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Introducing Nina, new intern at LeidenGlobal

10 January 2023

LeidenGlobal welcomes Nina Janssen, MA student of International Relations at Leiden University, who will start her internship at LeidenGlobal this February. Nina just returned from a semester abroad and will finish her studies this year with this internship. She introduces herself:

Hello! My name is Nina Janssen, I am 23 years old and I follow the master's programme of International Relations at Leiden University. I already earned all study credits for my master, but decided to re-enroll for another year to gain some extracurricular experience before I enter the job market. Last semester I went on exchange to Hong Kong, a dream I had been chasing for a long time, which finally came true. In December I returned to the Netherlands, and now I am about to start my five-months internship at LeidenGlobal. I learned about LeidenGlobal via the Instagram story of the Career Service Humanities of Leiden University and immediately felt motivated to apply for the internship position. Fortunately, LeidenGlobal considered me a suitable candidate, so I am very happy to be part of the LeidenGlobal team for the coming five months.

I hope my internship at LeidenGlobal will give me a first glimpse of what it is like to transit from student to the working life. I know I aspire an internationally oriented career, and I think an internship at an internationally oriented organization such as LeidenGlobal can give me new insights to further specify what I want my international career to look like. For example, I would like to find out if I prefer to work in a small or larger organization, and if I enjoy staying in the Netherlands or if I want to move abroad for my career. In addition, since I believe LeidenGlobal does very useful work, I would love to learn more about the organization and help put it on the map so others get to know LeidenGlobal as well. I am positive that I am going to have five very nice months and I cannot wait to start!

by Nina Janssen
January 2023

Would you also like to join an internship at LeidenGlobal? Keep an eye on our website. Twice a year we have a call for a new intern.

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