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September 2018

Tue 25 September 2018

IIAS lunch lecture | Mercantile scripts in ancient and pre-modern India

Saraju Rath speaks about the importance of mercantile scripts for the history of writing. She tells what mercantile scripts mean in combination with the Nagari and Sarada. | read more

Tue 25 September 2018

IIAS lecture | Indian Ocean Lectures Series, Lecture by Salah Punathil

Our first speaker of his year will be Dr Salah Punathil, an anthropologist working on the communal clashes among Muslim-Christian fishing communities in coastal south India. | read more

Wed 26 September 2018

RMO lezing | Schuif aan bij een conservator

Conservator collectie Egypte, Maarten Raven vertelt over een reliëf van de schepping van de wereld door de scheppergod Chnoem. Waar komt het vandaan, wie liet het maken en wat was de functie en betekenis van dit reliëf? | read more

Wed 26 September 2018

Lecture | European Values under Threat - the EU-Russia-US Triangle

The EU is currently faced with a range of pressures and crises that are resulting in a retreat from its own values system. In this talk Maxine David focuses on the threats from without, particularly the EU’s relations with Russia and the USA. | read more

Wed 26 September 2018

Lecture | The Art of War by Other Means

In the 16th century, the Shiʿa were accused of being dangerous heretics. Shiʿa scholars wrote texts in defense of their faith. This LUCIS lecture looks into the writings of Shiʿa scholar Sayyid Nūr Allāh Shūshtarī and the context in which he wrote them. | read more

Wed 26 September 2018

RMO lezing | Archeologie en rotskunst in de Zwarte Woestijn

Leidse archeologen presenteren hun ontdekkingen in de Zwarte Woestijn, het meest onherbergzame en ontoegankelijke deel van Jordanië. Ze doen dat door middel van vier korte lezingen en een fototentoonstelling. | read more

Wed 26 September 2018

VVI lecture | Strengthening Gender Equality, Access to Justice and Protection of Women’s Rights

Professor Linda Reif speaks about ombuds institutions and classic ombuds, who are examined critically to explore the extent to which they strengthen gender equality, improve women’s access to justice, and protect and promote women’s rights. | read more

Thu 27 September 2018

Lecture | What were the Napoleonic Wars really about?

What were the Napoleonic Wars really about? Adam Zamoyski gives this lecture on account of his new book Napoleon. The man behind the myth. | read more

Thu 27 September 2018

Heritage on the Move | The surprising history behind North Korean statues in Africa

Across the African continent, North Korean monuments, statues and government buildings cast their shadows over the landscape. Tycho van der Hoog from the African Studies Centre Leiden explains how these monuments got here and why. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 28 September 2018

Opening Thu 27 September 2018

RIAS symposium | Refugees and Asylum

This public symposium brings together an interdisciplinary group of experts—including historians, legal scholars, and policymakers—and explores the nature and consequences of various “refugee crises” in the modern era. | read more

Fri 28 September 2018

RIAS lecture | My Childhood in Hiding: Amsterdam, 1942-1945

Following her father's arrest by the Nazis, Hedy, together with her mother and sister, Betsy, became onderduikers.Dr. Rose will share the story of her wartime childhood in Amsterdam at this Roosevelt lecture. | read more

Fri 28 September 2018

Stichting Sahara Sociëteit lectures

On September 28 Stichting Sahara Sociëteit organises two lectures. Malika Ouacha speaks about the Women in the Ayt Hdiddu tribe; followed by dr. Simone Mauri, speaking about the Language and Culture of the Ayt Atta. | read more

Sun 30 September 2018

RMO museumwandeling | Restauratiegeschiedenis van de afdeling Grieken

Renske Dooijes, restaurator bij het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, loopt langs de Griekse collectie en vertelt over een groot restauratieproject dat vooraf ging aan de herinrichting van deze nieuwe vaste opstelling. | read more

Sun 30 September 2018

Lezing | Vluchtelingen en hun beschermers in de Koptische en Griekse papyri

Deze LUCIS lezing laat zien in welke situaties beschermbrieven en andere reispapieren konden worden ingezet in de late Oudheid in Egypte, en wie de hoofdrolspelers in deze situaties waren. | read more

October 2018

Mon 1 October 2018

Lecture | Trump’s America and the World

In this lecture Stephen G. Brooks addresses the two most important questions concerning the United States’ role in the world. He also discusses the implications of Trump’s foreign policy stance for Europe, as well as examine how fast America is declining. | read more

Thu 4 October 2018

Lecture | Sufi women: the Sufi gender paradigm and praxis in South Asia

In this part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series, Saad Ali Khan analyses the articulation and understanding of gender within Sufism by asking how gender is articulated in Sufi Islam and how it impacts the social practice of Sufi culture in Pakistan. | read more

Fri 5 October 2018

RMO lecture | Life under Akhenaten: Excavating the cemeteries of Amarna

Dr. Anna Stevens, from the University of Cambridge and assistant director of the Amarna Project speaks about the recent excavations in Amarna. She tells about the results of study about life and death in Amarna. | read more

Sat 6 October 2018


Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is tot in de late uurtjes open voor de Archeonacht. Sluit aan bij een speedrondleiding, bekijk documentaires, bezoek lezingen en schrijfworkshops, duik in de wereld van Virtual Reality en bekijk de lichtshow in de entreehal. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 9 October 2018

Opening Mon 8 October 2018

KITLV workshop | Academic research in a decolonizing world

What do concepts of ‘de/coloniality’ and ‘postcolonial’ mean for current critical scholarship? This two-day workshop will explore why and how this question matters to scholars today. | read more

Wed 10 October 2018

Symposium | Future Archaeologies: the Legacy of Reuvens

This symposium will celebrate 200 years of Archaeology and the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. With a diverse programme and speakers. | read more

Wed 10 October 2018

Lecture | Exploring the current humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

In this Studium Generale lecture prof Patricio Silva speaks about the main political and economic causes which have provoked the current crisis in Venezuela, their main characteristics, and possible political scenarios in this country for the years ahead. | read more

Thu 11 October 2018

ASCL seminar |The Fall of Mugabe and the Rise of Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe

This seminar puts events into perspective by examining the military intervention. It will also draw on the Constitution of Zimbabwe to ask questions about the constitutionality of the intervention. | read more

Thu 11 October 2018

Lecture | Human perspectives - diaspora and migration in global history

This Studium Generale lecture by Professor Anne Gerritsen explores the long history of migration across the globe and asks how the global village in which we live came to be so diverse. | read more

Thu 11 October 2018

Lecture | The Tawfiq Canaan Collection of Palestinian Amulets

In the 1990’s the Tawfiq Canaan Collection was opened at Birzeit University. The collection aims to disclose part of the Palestinian cultural heritage. Marcela García Probert shows the different stages of the forming of this Collection. | read more

Mon 15 October 2018

CA-OS Seminar | The Afterlives of the Indian Indentured Labour System

Priya Swami, postdoctoral researcher, speaks about the afterlives of the Indian indentured labour system in Suriname and the Netherlands. | read more

Wed 17 October 2018

Film screening on Iran | Marriage Iranian Style

Studium Generale "Love and Marriage" film screening part 3. A romantic comedy about an Amarican man who falls in love with an Iranian woman and their relationship. | read more

Thu 18 October 2018

Lecture | The Politics of Violence in Post-War Lebanon

In this part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series Marina Calculli speaks about Hezbollah’s strength against the Lebanese Army and other Security Institutions. She argues that Hezbollah’s political acumen explains its resilience. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 19 October 2018

Opening Thu 18 October 2018

IIAS conference | Fifth Annual ACGS Conference: Global Critical Pedagogies

This conference focuses on critical global pedagogies. It does so along the lines of four interrelated themes: pedagogies beyond the classroom, decolonizing knowledge and worlding pedagogies, contesting the neoliberal university and pedagogies of failure. | read more

Fri 19 October 2018

Lezing | Prometheus en de Geboorte van de tragedie volgens Nietzsche

Deze lezing van Timo Slootweg gaat over de geboorte van de tragedie. De tragische filosofie van Nietzsche wordt uiteengezet en besproken, onder voortdurende verwijzing naar Prometheus, die zijn grote held en voorbeeld was. | read more

Sat 20 October 2018

NVAS Africa Day 2018 | Responding to climate change in Africa

Organised by the Netherlands Association of Africa Studies in collaboration with the African Studies Centre Leiden, this day consists of two lectures, by Bart Geenen (WWF) and Prof. Marja Spierenburg (Radboud University), and four panel sessions. | read more

Tue 23 October 2018

ASCL Conference | What Future for the Sahel?

A one day conference in which various aspects of the current state of affairs in the Sahel region, like Institutions, religion, mobility and (geo)politics, will be discussed. Registration is necessary. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 26 October 2018

Opening Wed 24 October 2018

RIAS conference | Bridging Divides

As the main meeting point for the New Diplomatic History network, this conference aims to bring together scholars working on diplomacy from different historical periods and from different disciplines across the social sciences and humanities. | read more

Fri 26 October 2018

Junius Symposium voor jonge Oudgermanisten III

Dr. Vince van Thienen (Universiteit van Gent) zal de keynote lezing geven over archeologische perspectieven op laatantieke identiteit en hoe die te verbinden zijn met de Germaanssprekende volkeren van de late Oudheid en vroege Middeleeuwen. | read more

Fri 26 October 2018

ASCL workshop | Words in Action?

This workshop consists of two lectures. The first lecture is by Harri Englund: Free Speech and the Untranslatable: Homophobic Poetry from Malawi Lecture by Adriaan van Klinken: Homophobia is un-African and un-Christian. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 31 October 2018

Opening Mon 29 October 2018

Conference | Interpreting Rituals: Historiographical Perspectives and Pluralistic Contexts

The aim of the conference is not only to gain insight into the academic study and the historiography of Jewish ritual, but to transcend the conventional (Western) Christian bias inherent in the study of ritual in search of other and new vantage points. | read more

Wed 31 October 2018

Film screening on Iran | Women without Men

Studium Generale "Love and Marriage" film screening part 4. Women without Men is based on a novel, depicting how women from different social classes dream of an ideal world. | read more

Wed 31 October 2018

RMO boekpresentatie | De dageraad van Holland

Henk ’t Jong presenteert zijn boek De dageraad van Holland. De geschiedenis van het graafschap 1100-1300 en neemt u mee naar de hoogtijdagen van het ridderschap. Na afloop van de lezing is het boek in de museumwinkel te koop en zal de auteur signeren. | read more

November 2018

Thu 1 November 2018

Origins and Solutions for Violent Extremism in the Middle East, Balkans, and Northern Africa

Dr. Mark Dechesne, Associate Professor at the FGGA reflects in this part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series on the origins and long-term solutions for violent extremism in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Northern Africa. | read more

Sun 4 November 2018

RMO museumwandeling | Goden van Egypte

In deze lezing zal Maarten Raven, conservator collectie Egypte, vertellen over de godenwereld en ons leren over de idealen van de Egyptenaren, hun wereldbeeld, en hun gevoel voor orde. | read more

Mon 5 November 2018

Collegedag Het Egyptische Godenrijk

Tijdens deze collegedag in het RMO nemen vier deskundigen u mee naar het Egyptische godenrijk. Ze vertellen onder andere over de ontwikkeling van het godsbesef, de rol van godsdienst in het dagelijks leven en over Achnaton. | read more

Mon 5 November 2018

CA-OS Seminar | Migration and Development in Africa

Ton Dietz, hoogleraar Afrika Studies, gives a lecture about the migration and development in Africa | read more

Ongoing until Fri 9 November 2018

Opening Thu 8 November 2018

Brave New World

Brave New World is an annual conference which discusses what ethical and societal impact new technologies could have on human life, before the innovations are introduced in society. | read more

Thu 8 November 2018

Lecture | Rumour and Recolonisation in Muslim Chad

Part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series. At the Cemetery of the Martyrs in Abéché, one plot is marked, against local custom. Here lies, the body of ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq al-Tarjumī, the most important scholar of his time. | read more

Wed 14 November 2018

Enige Echte Egypte Pubquiz

Weet u alles over het oude Egypte? Stichting Friends of Saqqara test uw kennis met vragen over kunst, geschiedenis, archeologie, religie en taal, beroemde museumstukken, Egyptomania en het grafveld van Sakkara. Wie wint dit jaar de felbegeerde titel 'groo | read more

Ongoing until Fri 16 November 2018

Opening Thu 15 November 2018

Seminar | Criminalising and emancipatory trends in family law in Muslim countries

This two-day seminar is co-organised by VVI, KITLV and LUCIS. This seminar looks at legal development related to family law in Indonesia and otehr Muslim majority countries. | read more

Sun 18 November 2018

Lecture | Tutankhamun's wardrobe

Dr Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood will discuss the clothes and textiles found in the 1920s in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun. The lecture will focus on some of the most spectacular of the garments, namely the embroidered clothes. | read more

Tue 20 November 2018

IIAS annual lecture | Chinese Dreams: the human face of changing China

In this lecture Ruben Terlou shares his thoughts on modern-day China. He speaks about the adaptability of the people to the enormous changes taking place, and shows how they stay faithful to their culture and all things in which they believe. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 23 November 2018

Opening Wed 21 November 2018

Conference | Nationalism and International Order

This conference takes stock of existing ideas on the nexus between nationalism and international order; it aims to identify major gaps in empirical research; and it aspires to contribute to the theorisation of international relations and global politics. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 24 November 2018

Opening Thu 22 November 2018

Conference | The Language of Law in Ancient Documents

The Leiden Papyrology+ Group organizes a yearly international conference under the general heading of 'Papyri in a Changing World'. This year's conference is on transformation and continuity of legal formulae in diachronic and geographic perspective. | read more

Thu 22 November 2018

Lecture | Body and Word in Palestinian Literature: The Case of Hussein Barghouti

Omari uses the body to investigate the works of Palestinian author, Hussein Barghouti. This part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series uses the relation between the body and the word as a way of exploring alternative methods of thinking the literary. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 24 November 2018

Opening Thu 22 November 2018

Conference | The Language of Law in Ancient Documents

This conference about the transformation and continuity of legal formulae in diachronic and geographic perspective is organised on behalf of the Papyrology+ Group by the Leiden Papyrological Institute. | read more

Thu 22 November 2018

RCMC lecture | Imperial rights and the origins of photography

In this lecture, Ariella Azoulay departs from the theories that present photography as a practice by itself and locate its moment of emergence in the mid 19th century. Instead she locates the origins in the “new world,”. | read more

Fri 23 November 2018

Conference | Safeguarding children’s rights in immigration law

Conference organised by Leiden Law School which addresses the challenge of safeguarding children’s rights in immigration law. | read more

Sat 24 November 2018

Midden Oosten cultuurmarkt

LUCIS organiseert in samenwerking met het RMO derde editie van de Midden-Oosten cultuurmarkt. Bezoekers kunnen genieten van een interessant programma en kennis opdoen over de Midden-Oosterse landen. | read more

Ongoing until Mon 26 November 2018

Opening Sun 25 November 2018

Conference | Interdisciplinary Approaches to Disability

A conference on the MENA Region in the Modern Period Cairo where the issues of physical and mental health will be analysed by discussing how they intersect with social and economic concerns. | read more

Sun 25 November 2018

RMO museumwandeling | Nederland in de Romeinse tijd

Ruurd Halbertsma, conservator collectie Klassieke Wereld, zal in deze museumwandeling de vernieuwde vaste tentoonstelling Nederland in de Romeinse tijd tonen. Tijdens de wandeling vertelt hij ook over de keuzes die een conservator moet maken. | read more

Thu 29 November 2018

Lecture | Political Sharia? Islamic Authority, Prebendalism, and Governance in Northern Nigeria

Part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series.In this lecture David Ehrhardt examines the development of Islamic authority and governance in the sharia era in northern Nigeria. | read more

December 2018