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Introducing Judith, intern at LeidenGlobal

9 september 2022

LeidenGlobal welcomes Judith Dijkzeul, new LeidenGlobal intern, who will also be finishing her Masters degrees in Asian Studies this year. The interns are indispensable for the LeidenGlobal office. Judith introduces herself.

Hi! My name is Judith, I am 23 years old and currently a student at Leiden University. I received my BA in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam. This coming semester I will finish writing my MA thesis in the Asian Studies program at Leiden University.

The internship at LeidenGlobal first appealed to me because of its focus on supporting academic research through facilitating collaboration between academics, curators and other experts. In addition, I believe it is important to make this kind of research accessible to a wider public.

Not only do I hope to contribute to such efforts through my internship at LeidenGlobal, I would also love to continue my career in a similar direction. In the future, I would like to continue working to support research institutes and individual researchers, to connect them to each other and to a broader audience.

During my internship I expect to gain more experience and knowledge about communications. It is a great opportunity to develop relevant skills that I will need in my future career as well. Besides their importance, I am also enthusiastic about these learning opportunities. There are many experts of various kinds involved with LeidenGlobal and its partners, encompassing a wide variety of research interests and expertise.

I am excited to see what kind of research and insights I will encounter during my time at LeidenGlobal!

Judith, LeidenGlobal intern
September 2022

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