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Introducing new LeidenGlobal Intern: Sharon

8 January 2024

LeidenGlobal is excited to welcome Sharon Sterke as our new intern starting January 15th. Interns at LeidenGlobal help with things such as communication, events, and short projects. We also give our interns chances to learn, gain experience, explore international orientated organisations, and build connections. Here's a brief introduction by Sharon:

Hi there! My name is Sharon Sterke, I am a 25 year old master student at Leiden University and as of January 15th I am the new intern at LeidenGlobal. After finishing my bachelors in English Language and Culture last May, I started the masters programme Literature in Society: Europe and Beyond last September. Throughout my studies, I have been mostly interested in the “culture” part, which is one of the reasons why LeidenGlobal caught my eye.

In the bachelor programme my focus was mostly on the United Kingdom and the United States. Now that I am doing my masters, I also started studying other nations. During my time at LeidenGlobal I am hoping to come into contact with, and learn more about even more cultures.

Apart from this, I am looking forward most to putting the academic skills I have acquired over the years and applying them in a more practical setting. By doing so, I am aiming to gain a better understanding of what my future career could look like.

Finally, I am excited to be part of a team that strives to make academic knowledge as accessible as possible to the public and that gives me the opportunity to broaden my horizons.

by Sharon Sterke
January 2024

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