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LeidenGlobal Workshop | International Women's Day: Freedom and refugees

10 maart 2024 - 10 maart 2024

International Women's Day: Freedom

For the celebration of International Women's Day, prof Marina Terkourafi and Tatiana Boiko conduct a LeidenGlobal workshop: Freedom and refugees: How do refugees get a voice? (See info below.) This workshop is part of a special event, organised by Stichting Vrouwennetwerk Leiden, within the theme 'Freedom'.

It's starts with a Welcome by Hanneke de Winter (Vrouwennetwerk Leiden) and Alderman Yvonne van Delft of Leiden Municipality, followed by Spoken Word with Remke Verdegem (COC Leiden), and talks by Lilian Callender (Surinaamse Raad) and Florianne, Hasse en Shana (Studio Moio). See full programme here (in Dutch).

Date: Sunday 10 March 2024
Time: 13.00 – 17.30 uur (walk-in 12:30)
Location: Stadhuis, ingang Stadhuisplein
No registration is needed (admission 4 euro)

After the plenary programme the workshops of ca 90 minutes will start in break-out rooms (for 10-15 persons per room).

LeidenGlobal Workshop:
Freedom and refugees: How do refugees get a voice?
by Marina Terkourafi & Tatiana Boiko

When one becomes a refugee, one loses not only their attachments to physical places and people left behind, but also the sense of autonomy and self-determination. How can one regain a feeling of control over one’s life while living life as a refugee? In this workshop, open to refugees and non-refugees alike, the participants bring their own stories to help understand when and how things can go wrong (or right!) in communication across borders and what both refugees and non-refugees can do to feel safe and free. Using interactive methods and role-play, we aim to demonstrate how effective speaking and listening plays an essential role for the feeling of freedom and security. The workshop will be conducted in English, Dutch and Ukrainian and translation between these languages will be available.

Tatiana Schalm Boiko is a neuroscientist, who has recently become fully committed to helping Ukrainian refugees in Leiden. As an organizer of social and cultural events and a coordinator of volunteer-based language courses, she appreciates more and more the tremendous challenges people face and courageously overcome. 

Marina Terkourafi is professor of Sociolinguistics at Leiden University. As part of practising what she teaches, she is also concerned with access to equal treatment for all who find themselves marginalized in society because of language, gender, religion, or displacement.

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