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October 2019

Thu 17 October 2019

Lecture | Na de lokale verkiezingen: een keerpunt in de Turkse politiek?

In deze lezing zal Kutsal Yesilkagit (hoogleraar bestuurskunde aan de Universiteit Leiden) ingaan op de politieke gebeurtenissen van tijdens en na de recente verkiezingen in Turkije. Welke gevolgen hebben deze verkiezingen? | read more

Fri 18 October 2019

Themamiddag | Uni for City: Kunst in de Buurt

Op deze 'Kunst in de Buurt' themamiddag wordt nagedacht over de toekomst van kunst & cultuur in Leiden en Den Haag, en de plek die de universiteit daarin kan innemen. Hoe kunnen culturele initiatieven, de gemeente en de universiteit elkaar versterken? | read more

Fri 18 October 2019

Lecture | Islam in North Africa Muslims, Race and Surveillance State

Dr. Arshad Ali draws in this LUCIS lecture upon his ethnographic research with Muslim in New York City and Southern California to explore the ramifications of police infiltration and monitoring on Muslim students. | read more

Sat 19 October 2019

Lecture | The 'Kingdom of Śrīvijaya'

This year’s IIAS/Rijksmuseum Annual Lecture will be given by Professor Emeritus Pierre-Yves Manguin. It is entitled The 'Kingdom of Śrīvijaya' after a century of research: achievements, new data, debates. | read more

Sat 19 October 2019

Conferentie | 47e Vlaams-Nederlandse Egyptologendag

De Egyptologendag in het Allard Pierson Museum is georganiseerd door de sectie Egyptologie van de Universiteit Leiden en gaat onder andere over archeologisch onderzoek en tentoonstellingen over Egypte. | read more

Sun 20 October 2019

Volkenkunde themadag | Natuur en Winti & Vodun

Deze 'Helende Kracht' special gaat dieper in op Afro-Surinaamse Winti en de west Afrikaanse Vodun en hun relatie met de natuur. Met workshops, rondleidingen, interviews en een vuurceremonie. | read more

Tue 22 October 2019

NINO Lecture | Non-written administration in the Ancient Near East

Lucy Bennison-Chapman investigates in this lecture how clay objects might have been used as tokens alongside seals, sealings and other administrative tools at two discrete villages at Tell Sabi Abyad c. 6,000 BC. | read more

Tue 22 October 2019

IIAS Lecture | A Sanskrit satire from the 11th century

Sanskrit literature is vast and varied, many texts are lively and full of humour. Kṣemendra’s Samayamātṛkā, a spicy satire, is one of the texts that make the life of a philologist such as Iris Farkhondeh a true pleasure and a challenging one. | read more

Tue 22 October 2019

ASCL Book presentation | Roads through Mwinilunga

Roads through Mwinilung by Iva Peša reassesses existing explanations of social change in Central Africa. After the book launch, a panel discusses the challenges of using oral history and the limitations of ‘modernist narratives’ of African historiography. | read more

Wed 23 October 2019

Lecture | The Internet and Political Protest in Autocracies

Nils B. Weidmann (University of Konstanz) will speak on his book The Internet and Political Protest in Autocracies, and present the debate over the link between Internet technology and protest against authoritarian regimes. | read more

Thu 24 October 2019

KITLV Seminar | Racial narrations in the Malay Archipelago

Dr. Sandra Manickam (Erasmus University) focuses on the racial ideas circulating during the occupation of Malaya and Sumatra during World War II. She considers the context of racial arguments made during wartime from the perspective of local peoples. | read more

Thu 24 October 2019

ASCL Seminar | Wilderness, hybridity, livelihoods

This seminar focuses on the relationship between humans and felids (in this case, the Cape Mountain Leopard) in the specific context of the mountainous region of the Cederberg in South Africa’s Western Cape province. | read more

Thu 24 October 2019

Lezing | Van sjaars tot schildermeester - Rembrandt en de Universiteit Leiden

Tijdens deze Hutspot lezing staan drs. Jef Schaeps en dr. Mart van Duijn stil bij de Leidse jaren van Rembrandt en de unieke Rembrandtcollectie van de Universitaire Bibliotheken. | read more

Thu 24 October 2019

Symposium | Archaeology of Materials and Skills

Dr. Maikel Kuijpers (Leiden University) and prof. Marcos Martinón-Torres (University of Cambridge) will talk about archaeological connoisseurship and the bronze age and explore the relationship between craft and science. | read more

Thu 24 October 2019

IIAS Lecture | The Shanhaijing and Sacred Geography in Ancient China

This presentation by IIAS fellow Lennert Gesterkamp uses China's most ancient book on sacred geography, the Shanhaijing, to investigate its importance for Unesco sites and how China viewed itself and the world in ancient times. | read more

Thu 24 October 2019

RIAS Lecture | 'Roosevelt, Rockwell, and the War of Ideals'

For the Roosevelt Lecture, Prof. James Kimble explores the generally overlooked collaboration between President Roosevelt and Norman Rockwell, whose visual imagery highlights the fragility of the concept of 'freedom'. | read more

Sat 26 October 2019

Auditorium | Nacht van de Geschiedenis

Het Rijksmuseum organiseert het programma 'Nacht van de Geschiedenis' met o.a. KITLV sprekers David Kloos over vrouwelijk religieus leiderschap in Indonesië en Maleisië, en Rosemarijn Hoefte en Rosa de Jong over vrouwen uit de voormalige koloniën. | read more

Mon 28 October 2019

LUCIS Lecture | Issues of the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring is a real turmoil and little attention has been paid to the practices and conceptions. Prof. Touhami Abdouli will cover subjects like these related to the Arab Spring. | read more

Mon 28 October 2019

Lecture | Narendra Modi and the Uses of Foreign Policy

Narenda Modi's promise to make India a 'leading power' surprised many analysts. Ian Hall (Griffith University) explores the drivers of the reinvention of Indian foreign policy, following Modi's re-election in 2019. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 30 October 2019

Opening Tue 29 October 2019

Seminar | Arabic Numismatics

This seminar offers an introduction to Arabic Numismatics and gives an overwiew of the relevancy of Arabic coins, which provide plenty information. Participants can examine coins and more during hands-on sessions. | read more

Wed 30 October 2019

RMO boekpresentatie | PALMA-reeks: Egypte

RMO conservatoren Lara Weiss en Daniel Soliman presenteren de nieuwste delen van de wetenschappelijke PALMA-reeks, waarin wetenschappelijke publicaties van het RMO verschijnen. In drie lezingen vertellen ze over het onderzoek dat eraan voorafging. | read more

Wed 30 October 2019

Presentation | Global Frictions & Creative Traces

Global Frictions & Creative Traces assesses the role of international funders to support arts and cultural organisations. A Leiden team presents four case studies of cultural community building initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa. | read more

Thu 31 October 2019

Lecture | Patricians of Leninabad: Urban Elites in Soviet Central Asia

In this LUCIS talk, Flora Roberts presents a study of elite continuity, amid the profound social and political changes unleashed by the Soviet government in the republics of Central Asia. | read more

November 2019

Fri 1 November 2019

Lecture | Learning and Unlearning from the Tunisian Model

Prof. Touhami Abdouli argues in this LUCIS lecture that we need to rethink the future of democracy and regenerate a workable strategy to avoid the rule of populists, Mediocrats and Ineptocrats. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 2 November 2019

Opening Fri 1 November 2019

Conference | International Siebold Research Conference

Research on Leiden doctor and Japan expert Siebold is in the spotlights as the Leiden University Libraries host the 12th International Siebold Research Conference. With speakers from Japanese National Museums, the Museum of Ethnology and more. | read more

Fri 1 November 2019

Lecture | Nations Without States: Scots and Catalans

John Elliott (University of Oxford) offers new insights into the character and development of European nationalism, the nature of separatism, and the sense of grievance underlying the ambitions that led to the Scottish and Catalan referendums. | read more

Sun 3 November 2019

RMO Lezing | Museumwandeling Cyprus tentoonstelling

Conservator Ruurd Halbertsma geeft de maandelijkse rondleiding, deze keer in de vorm van een lezing, over de tentoonstelling 'Cyrpus - eiland in beweging'. Halbertsma vertelt over Cypriotische kunst uit de oudheid. | read more

Tue 5 November 2019

Event | Who Owns Heritage?

This event is organized by The Netherlands-Sri Lanka Foundation. Prof Nira Wickramasinghe (Modern South Asian Studies, Leiden University) speaks on The return of objects during British colonial rule: the story of a skull and a throne. | read more

Tue 5 November 2019

Theatervoostelling | Meet the Millennials

Het LeidenAsiaCentre presenteert ism Stichting Nieuwe Helden de theatervoorstelling “Meet the Millennials” waarin Lucas de Man het publiek meeneemt op een fascinerende reis door zes Aziatische megasteden. | read more

Tue 5 November 2019

Symposium | Social Sciences in Latin America & the Caribbean

This event, with two lectures, highlights the importance of Social Sciences in the development of Latin America and the Caribbean. The lectures are followed by a discussion, moderated by the faculty dean Paul Wouters. | read more

Wed 6 November 2019

IIAS Lunch Lecture | ‘It’s all bloody politics’

Drawing on ethnography from the Kenyan port of Mombasa, IIAS/ASCL fellow Zoë Goodman (urban anthropologist) speaks on Blood donation, terror and Khoja diasporic imaginaries in Mombasa. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 7 November 2019

Opening Wed 6 November 2019

LUCIS Annual Conference | Matters of Taste and Style

The tenth annual conference will be themed around Muslim food, fashion, and music in practice. With speakers from various (inter)national universities. | read more

Thu 7 November 2019

RMO Festival | Aphrodite Festival

De jongerenambassadeurs van het RMO organiseren een feestelijke avond die in het teken staat van Aphrodite, de godin van de liefde en schoonheid. Met silent disco, Greek talks en een game room met de nieuwste Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. | read more

Thu 7 November 2019

IIAS Lecture | M.P.T. Acharya, Anticolonialism, and Anarchism

Exploring the life of the Indian anarchist M.P.T. Acharya, covering issues of anticolonialism, anarchism, pacifism, and the Indian independence movement, this lecture opens a window onto the history of anarchism in India and more. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 8 November 2019

Opening Thu 7 November 2019

Conference | Rebellions and Revolts in the Early Caliphate

This workshop aims to bring together senior and junior scholars to present research on the political and social dynamics present in the act of rebellion and revolt across the caliphate. | read more

Thu 7 November 2019

Phd Career Event | Life after the PhD

Explore your career opportunities: Do you stay in academia or not? What are the alternative possibilities and how do you put your acquired skills to good use? Furthermore, you can attend workshops on personal branding, networking and more. | read more

Thu 7 November 2019

KITLV Seminar | A historical analysis of coffee in Indonesia

Jeffrey Neilson (University of Sydney) examines the three hundred-year history of coffee production in Indonesia, which shows more similarities with past institutional ways of production and social patterns than acknowledged. | read more

Thu 7 November 2019

Albert Verweylezing door Karin Amatmoekrim

Van september tot november zal Karin Amatmoekrim (PhD student Universiteit Leiden) een serie colleges Creative Writing geven aan studenten. Vast onderdeel van het gastschrijverschap is de Albert Verweylezing. | read more

Thu 7 November 2019

ASCL Event | Beasts in African Studies? Radical reflections on research methodologies

In this special event, Dr Harry Wels will have a curated conversation with professor Charles Foster, author of Being a Beast. | read more

Tue 12 November 2019

RMO Lezing | Opgravingen van Chlorakas-Palloures

Dr. Bleda Düring, hoofddocent Archeologie van het Nabije Oosten (Universiteit Leiden), spreekt over de opgravingen van Chlorakas-Palloures op Cyprus in het kader van de fototentoonstelling over Cyprus. | read more

Tue 12 November 2019

Lecture | The Power of Civil Resistance

Erica Chenoweth (Harvard Kennedy School) will discuss what civil resistance is, trends in the use of civil resistance around the globe, how it works and why it sometimes fails, drawing upon historical and contemporary examples. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 16 November 2019

Opening Thu 14 November 2019

RMO Voorstelling | De Odyssee

Theatergroep Aluin speelt de tien jaar lange zwerftocht van Odysseus in sneltreinvaart. De spelers brengen de Game of Thrones-achtige wereld tot leven voor iedereen vanaf 14 jaar oud. | read more

Thu 14 November 2019

ASCL Book launch | Brewing an Identity - the Role of South Africa in Namibian Beer History

Tycho van der Hoog aims to explain in this book how a European style beer has been transformed from an icon of white settlers into the symbol of an independent Namibian nation. | read more

Thu 14 November 2019

Lecture | Syrian Archaeology Before and After the Syrian War of 2011

This LUCIS lecture by Ghazwan Yaghi will focus on the historical and archaeological significance of Syria before 2011, as well as the disastrous impact of the war on these archaeological sites. | read more

Fri 15 November 2019

Themamiddag | Uni for City: Diversiteit in de Klas

De tweede themamiddag 'Diversiteit in de Klas' spits zich toe op diversiteit binnen het basis-, middelbaar of hoger onderwijs en de manieren waarop onderwijs en onderzoek een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan de stad Leiden. | read more

Mon 18 November 2019

ASCL Seminar | African Muslim Migrants in Secular Europe

Dr. Suleiman Chembea (Bomet University College) seeks to nuance understanding of Muslim religosity among migrants who incorporate faith in their lives in secular societies with a 'war on terror' perception of Islam. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 22 November 2019

Opening Wed 20 November 2019

RIAS Seminar | International PhD Seminar

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies organizes this research seminar in American History / American Studies for doctoral students pursuing research in its areas of interest. | read more

Fri 22 November 2019

Veenhof-lezing | These Bones Live!

The lecture is organized by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East in cooperation with the National Museum of Antiquities. Francesca Rochberg (University of California) reflects on three aspects of her research in Assyriology. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

RCMC Gerbrands Lecture | Photo-Writing

The Gerbrands Lecture, organised by Museum Volkenkunde, is delivered by Sammy Baloji and Filip De Boeck. They reflect on the possibilities of combining various artistic and anthropological approaches and inroads into the city. | read more

Thu 28 November 2019

Lecture | The Berber Script: 220 BCE to 2020 CE

In this LUCIS What's New lecture, Maarten Kossmann, professor of Berber Studies at Leiden University, discusses the history of Tifinagh, the official modern script of the Berber in Morocco. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 November 2019

Opening Thu 28 November 2019

LUCL Conference | Going Romance

The Leiden University Center for Linguistics (LUCL) will organise Going Romance, The scope of the conference series lies at the intersection of linguistic theory with data from the Romance languages. With several guest speakers. | read more

Fri 29 November 2019

ASCL Conference | Government Policies, Multinational Businesses and Financial Flows in Africa

Why does capital flow from Africa to the developed regions of the world? The essence of this seminar is to explore the diverse dynamics that impact capital flows in Africa with a view of tackling this economic phenomenon. | read more

Ongoing until Sun 1 December 2019

Opening Sat 30 November 2019

LUCIS Culture Market | Middle Eastern Culture Market 2019

Experience the rich and diverse culture of the Middle East at the Middle Eastern Culture Market in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden. Specialists from Leiden University and outside will present lectures and workshops. | read more

December 2019

Tue 3 December 2019

ASCL Lecture | Spirituality, Culture & Political Power in Early Independent West Africa

In this memorial lecture named after Stephen Ellis, Prof. Emmanuel Akyeampong (Harvard University) explores the nexus of spirituality, culture, and political power in the connected lives of three first generation African nationalist leaders. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 6 December 2019

Opening Tue 3 December 2019

Conference | Ties that Bind

This conference entitled Mechanisms and Structures of Social Dependency in the Early Islamic Empire, aims to bring together scholars to present research which illuminates the structures and mechanisms that allowed the early Islamic empire to function. | read more

Thu 5 December 2019

Lecture | Riding the Tiger: Nasser's Egypt

Noa Schonmann, assistant professor at LIAS, explores the constraints of populist foreign policy in Egypt and looks into the precarious relationship between charismatic leader Nasser and his followers for this LUCIS' What's New Lecture. | read more

Thu 5 December 2019

IIAS Lecture | Introduction to a 17th century Indo-Persian text

Giuseppe Cappello gives an analysis of the Gulzār-i ḥāl by Banwālīdās, which outlines ways Hindu monistic ideas and Islamic mysticism could interact in late-17th century Mughal intellectual settings. | read more

Fri 6 December 2019

Lezing | Huizingalezing 2019

De jaarlijkse de Huizingalezing, die wordt georganiseerd als eerbetoon aan de historicus en cultuurfilosoof Johan Huizinga (1872-1945), hebben een cultuurhistorisch of cultuur- of maatschappijkritisch karakter. | read more

Tue 10 December 2019

RMO Lezing | Migranten, zeevaarders en koningen

Prof. Jan Paul Crielaard (hoogleraar meditterane pre- en protohistorische archeologie, VU) vertelt over de crisis in het Middellandse Zeegebied tussen de 13e en 6e eeuw v. Chr. en hoe Cyprus deze opvallend goed wist te doorstaan. | read more

Wed 11 December 2019

ASCL Seminar | Why Animals Matter

The Trans-species perspectives on African Studies research group extends whatever we think and theorize about humans to animals. Dr. Harry Wels discusses three books that present scientific evidence for animal cognition and more. | read more