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June 2020

Tue 2 June 2020

LeidenAsiaCentre Lecture | China’s Economic Miracle: Prosperity and Inequality

Several experts discuss in this lecture the driving forces behind economic growth in China and how its society transforms as a result of it, creating unprecedented prosperity for many, but not for all. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 5 June 2020

Opening Wed 3 June 2020

Conference | Digital Humanities Benelux 2020

The conference serves as a platform for the community of interdisciplinary Digital Humanities researchers to meet, present, and discuss their latest research findings and to demonstrate tools and projects. | read more

Thu 4 June 2020

Webinar | Noodtoestand in vergelijkend en rechtshistorisch perspectief

Vanuit rechtsfilosofisch en rechtshistorisch perspectief wordt op het begrip “noodtoestand” gereflecteerd. De docenten gaan in op de betekenis van dit begrip in de Nederlandse, Duitse en Franse context. | read more

Sat 6 June 2020

Study Day | The teaching of oral interaction of Italian as Second Language

During this day, several experts talk about new perspectives in the teaching of oral interaction of Italian as second language. It will conclude with a round table on Italian as Second Language in Dutch high schools. | read more

Tue 9 June 2020

IIAS Webinar | The emerging metropolisation of Yangon and its challenges

Marion Sabrié (Paris 1 La Sorbonne University, France) speaks in this online interactive lecture on changes in Myanmar since 2010. She focuses on the metamorphoses in Yangon’s landscape. | read more

Wed 10 June 2020

Workshop | Interconnections between Tax, Trade and Investment

This two-day workshop will discuss the global policy implications of tax, trade and investment. Participants will be 30 experts from academia, international and regional organizations as well as government officials. | read more

Wed 10 June 2020

Conference | Political Culture from Late Antiquity to the post-classical Greek City and back again

The conference is held on the occasion of the publication of the book 'Roman Political Culture' by Rens Tacoma, university lecturer at the Institute for History. | read more

Thu 11 June 2020

Webinar | De constitutionele aanpak van COVID-19

In deze tweede webinar zal worden ingegaan op de aard van de maatregelen die door Nederland, Duitsland en Frankrijk zijn genomen ter bestrijding van het coronavirus. Waarom is de keuze voor bepaalde maatregelen gemaakt? | read more

Thu 11 June 2020

IIAS Webinar | Fading into death through Pātañjalayoga

IIAS fellow Rocco Cestola (Sapienza University of Roma) will discuss selected Sanskrit texts in this online lecture, narrating the progressive and relentless fading of mind and body into the otherness of the real Self. | read more

Thu 11 June 2020

Exhibition Opening | Practicum Artium online exhibition

Practicum Artium is a joint programme by Royal Academy of Art The Hague and Leiden University. The students’ artistic works, drawing, graphic design, painting or photography, will be shown in this online exhibition. | read more

Sat 13 June 2020

Workshop | Creatief schrijven met Jeroen Windmeijer

Jeroen Windmeijer is een bestsellerauteur die bekendheid verwierf met zijn 'Leidse trilogie'. Tijdens deze schrijfdag zal Windmeijer ingaan op enkele schrijftechnieken, maar ga je vooral zelf schrijven met de Hortus Botanicus als bron van inspiratie. | read more

Thu 18 June 2020

Webinar | Van coronavirus naar terrorismevirus

De derde bijeenkomst van de webinar cyclus 'Corona & Noodtoestand' zal gaan over de bestrijding van het jihadisme. Het begrip noodtoestand wordt met de bestrijding van het jihadisme verbonden. | read more

Fri 19 June 2020

Book launch | Global gold production touching ground

The recently published book 'Global Gold Production Touching Ground. Expansion, Informalization, and Technological Innovation' will be launched. Cultural Anthropology Associate professor Sabine Luning wrote one of the country's case studies. | read more

Wed 24 June 2020

TRC Workshop | Prehistorische vlechttechnieken met plantaardige vezels

Tijdens deze workshop, aangeboden door het Textile Research Centre (TRC) in Leiden, maak je kennis met prehistorische vlechtmaterialen en -technieken. | read more

Thu 25 June 2020

Webinar | Privacy en de coronacrisis

In de laatste bijeenkomst van de cyclus 'Corona & Noodtoestand' staan de implicaties van de coronamaatregelen en het delen van (geanonimiseerde) gegevens voor het (grondwettelijk) recht op privacy centraal. | read more

Thu 25 June 2020

IIAS Webinar | China’s Belt and Road Initiative: the case of Pakistan

IIAS Fellow Gul-i-Hina discusses the economic and political dimensions of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and their interplay with the current institutional set-up of Pakistan. | read more

July 2020

August 2020

Ongoing until Wed 19 August 2020

Opening Mon 17 August 2020

Online Summer Programme | Preventing, Detecting and Responding to Violent Extremism

This online summer programme focuses on the field of preventing, detecting and responding to violent extremism and gives insight in the opportunities and challenges of various approaches. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 21 August 2020

Opening Mon 17 August 2020

TRC Cursus | Textiel

Het Textile Research Centre (TRC) in Leiden organiseert deze intensieve textielcursus, met een nadruk op het uitproberen van verschillende technieken, onderzoeken en analyseren van (niet-) organische vezels, en het bestuderen van complete stoffen. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 28 August 2020

Opening Mon 24 August 2020

Summer School | Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals

Organised by the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, in this summer school four different museums will be visited to learn what their contribution is to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 28 August 2020

Opening Wed 26 August 2020

Conference | Leiden Mayflower 400

Leiden Mayflower 400 challenges the Anglo-American approach which has dominated the popular narrative of the early colonisation of North America. It prioritises instead a “four-nations” approach to include Native American and Dutch perspectives. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 28 August 2020

Opening Thu 27 August 2020

Conference | Vernacular Books and Reading Experiences in the Early Age of Print

This conference explores how reading experiences were shaped both by producers & users of vernacular books. By adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, it aims to contribute to a comparative study of the first 150 years of printing in Europe. | read more

Ongoing until Wed 2 September 2020

Opening Mon 31 August 2020

Conference | African Languages and Linguistics

The 50th Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics (CALL 2020) will be held in Leiden. There will be paper presentations, and a workshop on Hausa and Chadic linguistics organised by Roxana Ma Newman and Graham Furniss. | read more

September 2020

Thu 3 September 2020

ASCL Symposium | Multilingualism in Education: Africa and the Netherlands

Can African experiences on multilingualism be used in European settings and vice versa? That is what this one-day conference is set to explore in a lively and engaging manner. | read more

Thu 10 September 2020

ASCL Seminar | Walking with the herders of Namaqualand

Namaqualand refers to the area where the Nama pastoralists live: the dry arid regions of the Northern Cape (South Africa). This seminar discusses the animal and plant ontologies of this area and the 'walking ethnography' method. | read more

Wed 16 September 2020

Symposium | Apartheid

In dit symposium, georganiseerd door de Historische Studievereniging Leiden (HSVL), zullen 4 verschillende sprekers (waaronder oud-minister Jan Pronk) hun kennis van en visie op het thema 'Apartheid' delen. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 18 September 2020

Opening Thu 17 September 2020

Workshop | Contesting Empires: Sogdiana, Bactria and Gandhara

In the 7th century, the regions of Sogdiana, Bactria & Gandhara witnessed continuous contests between different political powers. This workshop discusses the conflicts between the Islamic Caliphate, Turko-Iranian authorities & the Tang dynasty (China). | read more

Fri 18 September 2020

Symposium Onderzoek Jonge Archeologen (SOJA)

(Research)MA, PhD students and recent graduates will be able to present their archaeological research. The presentations will deal with subjects ranging from different topics in World Archaeology, Heritage and Archaeological Sciences. | read more

Tue 22 September 2020

LeidenASA Conference | Deaf Studies in African societies

This conference will focus on how Deaf studies research can contribute to addressing challenges faced by Deaf signers in African countries. How can we address restricted access to and participation of Deaf people in society? | read more

Ongoing until Fri 25 September 2020

Opening Wed 23 September 2020

RCMC conference | Caring Matters

With this (online) workshop the Research Center for Material Culture (RCMC) will open museums up to amongst others contribute more critically to how we understand the brutal legacies of colonialism. | read more

October 2020

November 2020

May 2020

Ongoing until Thu 26 November 2020

Opening Thu 9 April 2020

Hortus tentoonstelling | Van Columbus tot Mayflower

De Hortus botanicus Leiden besteedt in deze online tentoonstelling aandacht aan Amerikaanse planten die op het moment dat het schip de Mayflower naar Amerika vertrok bekend waren in onze streken. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 1 January 2021

Opening Wed 1 April 2020

LeidenGlobal online exhibition | Heritage on the Move

This exhibition of eighteen photographs form a selection of work provided by scholars of LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. Have a look at the online photo exhibition and the background information. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 1 January 2021

Opening Wed 1 April 2020

Museum De Lakenhal | Virtuele 360 tour

Laat je rondleiden door zeven ruimtes van Museum De Lakenhal waar verschillende museumexperts vertellen wat er allemaal te zien is. Deze digitale tour is 360 graden zodat je een goede indruk krijgt van het museum. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 1 January 2021

Opening Wed 1 April 2020

RMO pop-up tentoonstellingen

Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden heeft kleine, online pop-up tentoonstellingen gemaakt. Bezoek bijvoorbeeld de tentoonstelling over Egyptische familiebanden, gezichtsuitdrukkingen op beelden en het vorstengraf van Oss. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 1 January 2021

Opening Wed 1 April 2020

RMO online audiotours | Grieken en Egypte

Het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden heeft online audiotours over de vaste tentoonstellingen 'Grieken' en 'Egypte' gemaakt. Download de plattegrond en de audiotour en begin je wandeling door het museum. | read more

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