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LeidenGlobal Exhibition

LeidenGlobal presents New Photographs Exhibition

until 11 October 2018

The LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition ‘Heritage on the Move’ is extended with 6 photographs. The new photographs are shown for the first time from August 11th at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

Registration open for Course 'Discipline & Place'

deadline 6 September 2018

The LeidenGlobal Course ‘Discipline and Place' for ResMA and PhD students highlights the interaction of the disciplinary theory and the method with realities, representations, and issues of place, with lectures by fourteen LeidenGlobal experts. | Register now! | full story

LeidenGlobal Exhibition

Online Photo Exhibition: Heritage on the Move

Until 2019

View the LeidenGlobal Photo Exhibition online! Heritage on the Move is an exhibition of photographs provided by scholars of the LeidenGlobal partners, reflecting their vision on the theme ‘Heritage on the Move’. The exhibition itself is on the move but can also be viewed online. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

World Press Photo 2018

Until 25 August 2018

The latest edition of World Press Photo will be at Museum Volkenkunde from 5 July - 25 August. The museum will be showing over 160 winning photos by 42 press photographers from 22 countries. The categories are sports, people, nature, long-term projects, general news, environment and contemporary issues. | full story

KITLV Nieuws

LeidenGlobal voorzitter Gert Oostindie op radio over Cubaans debat

16 augustus 2018

KITLV directeur en hoogleraar koloniale en postkoloniale geschiedenis Gert Oostindie, tevens voorzitter van LeidenGlobal, sprak in het NPO radioprogramma ‘Met het Oog op Morgen’ over het aangekondigde nationale debat in Cuba over grondwetshervormingen. | full story

RMO Tentoonstelling

Laatste weken: Al 200 jaar van nu

t/m 2 september 2018

De grote overzichtstentoonstelling van tweehonderd jaar geschiedenis van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is nog een paar weken te zien! In deze jubileumexpositie wandelt u door twee eeuwen museumgeschiedenis, hoort u verrassende verhalen en ziet u ruim tweehonderd objecten die een opvallende rol in de museumgeschiedenis hebben gespeeld. | full story

RMO Tentoonstelling

Scannen voor Syrië

t/m 28 oktober 2018

Vanaf 7 juni is op de Nabije Oosten afdeling de kleine tentoonstelling Scannen voor Syrië te zien. Het Syrische erfgoed heeft de laatste jaren sterk geleden onder de burgeroorlog. Vindplaatsen zijn zwaar beschadigd en archeologische objecten van de aardbodem verdwenen. De tentoonstelling presenteert onder meer reconstructies van vondsten uit Tell Sabi Abyad, een Syrische vindplaats waar Leidse archeologen tot 2010 opgroeven. Veel van de originele vondsten zijn recentelijk verdwenen. | full story

VVI / LG Conference

INTERFACES: 3rd annual Conference of the Law & Development Research Network

19-21 September 2018

This conference organised by VVI at Museum Volkenkunde brings together researchers from the Global South and North with interests in Law and Development. The conference aims in particular to look at the role of law in addressing problems of development and governance. The conference is meant to inspire, meet, discuss and develop research and solutions. | full story

LeidenGlobal Event

LeidenGlobal participates in Night of Discoveries

15 September 2018

This year LeidenGlobal for the first time will participate in the Scientific and Cultural festival of South Holland: Night of Discoveries (former Night of Art & Knowledge) in Leiden on Saturday September 15th | full story

Leiden University News

Opinion piece by Andrew Gawthorpe: US spy agencies are vital to bringing down Trump

24 July 2018

Andrew Gawthorpe, lecturer in history and international studies at Leiden University, wrote a piece in The Guardian on how according to him the intelligence agencies are essential to protecting the USA from a rogue president. | full story


Call for papers: Islam (re-)Observed

deadline 15 september 2018

In October, LUCIS and NIMAR will host a two-day workshop in honor of the 50th anniversary of Islam Observed, Clifford Geertz' comparative study of Islam in Morocco and Indonesia. Send in your proposal before 15 September and get a chance to share your work in Rabat this fall. | full story

Leiden University News

What Trump's European visit didn't deliver

20 July 2018

Professor Rob de Wijk (International Relations) monitored Donald Trump's recent visit to Europe. He discussed the outcomes of the different summits and concludes that ‘This visit delivered exactly what I predicted: nothing!' | full story

Leiden University Nieuws

Mirjam de Bruijn over burgeroorlog in Kameroen

23 juli 2018

Mirjam de Bruijn, hoogleraar Afrikanistiek, was in maart nog in Kameroen. Ze omschreef de sfeer als bedompt en onderdrukkend. De mensen daar durven zich niet meer uit te spreken. Ze vertelt er over bij de NOS. | full story

Leiden University Event

Film Screenings on Iran | Love and Marriage

05 sept - 31 okt 2018

There are many conceptions and misconceptions about the position of women in Iran. In four nights and four films you are invited to contemplate the position of women in Iran from very different angles. Each film screening starts with a short lecture, and afterwards there is a discussion moderated by Asghar Seyed-Gohrab, Senior Lecturer Persian Studies at Leiden University. | full story


African Postal Heritage Papers

07 August 2018

The African Studies Centre Leiden has been working on the project African Postal Heritage. Postage stamps, postcards, and other forms of postal heritage are miniature communication tools and tell stories about places, routes, and times. Also for Africa they are part of material heritage, that can be made visible online, thanks to the improving open access possibilities. You can now also contribute to this series. | full story

Leiden University Event

Leiden University Asia Day | Indonesia

14 September 2018

Leiden University will organize the annual Asia Day - Indonesia to mark the one year opening of the Asian Library. On this day several speakers will talk about Indonesia. The day will start with an interview with Gert Oostindie (KITLV/LeidenGlobal Chairman) on the colonial war. Registration is required. | full story

ASCL Tentoonstelling

We Are The Legacy: Celebrating Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018

Until 30 September 2018

The new exhibition in celebration of Nelson Mandela's centenary, shows portraits of 100 African legacy makers, who embody the three key principles of Nelson Mandela, and 100 artworks from across the motherland, made by artists from all over Africa. | full story


Interview Gert Oostindie over "postkoloniale beeldenstorm"

16 August 2018

KITLV directeur en hoogleraar koloniale en postkoloniale geschiedenis Gert Oostindie sprak in Café Weltschmerz naar aanleiding van zijn Daendelslezing ‘Postkoloniale beeldenstorm’. | full story

LeidenGlobal News


15 August 2018

Would you like to have a job or internship at one of the LeidenGlobal partner organizations? Or do you know anyone that might be interested? Now is the time to apply! Several LeidenGlobal partners offer jobs and internships for the upcoming period. | full story

Leiden University News

Meet the Expert | Leo Lucassen

10 July 2018

Leo Lucassen is Professor of Global Labour and Migration History and director of the International Institute of Social History (IISH). The last couple of weeks he has been in the news quite frequently due to the many discussions on the migration crisis in the EU. | full story

Leiden University News

Leiden University Libraries participates in international research project

16 July 2018

Leiden University has been awarded with a research grant from ERC Marie Curie ITN for the project Mediating Islam in the Digital Age (MIDA). Petra de Bruijn of Middle Eastern Studies and Laurents Sesink and Fieke Schoots of the Centre for Digital Scholarship at Leiden University Libraries participate in the project. | full story

KITLV Nieuws

Sanne Rotmeijer over de Nederlands-Franse grens op Sint Maarten

23 juli 2018

KITLV onderzoeker Sanne Rotmeijer vertelde 20 juli jl. over de Nederlands-Franse grens op Sint Maarten in het radioprogramma “Met het oog op morgen”. Beluister het fragment hier. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Kritiek en Compassie: een 17e-eeuwse Inca schrijver in de schijnwerpers

t/m 07 juli 2019

Tentoonstelling over het 17e-eeuwse manuscript van Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala dat nu nog steeds actueel is en dat behalve als unieke geschiedschrijving ook als aanklacht tegen de koloniale overheersers beschouwd wordt. | full story


Out now: Departing from Java

16 August 2018

Edited by Rosemarijn Hoefte and Peter Meel, this volume traces the different ways in which Javanese migrants and migrant communities are connected to their host society and with Java as a real or imagined authoritative source of norms, values and loyalties. | full story


War crime study: cover-up or opening up the past?

16 August 2018

In this article, published in The Jakarta Post, Henk Schulte Nordhold reacts to a seminar held at August 1. He speaks out against a statement made at the seminar, stating that the conveners are afraid that a Dutch research project is supported by the Dutch government to cover up Dutch war crimes in Indonesia. | full story

LeidenGlobal News

LeidenGlobal Annual Overview 2017

20 April 2018

Are you interested in the projects and activities of LeidenGlobal? In the 2017 annual report you will find a brief overview of the activities of the past year. | full story

Volkenkunde Tentoonstelling

Diamanten Bergen van Korea

t/m 21 januari 2019

Museum Volkenkunde wijdt aan de hand van de museumverzameling een kleine expositie aan een bijzonder Koreaans gebied: de Diamanten Bergen. Historische prenten, foto’s en voorwerpen bieden bezoekers een beeld van deze bijzondere plek op aarde en schetsen de betekenis ervan in de loop van de tijd. | full story

RMO Exhibition

Ancient Europe, a forgotten collection

Until March 2019

The small exhibition provides an overview of the collecting history of the Ancient Europe collection. This 'forgotten' museum collection consists of objects that come from all parts of Europe and that date from prehistoric times, Roman times, and the Middle Ages. | full story