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Relocation of the LeidenGlobal office

8 May 2024

LeidenGlobal has moved to a new location. The team now operates from the Herta Mohr Building at Leiden University. In the coming months more LeidenGlobal partners will move to the new building.

This building holds a significant distinction as it is the first building which Leiden University named after a female scientist. Herta Mohr, born in Vienna in 1914, moved to Leiden in the late 1930s. She studied Egyptology at Leiden University and conducted research on a mastaba (burial chapel) at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities. Tragically, Mohr, of Jewish descent, was arrested during World War II and deported to Westerbork concentration camp in 1942. She passed away in April 1945. Read more about Mohr in this blog (in Dutch) by former LeidenGlobal employee Nicky van Beek.

The Herta Mohr Building will accommodate several academic institutes and libraries specializing in various global regions, including LeidenGlobal partners:

Our new visiting address is:

Herta Mohr building
Witte Singel 27A
2311 BG Leiden

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