews from Africa and from the French colonisation of North Africa through jewelry pieces and other metal works with Wayne Modest. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 9 April 2021

Opening Tue 6 April 2021

KITLV & RCMC Symposium | Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Coloniality

The international symposium Inward Outward explores the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. This year's theme is Emotion in the Archive. | read more

Wed 7 April 2021

Lecture | Learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality

Can we solve more complex problems when we're continuously supported by a digital device? In this session of the Centre for Digital Humanities Lunchtime Speaker Series, Robin de Lange discusses learning through virtual and augmented reality. | read more

Thu 8 April 2021

Lecture | How Islamists Navigate a Secular World

All Islamists have to operate in a hostile environment which is dominated by secular norms and practices. Leiden University lecturer Marina Calculli explores Islamist groups that manage to resist stigma and coercion in order to pursue their goals. | read more

Mon 12 April 2021

Lecture | Representations of Indigenous Taiwanese in Documentary Film

Kerim Friedman (National Dong Hwa University) explores the shifting representations of Taiwan's indigenous peoples in films by indigenous and non-indigenous directors alike. | read more

Tue 13 April 2021

Lecture | Twentieth-century Dutch Women Picturing the Middle East

As part of the Topical Issues in Museums guest lectures, Leiden University researcher Holly O'Farrell discusses twentieth-century Dutch women picturing the Middle East and their collections at the National Museum of World Cultures in the Netherlands. | read more

Thu 15 April 2021

Lecture | 18th century interior in the historiography of British architecture

Christine Casey (Trintiy College) explores the range of approaches to the decorative interior in Britain with emphasis on the role of craftsmanship and considers the misrepresentation of architectural production in the period. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 16 April 2021

Opening Thu 15 April 2021

LUCAS Conference | Bodies Matter

This conference by Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS), presents a unique opportunity for all interested parties to explore the multiple actions, states and meanings of bodies from a range of disciplinary perspectives. | read more

Thu 22 April 2021

Lecture | Israel's Foreign Policy in Nagorno Karabakh

Leiden University lecturer Dr. Ben Aharon discusses Israel's foreign policy doctrine in light of its geopolitical interests in the South Caucasus and its involvement in the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020. | read more

Wed 28 April 2021

Lecture | Inclusive Electoral Institutions and Ethnic Voters

In this Leiden Interdisiplinary Migration Seminar, Dr. Elif Naz Kayran Meier (Institute for Public Administration Leiden) gives a lecture on inclusive electorial institutions and political efficacy of ethnic voters in diverse democracies. | read more

Thu 29 April 2021

Lecture | Engaging with the Antique

As part of the 'Interiors for Display' lecture series, Helen Jacobs (The Wallace Collection) looks at the development of neoclassical taste in French interiors and fashionable decorative art.. | read more

Fri 30 April 2021

Lecture | Hindus and Muslims in Delhi Slums

In this Leiden Political Science Workshop, Professor of International Affairs and chair of the Harvard Academy of International and Area Studies Melani Cammett (Harvard University) discusses Hindus and Muslims in Delhi Slums. | read more

May 2021

Sat 1 May 2021

LDE Seminar and photo exhibition Focus Raqqa

This event is organised by the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development in honor of Dr. Olivier Nieuwenhuijse and will be held at the National Museum of Antiquities. | read more

Sat 8 May 2021

RIAS Conference | Amerikanistendag 2021

The Amerikanistendag is a student conference and serves as a forum for students and recent graduates to present their research within the field of American Studies. The conference also includes an award ceremony for the best MA thesis in American Studies. | read more

Sun 9 May 2021

RMO Lezing | Daniel Soliman over de tempel van Taffeh

Daniel Soliman, conservator collectie Egypte van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden vertelt over de lange geschiedenis van de tempel van Taffeh, de tempel die in de grote entreehal van het museum staat. | read more

Thu 13 May 2021

Lecture | Textile Furnishings in the British Country House

The use of colour, texture and design of textiles is fundamental to the appearance and purpose of fashionable spaces. Annabel Westman (The Attingham Trust) shows the range of textile furnishings from the 18th century furnished room. | read more

Fri 14 May 2021

Lecture | Can the Subaltern Document?

This talk describes documentary projects involving speaker communities of the Tanzanian Rift Valley Area, which could be described as marginalised. How can community-led language documentation be of greater value to the speaker communities themselves? | read more

Tue 18 May 2021

Lecture | On the Formation of a National Collection for the Netherlands

As part of the Topical Issues in Museums guest lectures, Leiden University Professor Dr. Kitty Zijlmans discusses the formation of a National Collection for the Netherlands. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 21 May 2021

Opening Thu 20 May 2021

Conference | LGBTQI+ Workplace Inclusion 2021 Conference

This online conference organised by Leiden University Professor LGBT Workplace Inclusion Jojanneke van der Toorn and VVI Research Assistant Waruguru Gaitho brings together knowledge on LGBTQI+ workplace inclusion. | read more

Thu 27 May 2021

ASCL Seminar | The Army of Politics in Zimbabwe

Dr. Miles Tendi (University of Oxford) focuses on the life of Solomon Mujuru, a controversial African liberation fighter in the 1970s and, until his assassination in 2011, an important figure in Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU PF party in Zimbabwe. | read more

June 2021