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June 2021

Mon 14 June 2021

Conference | Unwanted Histories

This conference, organised by Leiden University in collaboration with King's college London, adresses the legacies of contested monuments and objects. Ideas of new homes, new interpretations and new meanings are discussed. | read more

Mon 14 June 2021

RCMC Conversation | Fleeing the dark

A conversation to think beyond the romanticizations of nomadism, beyond the often voyeuristic images of refugees, to think more caringly about what it means to constanly be in the process of "scaling the dark". | read more

Tue 15 June 2021

RMO Lezing | Hout uit het Romeinse Fort Velsen

In Noord-Holland is een vindplaats van Romeinse schatten die zijn weerga niet kent in Europa: het Romeinse Fort Velsen I. Tijdens deze lezing wordt het nieuwe onderzoeksrapport over daar gevonden houten voorwerpen gepresenteerd. | read more

Wed 16 June 2021

IIAS Webinar | Indigenous language and identity in rural Taiwan

What’s the value of an endangered language? Prof. Friedman (National Dong Hwa University and chair of Taiwan Studies at Leiden University) explores the efforts of a community-based Indigenous language revitalization program in eastern Taiwan. | read more

Wed 16 June 2021

RIAS Lecture | Globalization in Covid Times

Once the pandemic reached the United States, nationalist rhetoric and policies intensified. Yet, the closing of borders and blaming of other nations contrasted with the knowledge that global cooperation was needed to fight the virus. | read more

Wed 16 June 2021

Lecture | What difference did Christianity make?

The title of the paper is borrowed from the article of R. MacMullen (1986), arguing that Christianity did not change much in attitudes towards slavery and inhumane punishment. This lecture questions some of the assumptions of this debate. | read more

Wed 16 June 2021

Workshop | Our Collections Matter

This workshop is about about supporting collections-based organizations to (effectively) connect with the Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop is intended for people working with, or studying, public or private collections, worldwide. | read more

Wed 16 June 2021

Lecture | Language policy in times of social and political transformation

In this Leiden University Centre for Linguistics lecture, Dr. Elizabeth Barakos (Universität Hamburg) discusses language policy in times of social and political transformation, using the case of bilingual Wales in the UK. | read more

Thu 17 June 2021

Exhibition | Opening Practicum Artium Online Exhibition

Practicum Artium is a joint programme by KABK and Leiden University that offers talented students from Leiden University the opportunity to develop their artistic skills in drawing, graphic design, painting or photography during a semester at KABK. | read more

Thu 17 June 2021

Lecture | On Mandarin propositional assertion sentences with 'shì' and 'de'

In Mandarin, a number of different constructions surface with a copular like element shì or a sentence final de or both. The current study concentrates on one type of shì…de construction which has a propositional broad focus interpretation. | read more

Thu 17 June 2021

ASCL Seminar | Retrieving lost paths in Congo rainforest from 400 CE

Prof. Koen Bostoen (Ghent University) discusses discontinuities in the population history of Central-African Bantu speech communities, that urge scholars to rethink how to extract the past from the present. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 19 June 2021

Opening Thu 17 June 2021

Conference | Valuing Labor in Greco-Roman Antiquity

This Penn-Leiden conference on ancient values addresses the practices and discourses of work, skill and craft in antiquity. It focuses not just on the economic "value" of labour, but also on the cultural, aesthetic "value". | read more

Fri 18 June 2021

Lecture | Political Economy of Development Suspension in Iran

This talk examines the historical and political processes and outcomes surrounding the emergence and transformation of neo-prebendalism in Iran’s political economy between 1989 and 2017, a period with four presidents with distinct political preferences. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 24 June 2021

Opening Mon 21 June 2021

Congres | Archaeological Heritage Management: a people-centred approach

The Leiden University Faculty of Archaeology and ICOMOS organise the ICAHM Annual Meeting which explores archaeological heritage management from a people-centred approach. | read more

Tue 22 June 2021

ASCL Seminar | The kingdom of the Barolong and smallpox in 18th-century Southern Africa

Learn about the morafe or kingdom of the Barolong, which played a central role in the history of the Southern African interior from at least the beginning of the 18th century and until at least the 1770s. Then it collapsed during an epidemic. | read more

Tue 22 June 2021

Lecture | Liveable Planet: Archaeo-inspired solutions

In what way can archaeology help the transition to a habitable planet with ecological sustainability? Dr. Maikel Kuijpers intends his presentation as a showcase, exploring three routes to answer this question. The routes are to inform, learn, and shape. | read more

Tue 22 June 2021

Lecture | Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

International instruments protect Brazilian indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination and traditionally-occupied territories. However, advancing globalization markets has fueled Brazilian conservative movements that aim to dismantle this protection. | read more

Wed 23 June 2021

Lecture | Revivalistics

As part of the LUCL Language Policy Virtual Research Seminars on Language Policy and Practices in the Global North and South, this lecture is about language revival: from the genesis of Israeli to language reclamation in Australia and beyond. | read more

Wed 23 June 2021

Lecture | Jewish Messianism and Post-Rabbinic Culture

This lecture considers the range of evidence for Jewish messianism and eschatology in the period after the completion of the Talmud Yerushalmi and the great Palestinian midrashim in the fifth century. | read more

Wed 23 June 2021

Lezing | Wipneus en zijn schimmelige vriendje Pim

Als auteur, maar ook als lezer van jeugdliteratuur, kan Bibi Dumon Tak niet aanzien hoe jonge lezers worden afgescheept met stoffige boeken en saaie methoden. In haar Verwey-lezing prijst ze 'onveilig' leren lezen voor jeugdliteratuur. | read more

Wed 23 June 2021

IIAS Webinar | Social housing in India: 1947-1965

In 1947 the leaders of the newly independent country India, saw with disgust how the rank and file of citizens were housed. They promised slum-dwellers decent and affordable housing. The resulting activities form the core of this webinar. | read more

Thu 24 June 2021

KITLV Seminar | The effect of democratization on the civil service

During this seminar Associate Professor Jan Pierskalla discusses how civil servants are used to facilitate the distribution of clientelistic goods at mass-scale to win competitive elections in low-income countries. | read more

Thu 24 June 2021

KITLV webinar | Otherness and the neglect of the Dutch Caribbean in Caribbean studies

Margo Groenewoud talks about a recently published article which traces roots of marginalization of the Dutch Caribbean in Caribbean studies, and approaches these roots as an integral part of a shared Caribbean intellectual history. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 25 June 2021

Opening Thu 24 June 2021

ASCL Workshop | Travelling Islam

This workshop by ASCL, LUCIS and LUCAS, follows examples of Muslim discourse that have travelled across Islamic Africa, in different languages, scripts, and registers of expression, through different social environments and periods. | read more

Mon 28 June 2021

Lecture | over het ethos van de geesteswetenschappen

Herman Paul, hoogleraar Geschiedenis van de Geesteswetenschappen, houdt vanuit het Academiegebouw een lezing over het thema 'Kritisch denken: over het ethos van de geesteswetenschappen'. De lezing is online te volgen. | read more

Tue 29 June 2021

ASCL Symposium | Somali Day

In the framework of 'Africa 2020', the ASCL and LeidenASA organise the Somali-day, during which Somalia is addressed from a historical-cultural perspective by reconsidering Somali culture and governance through the lens of its literature and diaspora. | read more

Tue 29 June 2021

KITLV & IIAS Book Talk | European slavery in the Indian Ocean

This Leiden Centre for Indian Ocean Studies webinar discusses 'Being a Slave: Histories and Legacies of European Slavery in the Indian Ocean' by Nira Wickramasinghe and Alicia Schrikker (Leiden University) | read more

July 2021

Ongoing until Sat 3 July 2021

Opening Thu 1 July 2021

Volkenkunde Theater | Koken voor Tjampakka

Muziektheatergezelschap de Veenfabriek vroeg componist / muzikant Bastiaan Woltjer en culinair storyteller Maureen de Jong om samen met drie jonge acteurs te onderzoeken hoe NU muziektheater te maken met betrekking tot slavernij en het koloniale verleden. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 6 July 2021

Opening Mon 5 July 2021

Conference | Islam and Evolution

This online Leiden University Shii Studies Initiative (LUSSI) conference widens the Islamic perspectives on the role of Islam to evolution and will address key themes in Science and Religion, Evolutionary Biology, and Islamic theology and philosophy. | read more

Thu 8 July 2021

Symposium | The digital reconstruction of the crucifixion of the Lindau master

The Crucifixion (ca.1425) of the Master of the Lamentation of Christ in Lindau was in a bad condition for decades. The work has been made presentable by conservator Caroline van der Elst for the Body Language exhibition. The restoration continues. | read more

Thu 15 July 2021

RCMC Conversation | Vistas of modernity

Rolando Vázquez, a scholar whose sustained thinking about the museum and its function, as related to the role of modern aesthetics, asks us to think seriously, caringly, and pragmatically about time, space, and our relationship to both. | read more

Fri 30 July 2021

KITLV Seminar | The consequences of child marriage in Indonesia

hild marriage is prohibited by international law, yet it is estimated that about 150 million girls will be married in childhood by 2030. Learn about the consequences of child marriage as these children grow into adulthood. | read more

August 2021

September 2021

October 2021

Mon 11 October 2021

Cursus | De archeologie van Ierland

Leids klassiek archeologe Diana de Wild (alumna UL) spreekt over de belangrijkste archeologische vondsten van 10.000 jaar geschiedenis in Ierland, tijdens deze cursus op 11 en 18 oktober in de Bibliotheek Bollenstreek | read more

Tue 12 October 2021

RCMC Lecture | Algeria: The Jews are still there, in every bracelet

As part of the Inward Outward symposium, Prof. Ariella Aïsha Azoulay discusses the double disappearance of the Jews from Africa and from the French colonisation of North Africa through jewelry pieces and other metal works with Wayne Modest. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 14 October 2021

Opening Tue 12 October 2021

KITLV & RCMC Symposium | Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Coloniality

The international symposium Inward Outward explores the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. This year's theme is Emotion in the Archive. | read more

Sat 16 October 2021

Conference | NVAS Africa Day

The 2021 NVAS Africa Day supported by the African Studies Centre Leiden will study the role of entrepreneurship in contemporary Africa, and specifically aim to explore how entrepreneurs across Africa respond to the global pandemic. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 22 October 2021

Opening Wed 20 October 2021

RIAS Conference | Public Health and Disease in the American Century

RIAS will host a conference on public health and disease in the 'American century,' which aims to bring together historians of medicine and US politics, society, and foreign relations, to place the COVID-19 pandemic in its historical context. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 October 2021

Opening Wed 27 October 2021

Conference | Expectations of justice and political power in the Islamicate world

Requests for just rule surface constantly as notions of justice are debated and contested. This conference examines how such expectations of justice shaped political discourse and behaviour in the early and medieval caliphate. | read more

November 2021

December 2021