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LeidenGlobal welcomes intern Florence

3 May 2024

As of May 1st Florence Bellemont helps the LeidenGlobal office as intern until this summer; she will be assisting in communication, special events and short-term projects. The interns are very valuable for the LeidenGlobal office, and we are excited Florence is joining our team:

Hello everyone! I am a 26-year-old master’s student at Leiden University. My internship started on May 1st, and I am thrilled to contribute to this organisation. Born and raised in Brussels, I came to Leiden to pursue my interest in Asia. Throughout my studies (Chinastudies, Japanstudies, Koreastudies, Asian Studies) I discovered that aside from exploring multiple cultures,  I have a passion for bringing people from various fields and backgrounds together, which naturally drew me to LeidenGlobal.

I see my time here at LeidenGlobal as an exciting opportunity to further broaden my cultural horizons, all the while becoming more knowledgeable about the breadth of expertise available in Leiden. Beyond these explorations, I look forward to applying the community-building and copywriting skills I've honed over the years in a practical setting.

Lastly, I'm enthusiastic about contributing to a team dedicated to making academic knowledge more accessible. Being part of a community that prioritises knowledge dissemination aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations and personal interests.

Florence Bellemont
May 2024

Interested in doing an internship at LeidenGlobal or another job at our partner organisations? LeidenGlobal offers an internship twice a year. Check our website for regular updates on vacancies.

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