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September 2021

Thu 16 September 2021

Lecture | CPP: New Foundations in Hobbes's Leviathan

In this CCP lecture, political theorist Matthew Hoye speaks about Thomas Hobbes’s theory of new foundations in Leviathan (1651). One of the goals of this presentation is to explicate a theory of new foundations in Hobbes' books. | read more

Thu 16 September 2021

Lecture | Leiden Centre for Continental Philosophy Guest lecture

In this LCCP guest lecture, Prof. Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, a specialist in German Idealism, contemporary philosophy, and aesthetics, will present and discuss a paper on Jean-Luc Nancy and particularly his book Noli me tangere. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 18 September 2021

Opening Thu 16 September 2021

Conference | Global Borderlands: getting to the core of Crimmigration

Crimmigration has rapidly become the dominant response to human mobility around the globe. This Leiden Law conference calls attention to the various 'faces' and experiences of crimmigration and bordering across the globe. | read more

Fri 17 September 2021

Collegedag | Macht in Rome

Op deze collegedag van het Historisch Nieuwsblad vertellen tophistorici over de machtsstructuur van het Romeinse keizerrijk. In de Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam delen bekende historici hun kennis over de politiek-culturele geschiedenis van de Romeinen. | read more

Fri 17 September 2021

ASCL Seminar | Language, Education and Identity in Africa

What have been the effects of the colonial era on Africa and what is the way forward? These questions are central in this ASCL seminar, featuring a discussion chaired by Prof. Maarten Mous and a panel with several ASCL experts. | read more

Fri 17 September 2021

Lecture | Enregistering Lisa: names as a sociolinguistic resource

Sociolinguists have examined linguistic material ranging from fine sociophonetic detail to macro semiotic categories. This lecture engages with one underexplored linguistic resource, namely first names and the language ideologies constructed around them. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 18 September 2021

Opening Fri 17 September 2021

Conference | The Institute of Austrian and German Music Research

This inaugural conference from The Institute of Austrian and German Music Research (IAGMR) from the University of Surrey gives an opportunity to rethink, revise, and renew understanding of Austrian and German music of the 19th and 20th centuries. | read more

Mon 20 September 2021

Lecture | Sogdian and Sasanian and Chinese Art. The Impact of the Silk Roads

In this guest lecture, professor Morris Rossabi attempts to show the vital relationship and impact of Sasanians from Iran and Sogdians from Central Asia on Chinese art and religion with respect to the Silk Roads. | read more

Tue 21 September 2021

Lecture | Sincerity as a Civic Virtue

The talk series "New Perspectives on Chinese philosophy" invites us to reinterpret selected ideas of Chinese thinkers across various historical periods and disciplines of philosophy. The lectures are given by Assistant Professor Dawid Rogacz. | read more

Wed 22 September 2021

Lecture | Online Kress Talks with Cynthia Kok and Margaret Mansfield

In this lecture, Cynthia Kok (Harvard University) and Margaret Mansfield (University of California, Santa Barbara) trace how craftspeople learned from firsthand experience of imported materials such as mother-of-pearl, which became a generative resource. | read more

Wed 22 September 2021

Lecture | The concept of public interest (gong) in the Chinese philosophy of law and politics

This lecture by Dawid Rogacz, Assistant Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, offers an overview of the way the category of public interest (公 gōng) was understood over the centuries by Chinese philosophers of law and politics. | read more

Thu 23 September 2021

Lecture | Heavenly Love, Vulgar Love, and something in between: on a Platonic innovation'

The Forum Antiquum Lectures Fall 2021 have been organised as part of the Leiden University Greek-Dutch dictionary project. This lecture, given by Bram Demulder, is titled: 'Heavenly Love, Vulgar Love, and something in between: on a Platonic innovation.' | read more

Ongoing until Fri 24 September 2021

Opening Thu 23 September 2021

Seminar | Contested Heritage, Museum Collections and Public Space

Many heritage and museum discussions are now centred around contested heritage. This seminar aims to address the causes, effects and societal circumstances of the debates on appropriation, ownership and restitution of heritage. | read more

Thu 23 September 2021

LUCIS Lecture | Palestine beyond the Borders

This lecture in the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society What's New?! Series features a talk by dr. Rafael Oliveira about the rigid territorial conception of Palestine and the erasure of local categories of territoriality. | read more

Thu 23 September 2021

IIAS Webinar | World Heritage and Urban Politics in Melaka, Malaysia

What happens to a town after joining the UNESCO World Heritage List? Pierpaolo De Giosa, author of 'A Cityscape below the Winds,' will tackle this question in this book talk, organised by the International Institute of Asian Studies. | read more

Sat 25 September 2021

Performance | SEI & DUE Dance and Music

SEI & DUE are two chapters of the ongoing collaboration featuring dance and music between Suzan Tunca and Giuliano Bracci, artistic researchers and PhD candidates at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) at Leiden University. | read more

Sun 26 September 2021

Festival | House of Misconceptions

Prof. Maartje van der Woude, hoogleraar Rechtssociologie, organiseert samen met kunstenaarscollectief Liquid Society House of Misconceptions. Het neemt je mee in de wereld van impliciete en expliciete beelden en vooroordelen die mensen hebben. | read more

Sun 26 September 2021

RMO Lezing | Ruurd Halbertsma over de camee van Constantijn

Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden organiseert twee keer per maand een online topstukkenlezing. Tijdens deze lezing vertelt Ruurd Halbertsma, conservator collectie Klassieke wereld, over de grote camee van de Romeinse keizer Constantijn. | read more

Sun 26 September 2021

Volkenkunde Lezing | Tenochtitlan leven in luxe in de Azteekse hoofdstad

In deze hybride lezing (zowel online als fysiek) 'Tenochtitlan leven in luxe in de Azteekse hoofdstad' van Museum Volkenkunde vertelt Rik Herder over het ontstaan, de architectuur en de bewoners van de hoofdstad van het Azteekse rijk. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 29 September 2021

Opening Sun 26 September 2021

Muzikale voorstelling | 'Het begin van muziek en dans - Een Azteekse legende'

In deze muzikale voorstelling van het museum Volkenkunde brengt het duo Edoardo Ramos en Osvaldo Padrón een interpretatie van een oude Azteekse legende. Met replica’s van oude instrumenten neemt de verhalenverteller het publiek mee naar het oude Mexico. | read more

Tue 28 September 2021

Lecture | Jian Bozan: a Forgotten Chinese Marxist

The talk series "New Perspectives on Chinese philosophy" invites us to reinterpret selected ideas of Chinese thinkers across various historical periods and disciplines of philosophy. The lectures are given by Assistant Professor Dawid Rogacz. | read more

Wed 29 September 2021

Lecture | Online Museum Talk: Lizzie Marx (Mauritshuis)

Lizzie Marx will talk about Fleeting – Scents in Colour, an exhibition that was held at the Mauritshuis about smell in seventeenth-century art. This presentation discusses the various ways in which artworks evoke smell and scents. | read more

Wed 29 September 2021

IIAS Webinar | KASSARAM. Film viewing and lecture with Thania Petersen

Kassaram is a short film about the historical orientalist way of looking at different communities around the world and its perpetuation in the present. Thania Petersen presentsg her film in conversation with Erika Mei Chua Holum. | read more

Thu 30 September 2021

ASCL Seminar | Print Culture, Publics and Popular Genres in Colonial Lagos

The print culture of 1920s Lagos, Nigeria, was innovative and lively. Karin Barber (University of Birmingham) discusses print culture and genres and the evolving social and political situation in colonial Lagos. | read more

Thu 30 September 2021

KITLV Seminar | Is there Indonesian history before 1945?

In this IS4 Webinar, Em. Prof. Henk Schulte Nordholt from KITLV, in conversation with Prof. Bambang Purwanto from Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Indonesia, explore the diverse narratives around Indonesia’s pre-1945 history. | read more

Thu 30 September 2021

Lecture | Liveable communities lunch meeting

The fifth lunch meeting of the Liveable Planet programme, an interdisciplinary programme from Leiden University, discusses a proposal how to use the nitrogen crisis to tackle other major crises in the Netherlands, such as the climate and housing crisis. | read more

Thu 30 September 2021

LUCIS Lecture | Between Raḥmānan and al-Raḥmān

In this lecture in the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society "What's New?!"-series, Imar Koutchoukali explores linguistic transformations in Late Antique South Arabia, a period which saw dramatic changes in South Arabia. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 2 October 2021

Opening Sun 26 September 2021

Event | Europeana XX: Subtitle-a-thon

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in collaboration with the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics organise the Subtitle-a-thon Challenge, an initiative that invites the public to add subtitles to archival audiovisual clips. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 1 October 2021

Opening Thu 30 September 2021

EUniWell Symposium | Good Practices on Student Well-Being

As part of the European University of Well-Being (EUniWell) collaborative project, Leiden University, Semmelweis University, the University of Florence and the University of Birmingham host an online symposium on student well-being. | read more

October 2021

Fri 1 October 2021

Lezing | Vijfde Indische Letterenlezing

De Vijfde Indische Letteren-lezing van de Universiteit Leiden vindt plaats met een voordracht van prof. dr. Siegfried Huigen, hoogleraar Nederlandse letterkunde aan de universiteiten van Wrocław en Stellenbosch, onder de titel: Kennis van de kolonie. | read more

Tue 5 October 2021

Debate | Surface vs Interface: Interfaciality in Media Art and Photography

The Modern and Contemporary research cluster of the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society will resume its monthly meeting series. The first meeting of this academic year discusses interfaciality in media art and photography. | read more

Thu 7 October 2021

LUCIS Lecture | "We Give Them Schools, Hospitals, Democracy. Why Don't They Love Us?"

This lecture in the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society "What's New?!"-series discusses outside intervention in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021. Willem Vogelsang tries to answer the question "What went wrong?". | read more

Thu 7 October 2021

Lecture | Images of Cicero the statesman in Roman historiography

The Forum Antiquum Lectures Fall 2021 have been organised as part of the Leiden University Greek-Dutch dictionary project. This lecture, given by Leanne Jansen, is titled: 'Images of Cicero the statesman in Roman historiography.' | read more

Mon 11 October 2021

Cursus | De archeologie van Ierland

Leids klassiek archeologe Diana de Wild (alumna UL) spreekt over de belangrijkste archeologische vondsten van 10.000 jaar geschiedenis in Ierland, tijdens deze cursus op 11 en 18 oktober in de Bibliotheek Bollenstreek. | read more

Tue 12 October 2021

RCMC Lecture | Algeria: The Jews are still there, in every bracelet

As part of the Inward Outward symposium, Prof. Ariella Aïsha Azoulay discusses the double disappearance of the Jews from Africa and from the French colonisation of North Africa through jewelry pieces and other metal works with Wayne Modest. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 14 October 2021

Opening Tue 12 October 2021

KITLV & RCMC Symposium | Critical Archival Engagements with Sounds and Coloniality

The international symposium Inward Outward explores the status of moving image and sound archives as they intertwine with questions of coloniality, identity and race. This year's theme is Emotion in the Archive. | read more

Thu 14 October 2021

Lecture | Museum Talk with Gary Schwartz: Rembrandt’s Orient

In 2020-21 the first exhibition devoted to Dutch's artists fascination with Oriental motifs was held in Kunstmuseum Basel and Museum Barberini in Potsdam. The guest curator, Gary Schwartz, tells about the exhibition and its theme. | read more

Thu 14 October 2021

LUCIS Lecture | Celebrating Maimonides in Cairo

Lucia Admiraal focuses on 20th century Egyptian Jewish celebrations within the contexts of Egyptian Jewish historiography and Egyptian nationalism in this lecture in the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society "What's New?!"-series. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 16 October 2021

Opening Thu 14 October 2021

Conference | Towards a Cultural History of Early Modern Ichthyology (1500-1800)

This conference aims to provide a broad spectre of manifestations of human fascination with the aquatic fauna, from 1500 to 1800. Many experts discuss the subject of fish as part and parcel of human civilisation. | read more

Sat 16 October 2021

Conference | NVAS Africa Day

The 2021 NVAS Africa Day supported by the African Studies Centre Leiden will study the role of entrepreneurship in contemporary Africa, and specifically aim to explore how entrepreneurs across Africa respond to the global pandemic. | read more

Sun 17 October 2021

RMO Lezing | Raphaël Rijntjes over het Ulfberht-zwaard

Tijdens deze topstukkenlezing van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden vertelt Raphaël Rijntjes, assistent-conservator collectie Middeleeuwen, over het middeleeuwse Ulfberht-zwaard dat rond het jaar 1000 is gemaakt en in 1983 langs de Maas bij Lith werd gevonden. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 22 October 2021

Opening Wed 20 October 2021

RIAS Conference | Public Health and Disease in the American Century

RIAS will host a conference on public health and disease in the 'American century,' which aims to bring together historians of medicine and US politics, society, and foreign relations, to place the COVID-19 pandemic in its historical context. | read more

Thu 21 October 2021

LUCIS Lecture | The Globalization of Baghdad

Hugh Kennedy discusses the impact of Baghdad on the economy of the Islamic world and wider Eurasia, from China to the Mediterranean in the ninth and tenth centuries within this lecture in the LUCIS "What's New?!"-series. | read more

Thu 21 October 2021

Lecture | Craft vs. Birth: Aphrodite in Empedocles

The Forum Antiquum Lectures Fall 2021 have been organised as part of the Leiden University Greek-Dutch dictionary project. This lecture, given by Joseph Zehner, is titled: ' Craft vs. Birth: Aphrodite in Empedocles.' | read more

Fri 22 October 2021

Masterclass | Political Interactions with Environment

Hugh Kennedy teaches six masterclasses on the idea of a “Greater Mesopotamia” and its importance in understanding the economy and geopolitics of the early Islamic world. This masterclass focuses on the opportunities for cultivation in Greater Mesopotamia. | read more

Wed 27 October 2021

IIAS Event | Narrating Democracy in Myanmar

What does democracy mean to Burmese activists and democratic leaders and to their international allies? This IIAS webinar talk explores contested meanings of democracy in Myanmar and awareness can help make sense of the country’s tortuous political path. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 29 October 2021

Opening Wed 27 October 2021

Conference | Expectations of justice and political power in the Islamicate world

This conference examines how expectations of justice shaped political discourse and behaviour in the early and medieval Islamicate world (ca. 600-1500 CE). Participants will present case studies discussing just rule in specific contexts. | read more

Thu 28 October 2021

ASCL Seminar | Regionalism Reconsidered

This African Studies Centre (ASCL) seminar explores economic inequalities and territorial oppositions in African politics. Catherine Boone, Professor of Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, discusses the subject. | read more

Fri 29 October 2021

LDE Workshop | How to deal with social media as a migration scholar

In this first Leiden Delft Erasmus Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity 'Early Career Network workshop series,' dr. Nadia Bouras from Leiden University leads the session 'how to deal with social media as a migration scholar.' Registration required | read more

Fri 29 October 2021

Masterclass | Transport in Greater Mesopotamia

Hugh Kennedy, Al-Babtain Visiting Professor, teaches six masterclasses on the idea of a “Greater Mesopotamia” and its importance in understanding the economy and geopolitics of the early Islamic world. This lecture revolves around transport in the area. | read more

Sun 31 October 2021

Volkenkunde Lezing | In gesprek met de doden

Het Mexicaanse Día de Muertos (Dag van de Doden) feest is wereldwijd bekend. Minder bekend is dat de Azteken al festivals hadden voor de overledenen. William Arfman gaat in deze lezing dieper in op de verering van overledenen door inheemse volken. | read more

Sun 31 October 2021

RMO Lezing | Jasper de Bruin over de bronsschat van Nistelrode

Jasper de Bruin, conservator collectie Nederland in de Romeinse tijd, vertelt in deze lezing over de bronsschat van Nistelrode. De samenstelling van de bronsschat laat zien wat er in de Romeinse tijd aan bronzen vaatwerk werd gebruikt. | read more

November 2021

Thu 4 November 2021

IIAS Masterclass | Mandalas Intertwined. Reading the Tabo Main Temple

This IIAS and Rijksmuseum Masterclass for students presents the iconographic programme of the Tabo Main Temple, the earliest Tibetan Buddhist monument which is largely preserved today, in full and in the complex relationship of its different parts. | read more

Thu 4 November 2021

LUCIS Lecture | From the Maghrib to the Mashriq?

In this LUCIS lecture, Maribel Fierro deals with a ritual first attested in the Maghrib under the Fatimids, when the third imam-caliph personally and publicly sacrificed a she-camel during the Festival of Sacrifice. | read more

Thu 4 November 2021

Lecture | Neo-Latin Panegyrics and the Humanist Appropriation of Etruscan Foundational Myths

The Forum Antiquum Lectures have been organised as part of the Leiden University Greek-Dutch dictionary project. This lecture is titled: ' Tyrrhenus fato profugus. Neo-Latin Panegyrics and the Humanist Appropriation of Etruscan Foundational Myths.' | read more

Fri 5 November 2021

IIAS Lecture | The Vajradhātu Mandala. Variations on a theme of Early Esoteric Buddhism

This International Institute for Asian Studies/Rijksmuseum Annual Lecture demonstrates how important the Vajradhātu mandala is for understanding how mandalas develop and how newer esoteric Buddhist ideas influence its appearance in Tibetan Buddhism. | read more

Fri 5 November 2021

Symposium | “LOOK AGAIN” Oude Muziek Seminar

Discussions, lectures, performances and research presentations on renewed approaches and recent (re)discoveries on the performance practices of late 17th and early 18th century Italian music are at the heart of this "art_research_convergence" congress. | read more

Sat 6 November 2021

Lecture | Teaching oral interaction of Italian as a Second Language

Marilisa Birello (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and Paola Leone (University of Salento) tell about new perspectives in teaching oral interaction of Italian as a Second Language, followed by a round table on teaching Italian in Dutch high schools. | read more

Sun 7 November 2021

Volkenkunde Lezing | Opgravingen

Deze Museum Volkenkunde lezing staat in het teken van de meest recente archeologische vondsten die zijn gedaan en over wat voor bijzonders er in de afgelopen 40 jaar allemaal gevonden is tijdens de opgravingen bij de Templo Mayor in Mexico-Stad. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 9 November 2021

Opening Mon 8 November 2021

Conference | Brave New World

Brave New World is an annual conference about future technology's effect on business, policies and life. The conference discusses what ethical and societal impact new technologies could have on human life, before the innovations are introduced in society. | read more