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Introducing intern Michon

1 september 2023

LeidenGlobal welcomes Michon Leenders as intern to the LeidenGlobal team. The interns are indispensable for the LeidenGlobal office. LeidenGlobal is excited to have Michon as the new intern for communication and Social Media. She introduces herself:

Hi! My name is Michon and I am the new intern at LeidenGlobal.

I am currently in the last stages of my master Japanese Studies at Leiden University. I just returned from a year abroad in Tokyo, Japan, and am in the midst of finishing my thesis. However, I also wanted to further broaden my horizon and gain some work experience. I was looking to do something that is both different from and shows similarities to what I do during my studies.

LeidenGlobal caught my eye: its goal is to form a bridge between science and regular people, which is something I have been trying to do as a Japanese major, too. We try and 'translate' not only the language but the country's culture as well. At the same time,

LeidenGlobal offers the opportunity to work together with various institutions and talk to many interesting people from different fields, not just Japanese studies. This is something to which I am keenly looking forward, especially since I also completed a minor in Journalism. I am excited to start and learn more - so, perhaps talk to you soon?

Michon Leenders, LeidenGlobal intern
1 September 2023

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