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November 2018

Thu 15 November 2018

Lezing | Honderd jaar Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen

Volgend jaar is het een eeuw geleden dat het boek ‘Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen’ van Johan Huizinga verscheen. Tijdens deze Studium Generale lezing vertelt Anton van der Lem over Huizinga’s monumentale werk en de betekenis van dit bijzondere boek. | read more

Thu 15 November 2018

LeidenASA Seminar | Landscape Terms, Placenames and Spatial Language in Asᴐgli Ewe

In this seminar, Mercy Klugah explores the vocabulary used in the categorisation of the physical environment in Asᴐgli Ewe. She also examines how the different geographical entities are named more generally as well as locally. | read more

Ongoing until Thu 15 November 2018

Opening Wed 14 November 2018

LUCIS Annual Conference | Approaching Shiʿi Islam in the Academy

This conference means to enrich conversations between scholars of Shiʿism and demonstrate the relevance of Shiʿi themes. While presenting research, contributors refer to how Shiʿi specificities can enrich debates in broader fields and disciplines. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 16 November 2018

Opening Thu 15 November 2018

Seminar | Criminalising and emancipatory trends in family law in Muslim countries

This two-day seminar is co-organised by VVI, KITLV and LUCIS. This seminar looks at legal development related to family law in Indonesia and other Muslim majority countries. | read more

Fri 16 November 2018

Workshop | Shiʿi Piety: Theory and Materiality from Premodern to Postmodern

This one-day LUCIS workshop brings together early career scholars working topics related to Shii Islam. The workshop addresses the concept of piety both in its material expression, its literary representation and its theoretical articulation. | read more

Sun 18 November 2018

Lecture | Tutankhamun's wardrobe

Dr Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood will discuss the clothes and textiles found in the 1920s in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun. The lecture will focus on some of the most spectacular of the garments, namely the embroidered clothes. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 21 November 2018

Opening Mon 19 November 2018

Conference | New Approaches to Islamic Archaeology and Ceramics

This meeting sets out to discuss Islamic archaeology as a vibrant discipline and explore the creative, dependent, and conforming uses of materials and sites. | read more

Mon 19 November 2018

Lezing | Journalistieke ethiek

Als ombudsman van de publieke omroep behandelt Margo Smit klachten over journalistieke producties. In deze lezing beantwoordt ze de vragen: Waar gaan de klachten over? Hoe gaat ze om met de klachten? Hoe reageren journalisten op de kritiek die ze geeft? | read more

Mon 19 November 2018

RMO sympsium | Goden van Sakkara

Bij de tentoonstelling Goden van Egypte organiseert het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden het symposium Goden van Sakkara, een afscheidssymposium voor Maarten Raven, die na vele jaren als conservator van de collectie Egypte met pensioen gaat. | read more

Tue 20 November 2018

IIAS annual lecture | Chinese Dreams: the human face of changing China

In this lecture Ruben Terlou shares his thoughts on modern-day China. He speaks about the adaptability of the people to the enormous changes taking place, and shows how they stay faithful to their culture and all things in which they believe. | read more

Tue 20 November 2018

Lecture | Presentation Research Agenda for the Extraordinary Chair of United Nations Studies

In this lecture Professor O’Malley presents the research agenda for the Chair of United Nations Studies in Peace and Justice and gives a talk entitled: ‘The United Nations, From Blue Helmets to Blue Skies.' | read more

Tue 20 November 2018

Jean Monnet seminar | Brexit: A View from London

This seminar provides an overview of the Brexit negotiations to-date from the perspective of the UK Government. The speaker, Nathaniel Copsey, is responsible for the transformation of ways of working on European affairs to cope with Brexit. | read more

Tue 20 November 2018

NINO-EOL najaarslezing | Shashotep – Shutb: wonen op de resten van een oude stad

In deze lezing vertelt Dr. Ilona Regulski over de 10 meter hoge tell van het dorp Shutb in Midden-Egypte. De tell geeft een unieke kans om de lange geschiedenis van een typische Egyptische stad te reconstrueren; van 2000 v.Chr. tot heden. | read more

Wed 21 November 2018

Lecture | Wang Anshi’s (1021-1086) Philosophy and the New Policies Governance

It is well-known that the New Policies Wang Anshi architected aimed at unifying values. But what exactly were the values he wanted all to uphold? In this lecture, Jiyan Qiao unveils the content of the new value system Wang designed. | read more

Wed 21 November 2018

Lecture | Intertextuality and Assyrian Royal Texts

In this talk Johannes Bach addresses various issues pertaining to structural intertextual research of Mesopotamian literature, specifically Assyrian royal narrative texts. After a theoretic part, a few case studies are presented to support the theory. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 23 November 2018

Opening Wed 21 November 2018

Conference | Nationalism and International Order

This conference takes stock of existing ideas on the nexus between nationalism and international order; it aims to identify major gaps in empirical research; and it aspires to contribute to the theorisation of international relations and global politics. | read more

Wed 21 November 2018

Lecture | Unveiling the Early Use of Pottery in East Asia

In this talk, Dr. Shinya Shoda speaks on recent organic residue analysis studies on early pottery in East Asia. These studies revealed the initial use of pottery in northeast Asia. | read more

Wed 21 November 2018

Lecture | Nationalism in Times of Trump and Brexit

In this lecture John Hall talks about the ideas of nationalism researcher Ernest Gellner for our times. Hall appraises Gellner’s ideas on nationalism as highly original, but out-of-date. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 24 November 2018

Opening Thu 22 November 2018

Conference | The Language of Law in Ancient Documents

The Leiden Papyrology+ Group organizes a yearly international conference under the general heading of 'Papyri in a Changing World'. This year's conference is on transformation and continuity of legal formulae in diachronic and geographic perspective. | read more

Thu 22 November 2018

KITLV seminar | Women’s political pathways in Southeast Asia

Through a critical reading of the literature on women and politics and an examination of experiences in Southeast Asia, Nankyung Choi highlights gaps between normative theories and elite-biased empirical studies of women’s political advancement. | read more

Thu 22 November 2018

RMO 4e Egeria-lezing | Typisch Ariaans?

Mariëtte Verhoeven gaat in op de vraag of en in hoeverre de religieuze verschillen tussen het ‘ketterse’ Arianisme en de Orthodoxie tot uitdrukking kwamen in het uitgebreide bouw- en decoratieprogramma dat Theodorik in Ravenna liet uitvoeren. | read more

Thu 22 November 2018

Lecture | Body and Word in Palestinian Literature: The Case of Hussein Barghouti

Omari uses the body to investigate the works of Palestinian author, Hussein Barghouti. This part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series uses the relation between the body and the word as a way of exploring alternative methods of thinking the literary. | read more

Thu 22 November 2018

RCMC lecture | Imperial rights and the origins of photography

In this lecture, Ariella Azoulay departs from the theories that present photography as a practice by itself and locate its moment of emergence in the mid 19th century. Instead she locates the origins in the “new world,”. | read more

Fri 23 November 2018

Conference | Safeguarding children’s rights in immigration law

Conference organised by Leiden Law School which addresses the challenge of safeguarding children’s rights in immigration law. With plenary sessions and workshops. | read more

Fri 23 November 2018

Lezing | Pieter de la Court lezing

Op deze lezingenmiddag spreekt dr. Arthur Weststeijn over Pieter de la Court, een bekende en op vallende Leidse vrijdenker. Daarna volgen bijdragen van Ariadne Schmidt, Marshka Neekilappillai en Ruud Koole. | read more

Fri 23 November 2018

IIAS Filmscreening | Blockade

After watching the film, there is a discussion with the visiting director, Arif Yousuf. The film shows how a group of American and Bengali activists protested against the U.S. government’s military/economic support for Pakistan’s army in 1971. | read more

Fri 23 November 2018

Lecture | Materials agency and crafting practices in a Melanesian society

In this lecture, Graeme Were speaks on material agency. He describes how select plant materials are incorporated in the built environment. He argues that materials agency is transformative and enabling. | read more

Sat 24 November 2018

Midden Oosten cultuurmarkt in RMO

LUCIS organiseert in samenwerking met het RMO de derde editie van de Midden-Oosten cultuurmarkt. Bezoekers kunnen genieten van een interessant programma en kennis opdoen over verschillende landen uit het Midden-Oosten. | read more

Sun 25 November 2018

RMO museumwandeling | Nederland in de Romeinse tijd

Ruurd Halbertsma, conservator collectie Klassieke Wereld, zal in deze museumwandeling de vernieuwde vaste tentoonstelling Nederland in de Romeinse tijd tonen. Tijdens de wandeling vertelt hij ook over de keuzes die een conservator moet maken. | read more

Ongoing until Mon 26 November 2018

Opening Sun 25 November 2018

Conference | Interdisciplinary Approaches to Disability

A conference on the MENA Region in the Modern Period Cairo where the issues of physical and mental health will be analysed by discussing how they intersect with social and economic concerns. | read more

Mon 26 November 2018

Lezing | Politieke journalistiek

Stéphane Alonso was EU-correspondent in Brussel. Nu werkt hij op de politieke redactie in Den Haag. In de lezing vertelt hij hierover. Wat komt er kijken bij het werk als politiek verslaggever? Wat is het verschil tussen 'Brussel' en 'Den Haag'? | read more

Mon 26 November 2018

ASCL presentation | Bram Vermeulen on VPRO documentary 'Sahara'

In this presentation, Bram Vermeulen speaks about the VPRO travel series Sahara, that starts on Nov. 25th, and about his experiences in Africa during the making of this series. | read more

Mon 26 November 2018

Lecture | Ager or Palus? Recent field research in the Pontine marshes

In this lecture, part of the What Did You Do Last Summer series, Tymon de Haas speaks on his recent field research in the Pontine marches in central Italy. | read more

Mon 26 November 2018

Lecture | The Inca Nobles of the Spanish Empire: A Gendered Approach

In this talk Sara Guengerich explores the transformations of the native nobility in the colonial Andes focusing on the importance of noble Inca women, and the genealogical claims their descendants made between 1532 and 1780. | read more

Tue 27 November 2018

ASCL seminar | Kanga: the ‘talking cloth of the Indian Ocean’

In this seminar Dr Renu Modi speaks about the Kanga fabric, a brilliantly coloured fabric with influences from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and its origin country India. She combines her research with her short film and a novel by Sultan Somjee. | read more

Tue 27 November 2018

IIAS lecture | Following the Śaila Trail. Towards a Regional History of Buddhism in Āndhra

Part of the Buddhist Studies Lectures: Vincent Tournier sketches the history of the Buddhist lineages bearing the name Śaila, who identified themselves, after 4th century CE, as branches of the trans-regional Mahāsāṅghika order. | read more

Wed 28 November 2018

ASCL documentary screening | Hope(less)? Biographies of radicalization

This documentary screening shows a film made by Voice4Thought. The film follows two researchers during their work in Chad and Mali. It tells the story of the process of radicalization. After the film, a discussion follows. | read more

Wed 28 November 2018

VVI lecture | Rules without Rights: Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy

Activists have exposed labor exploitation in global industries, leading retailers and brands to adopt standards for fairness and sustainability. Can this create meaningful forms of regulation? Tim Bartly will discuss it in this VVI lecture. | read more

Wed 28 November 2018

NINO symposium | Nederlands Instituut in Turkije 60 jaar

Dit symposium viert het 12e lustrum van het Nederlands Instituut in Turkije met een feestelijk programma in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. Met workshops, mini-college’s, een boekpresentatie en een lezing van Erdem Kabadayi. | read more

Thu 29 November 2018

KITLV seminar | Where do islands begin and end? Containing ‘the island’ in Eastern Indonesia

Elena Burgos Martinez explores islands as thriving nerve centres of relations and circulation. In addition, she interrogates basic conceptual and methodological assumptions of place and space, the field and the site. | read more

Thu 29 November 2018

ASCL seminar | Pastoral associations in the face of social change in the nomadic world

Mahaman Tidjani Alou speaks on the political instability in the Sahel. The nomadic populations face changes that seem to be linked to the dynamics of state in West Africa. He focuses on how the changes affect these populations. | read more

Thu 29 November 2018

Lecture | Political Sharia? Islamic Authority, Prebendalism, and Governance in Northern Nigeria

Part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series. In this lecture David Ehrhardt examines the development of Islamic authority and governance in the sharia era in northern Nigeria. | read more

Fri 30 November 2018

Gravensteen Lecture | Gandhi in the Gallery: The Art of Disobedience

Professor Sumathi Ramaswamy will set out to answer questions like: what does it mean to think of satygraha as an aesthetic regime, and its principal exponent as the paradigmatic artist of disobedience? | read more

Fri 30 November 2018

ASCL workshop | Business Practices, Governance and Ethics in Africa

This workshop brings together researchers and business managers with experience in Africa to address multiple questions, such as: Is the African brand of capitalism different? | read more

December 2018

Mon 3 December 2018

CA-OS Seminar | Dissident seeds: Citizen science and peasant activism in Southern Europe

Elisa da Via, lecturer International Studies, speaks about dissident seeds: citizen science and peasant activism in Southern Europe. | read more

Ongoing until Mon 7 January 2019

Opening Mon 3 December 2018

LeidenGlobal exhibition | Heritage on the Move at Oude UB

The LeidenGlobal photo exhibition will be on display at the Oude UB Building, Leiden. The exhibition forms a selection of work provided by scholars of LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. | read more

Tue 4 December 2018

KITLV seminar | The bureaucratization of Islam in Brunei and Singapore

In this seminar, Dominik Müller outlines the contours of an anthropological research group project that investigates the bureaucratization of Islam as a social and cultural phenomenon in five Southeast Asian countries. | read more

Thu 6 December 2018

ASCL annual Stephen Ellis lecture | What is prosperity for Africa?

What is the future for Africa in the 21st century? In this talk Professor Henrietta Moore argues that the first step towards prosperity is to recognise the effects of our thinking about the economic models underpinning theories of development and change. | read more

Thu 6 December 2018

Lecture | Jewish Transnational Networks in the Interwar Period 1918-1939

How did European and Middle Eastern and North African Jewry interact in the period 1918-1940? In this part of LUCIS What’s New?! Fall lecture series Sasha Goldstein-Sabbah reframes this period around debates of Jewish transnationalism vs nationalism. | read more

Thu 6 December 2018

LUCAS lectures | The Politics of Translation and Adaptation; on African theatre

Dr. Paulina Aroch Fugellie speaks about a Swahili translation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. And Dr. Sola Adeyemi speaks on the issue of authenticity in traditional performance culture among the Yoruba of West Africa. | read more

Mon 10 December 2018

Lecture | Excavating a Pleistocene rock shelter in KwaZulu-Nata, South Africa

In this lecture, part of the What Did You Do Last Summer series, Gerrit Dusseldorp and Irini Sifogeorgakis speaks on their excavation project in a Pleistocene rock shelter in KwaZulu-Nata in South Africa. | read more

Tue 11 December 2018

RMO lezing | De kleine goden van Egypte

Olaf Kaper, hoogleraar Egyptologie aan de Universiteit Leiden, geeft in het kader van de tentoonstelling "Goden van Egypte" een lezing over de kleine goden van de Egyptische godenwereld. | read more

Wed 19 December 2018

RMO theatervoorstelling | Tijdje Terug

Wetenschappers Richard de Jong en Huub Pragt doen een nog nooit vertoond experiment waar jij bij kunt zijn. Tijdens deze voorstelling in de Tempelzaal van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden nemen ze het publiek een ‘Tijdje terug’. | read more

January 2019