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June 2019

Tue 18 June 2019

Event | ACAF: The South China Sea Conflict

The LeidenAsiaCentre hosts the Asian Current Affairs Forum (ACAF) on the South China Sea Conflict. A number of experts are invited to comment on the South China Sea dispute. Special guest in this ACAF is Marites Dañguilan Vitug. | read more

Wed 19 June 2019

Conference | Student Conference in Latin American Studies (SCOLAS)

The SCOLAS conference is organised by the Latin American Studies programme of Leiden University, for undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to present their research for a multidisciplinary and international audience. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019

Lecture | Fortune-tellers, Kings and the Dancing Lord

Dr. Crispin Branfoot of the SOAS University of London examines in this lecture the 'Sculpture from temple and court in early modern Tamil South India'. He will focus on monumental temple-cities in Nayaka-period south India. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019

Lecture | The morphology of historic urban landscapes

The interface between scholarly research on the morphology of historic urban landscapes and the practice of heritage management, design in historic towns, is the theme of this colloquium, organised by the Centre for Global Heritage and Development. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019

Lecture | Peasant Democracy in Denmark, 19th c.

Anne Engelst Nørgaard from Aarhus University presents 'Peasant Democracy in Denmark, 19th c.', part of the research project 'Politics, Culture and National Identities 1789-present'. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019

Lecture | Film concert Herr Tartüff

Wilhelm Friedrich Murnau, recognized as one of the greatest film directors of all time, directed comedy 'Herr Tartüff' (1925) which is loosely based on Molière's famous play. The film will be screened with a musical performance by pianist Olga Pashchenko. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019


This symposium, for PhD students docARTES and PhDArts only, focuses on art and human affections. With keynote lectures by Mariska Kret 'emotion processing in Homo and Pan', and Jed Wentz 'the expression of affect in silent films by Friedrich Murnau'. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019

Seminar | Children’s Education and Inclusive Development in Nigeria

In this LeidenASA seminar, dr Aderonke Adegbite will focus on her research on Nigerian laws and their interactions with international agreements on children’s rights and inclusive development. | read more

Thu 20 June 2019

Lecture | Modeling the areal diffusion of Chinese dialects

In this Linguistics lecture, speaker He Huang (Shanghai University) will discuss 'A case study of Suzhou Wu Chinese and its sub-varieties', based on data reported in The Atlas of Suzhou Dialects (Ye, 1981). | read more

Ongoing until Sat 22 June 2019

Opening Fri 21 June 2019

Workshop | Assessing Cicero's (in)constantia through the ages

Part of the VIDI project ‘Mediated Cicero’, the workshop 'Assessing Cicero’s (in)constantia through the Ages' presents many lectures by many different experts. The workshop includes a guided tour to the Bibliotheca Thysiana in Leiden. | read more

Fri 21 June 2019

RCMC Workshop | Dirk Valkenburg and his worlds

This academic workshop is on art material culture and Dutch empire, and it focuses on the visual and material culture of Dutch colonialism in the early modern period, especially in relation to the Atlantic world. | read more

Fri 21 June 2019

Lezing | Pietro d’ Abano and the secrets of human nature

Peter Hoppenbrouwers presenteert zijn onderwerp 'Politieke ideologie en politieke cultuur in Noord-Italië, c. 1300-50' in dit seminar. Deze lezing is onderdeel van de 'Research Seminars Europe 1000-1800'. | read more

Fri 21 June 2019

IIAS Lecture | Values of craft: The Indian case

This lecture by Priyatej Kotipalli investigates questions like 'How do we understand the role and significance of Intangible cultural heritage in our lives?', with a focus on the crafts in India. | read more

Sat 22 June 2019

Lezing | Het Colloquium Levensfilosofie: Rouw en Verdriet

Het Colloquim Levensfilosofie is een academisch platform voor vraagstukken van ethische, existentiële en spirituele aard die spelen in onze cultuur en samenleving. In dit evenement verkennen ze rouw en verdriet in de vorm van drie lezingen en theater. | read more

Tue 25 June 2019

ASCL Seminar | White Lions in South Africa

The first comprehensive study on white lions has been underway for the past 15 years. Jason Turner, Director of Ecology & Conservation for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, lays out the key aspects of the study in this seminar. | read more

Tue 25 June 2019

Lecture | Using HIA to assess the Impacts of Change

Dr. Ayesha Pamela Rogers, director of heritage consultancies in Hong Kong and Lahore, gives a guest lecture for the Centre for Global Heritage and Development about the Heritage Impact Assessment methodology and its application in different situations. | read more

Wed 26 June 2019

Opening Exhibition | Divine Encounters van Hans Kemp

'Divine Encounters; Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Azië' is een tentoonstelling van het werk van de in Bangkok wonende fotograaf en auteur Hans Kemp over het 'verborgen' Azië. De tentoonstelling is onderdeel van ICAS11. | read more

Thu 27 June 2019

Debat | Kan Europa een geopolitieke supermacht worden?

Economisch is de EU een reus, maar in de internationale politiek maken landen zoals de VS de dienst uit. BNR de wereld bespreekt hoe de EU die economische superstatus kan omzetten in echte macht. | read more

Sun 30 June 2019

RMO Museumwandeling | 'Glas'

Deze maand verzorgt glasrestaurator Nikè Haverkamp de museum-wandeling over de tentoonstelling Glas. Tijdens de wandeling vertelt Nikè over oude en nieuwe restauratietechnieken, de ethiek van het restaureren en samenwerkingen met andere musea. | read more

July 2019

Mon 1 July 2019

Lecture | CA-OS Research Seminar - An Accidental Audience

Intended as a way to bring an ethno-archaeological perspective to the American conversation on urban design, the film “Cobblestone Stories: a year of modern living in Leiden” unexpectedly found an enthusiastic audience amongst Leidenaars themselves. | read more

Wed 3 July 2019

RMO event | Kleitabletten in de kernreactor

Het Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten (NINO) geeft binnenkort de grootste collectie kleitabletten van Nederland in bruikleen aan het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, de Böhl-collectie. Op deze middag worden de resultaten van onderzoek gepresenteerd. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 5 July 2019

Opening Thu 4 July 2019

Conference | Anthropological Perspectives on Finance, Care, and Morality

This international conference on Moralising Misfortune examines how financial services and products shape care and morality. How does finance give rise to moral discourses on and practices of care? | read more

Sat 6 July 2019

Concert | Practicum Musicae Open Air, Openluchttheater Leidse Hout

In Leiden lopen 75 multitalenten rond, die naast hun studie ook nog een programma aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium volgen. In samenwerking met het Openluchttheater Leidse Hout, presenteren de PM-studenten zich in de prachtige natuur. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 13 July 2019

Opening Thu 11 July 2019

Leiden University Seminar | Arabian Studies

The is an international forum that meets annually for the presentation of the latest academic research on the Arabian Peninsula from the earliest times to the present day. A keynote lecture will be given by dr. Marta Luciani. | read more

Fri 12 July 2019

Lecture | Changing Paradigms of Research: the Arabian Peninsula

Expanding field research on the mainland and coastal regions of the Arabian Peninsula calls for a radical reassessment of traditional narratives about this area. The keynote lecture will discuss the evidence obtained in recent investigations. | read more

Mon 15 July 2019

ICAS Pre-Event | Asia and Europe: Histories of Entanglement

The ICAS Conference Pre-Event poses crucial questions about collective imaginings, in Asia and Europe, in regard to the historical conditions which shape today’s world at local and global levels. Opening with a keynote lecture by Naoki Sakai. | read more

Tue 16 July 2019

IIAS Event | The Political Economy of the Belt & Road Initiative and its Reflections

This one-day workshop during ICAS 11 aims to investigate the policy and impacts of China’s Belt and Road Initiative by focusing on China's involvement with governments, local institutions and stakeholders. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 19 July 2019

Opening Tue 16 July 2019

IIAS Event | The International Convention of Asia Scholars

The International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) is the most inclusive international gathering in the field of Asian Studies. ICAS 11 has attracted participants from over 75 countries to engage in global dialogues on Asia that transcend boundaries. | read more

Sat 20 July 2019

Lecture | The Belt and Road Initiative

Professor Christine Wong, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies at The University of Melbourne, gives a lecture on her unique specialization: the financial underpinning of the Belt Road Initiative: Much ado about exactly what? | read more

August 2019

September 2019

Mon 2 September 2019

Universiteit Leiden | Opening academisch jaar 2019-2020

De openingsceremonie wordt traditiegetrouw geopend door het studenten- en bestuurderscortège, gevolgd door verschillenden toespraken en muzikale voordrachten. Daarnaast worden er diverse prijzen uitgereikt aan docenten en onderzoeksprojecten. | read more

Wed 4 September 2019

KITLV Seminar | A humanist studies a Thai policeman (1898-2006)

Craig Reynolds (The Australian National University, College of Asia and the Pacific) will talk about how he became involved in the research and the problems — practical, intellectual, moral — that he encountered along the way. | read more

Thu 5 September 2019

Conference | Rethinking Power in Maritime Encounters, 1400-1900

Keynote speaker Joshua Reid explores new narratives of maritime power. He investigates the ways in which power was constituted and contested and through what strategies it was subverted or resisted. | read more

Thu 5 September 2019

KITLV Farewell Symposium | Henk Schulte Nordholt

This is the Farewell symposium for Henk Schulte Nordholt (Head of Research at KITLV), entitled Decolonization in question: Revisiting citizenship, colonial imaginations, and violence. More information on this event will follow soon. | read more

Tue 10 September 2019

RMO Lezing | Tuinen van de geest

Paul Wackers, emeritus hoogleraar historische Nederlandse letterkunde tot 1500, geeft een lezing over de belangrijke rol die de tuin als symbool speelt in allerlei middeleeuwse teksten, zowel van religieuze als van wereldlijke aard. | read more

Ongoing until Fri 13 September 2019

Opening Tue 10 September 2019

Event | Euroseas Conference 2019

The European Association for Southeast Asian Studies holds its 10th conference from 10 to 13 September 2019 at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. EuroSEAS has invited scholars and PhD students with an interest in with an interest in Southeast Asia. | read more

Thu 12 September 2019

Lecture | Pieter Bruegel: the hand of the master

In view of the commemoration of Pieter Bruegel’s death 450 years ago (1569) the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna organized the first ever comprehensive and highly succesfull survey of the master’s oeuvre with paintings, drawings and prints. | read more

Thu 12 September 2019

ASCL Seminar | South Africa to India

Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie, University of the Western Cape, talks about the repatriation of Indians from South Africa between 1914 and 1975. The seminar analyses narratives of repatriation that emerge from official sources. | read more

Ongoing until Sat 14 September 2019

Opening Thu 12 September 2019

Conference | Negotiation in Conquest

This conference on 'wars, treaties and recollections of the rise of the Caliphate', explores the dynamics of negotiation in the process of conquest and the subsequent building of the caliphate. | read more

Ongoing until Tue 17 September 2019

Opening Mon 16 September 2019

Workshop | Virtuous Suffering

Can suffering be positive? This workshop, entitled 'Virtuous Suffering: new perspectives on the ethics of suffering for critical global health and justice' aims to critically assess dominant perceptions of the concept of suffering. | read more

Thu 19 September 2019

KITLV Seminar | Transgender feminine visibility, Indonesia 1968

Based on ethnographic and historical research about waria, people who perform transgender femininity, this seminar 'Mediating historical continuity' addresses how the appearance of and meanings attributed to trans- femininity have been rendered ambiguous. | read more

October 2019

November 2019

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