World Walk: Traces of the Middle East in Leiden

World Walk: Traces of the Middle East in Leiden

Leiden is a city in which world cultures come together and in which you will find silent witnesses to important historical events. Discover the world in Leiden with these walking tours that are brought to life for 'Leiden City of Science' in 2022. Learn about the city of Leiden, about the languages and the cultures that have been studied here for ages and about about the historical footsteps that have been made there with the Leiden World Walks series.

Traces of the Middle East in Leiden

The Middle East has been studied at Leiden University for over 400 years. For today’s purpose we extend the term Middle East to include North Africa and parts of Central Asia in order to refer to an area that has been under the influence of Islam for a long time. We refrain from the term “the Islamic World” because so much of what we encounter is not at all or not solely determined by Islam. The connection between Leiden and the Middle East is visible throughout city, but of course you have to know where to look in order to recognize it... You can walk the tour by yourself and download the pdf:


The Leiden City World Walks are offered to you by the Leiden University Faculty of Humanities and LeidenGlobal in collaboration with the Africa Study Centre Leiden, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies and Leiden2022


[Photographer Pim Rusch]

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